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The artistry and music of the 2011 Deep Ellum Arts Festival

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words by Michael Lagocki
photography by Kelsey Paine (unless noted)

It’s a pretty safe bet that you’re always going to see something amazing at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. DE knows art & music and this is the event that brings EVERYONE out. ArtLoveMagic was once again proud to contribute a unique area of the festival packed with live artists and performers. 100% local talent (like Lawrence Alexander, pictured above).

Our live acoustic stage hosted a lineup of more than a dozen talented musicians from all over DFW. Many of them were veterans to the artlovemagic scene, but a few were new faces to our collective that we were proud to feature as well, like acclaimed songwriter Daniel Katsuk.

We rotated the artist platforms a total of 6 times to give the maximum number of artists opportunity to show their work – and so that the crowd could see a wide reflection of Dallas arts.  We were even blessed by having the Davies Brothers in our section throughout the festival!  Becky Taylor gave folks a behind the scene look at how she makes jewelry (above).

Local cartoonist Samax Amen painted live and talked to fans of his magazine and blog-  Samax has the gift of gab and loves to get into conversations with aspiring artists about how to approach both the business and creative side of a freelance career.

We were particularly proud of our musicians, who each took their sets seriously and brought a little something extra. Like this moment during the song “Dear Father” where Goat and Jackrabbit bowed down while Elle sang solo. Both jumped up on the exact beat and came back into the song.  It was timed perfectly and gave the crowd a moment to cheer.

Speaking of… this was the three’s last performance together in Dallas. The popular trio has performed together over 100 times, but with Elle relocating in the next few weeks, this set served as a finale. We’re proud to have worked with them so many times, and we wish Elle unprecedented success wherever she goes.

ArtLoveMagic founders Michael Lagocki and David Rodriguez both got into the mix and painted live as well. Above Michael works on a collab piece with his ghostwerks brethren. Ghostwerks is an independent comic publisher that Michael and four others formed prior to artlovemagic.

Dallas photographer Jen Shu set up a photobooth on Sunday where festival attendees (like this little guy) could get their portrait snapped. If you were among the hundreds that did, you can swing by her site here to see your images or order a print.

Kids need art! As more and more school art programs are shrinking and disappearing, we think it’s even more important for us to provide interactive art experiences that audiences of all ages can participate in. All festival long we had a section devoted to audience made art.

And as we were cleaning up this section, we found some future artisan had left us this awesome piece.
Photo by Deb Driscoll

We just dig watching Sarah Zamora paint. She always sets up gorgeous displays of her work and always creates large colorful paintings live on scene.

Graffiti painter Joe Skilz knows how to recycle his empty spray paint cans… make them into another piece of art.

When night fell on Saturday, guitarist Matt Barron took our stage and absolutely shredded a performance that had a huge crowd going crazy.  It was wonderful to see him get such a well deserved response.Photo by Michael Lagocki.

Sculpture was part of the act to. Luis Torres brought out the heavy metal and even did some live welding for fans.

A diversity of artforms is the key to making stuff like this REALLY work. Charles Harrison does his body painting with an airbrush gun. And works with photographer Travis Lilley so that as soon as his models are complete, they go right into a professional photo shoot with a model photographer.

Sarah Gillmore romanced our audience with her beautiful songwriting. She was the only musician in our lineup who actually played two sets for us, playing both the opening and closing days of the festival.

Of course everything you’re seeing in these shots was only one small section of the event. Outside of ArtLoveMagic alley there will hundreds of other artists, musicians, attractions, and street foods to enjoy.

To find out more about The Deep Ellum Arts Festival and other festivals thrown by MEI, visit their website here.


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One of the coolest things we’ve ever done is the CYPHER that was put together for Underground 2011. 14 local musicians from different backgrounds and bands came together to produce a single track of music just for the show. This was produced by GOAT. No small task to bring all these folks together, record them, mix the track, etc.

We also got our friends from Ufilmhouse to create this video for us. As usual, they did outstanding work. New effects, crazy camera angles, always pushing forward. It’s great to grow with people. Enjoy the video (I like it best full screen) and if you’d like to download the song, you can have it here. The lyric sheet is also there on the download page.



Entry Image: Santa and the ArtLoveMagic family

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Our new entry image at is a jam of images that came from our 2010 Holiday Party. The photos were various attendees as shot by Sherry Muldoon and Jen Shu. The Santa drawing came from Khalid Robertson, who drew it live at the party (on a computer – with a graphic tablet hooked up to a projector so we could all watch him draw). Michael Lagocki whipped the whole thing into a happy collage.


Holiday Gift

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post by Deb Driscoll
photography by Jen Sulak and Sherry Mudoon

An exclusive gift was offered last night to ArtLoveMagic artists, poets, musicians, producers and volunteers to show our appreciation and Love for all who Give of themselves to make our Light shine bright.

Kyloun Rodriguez, son to David & Nicole Rodriguez

In honor of you, thousands of tiny white lights sparkled last night, draped along walls, hung from ceilings, and wrapped around Christmas trees.  Gold and silver stars, snowflakes and warm candlelight shone into hearts and eyes passing by each intentionally inviting table and chair.

Eddie Walker expressing his … self. 🙂

We wanted you to feel Loved.

Erin Gayden and Jill Round

Other gifts were offered, too.  Original song, Holiday carols, Live painting, Hands-on Holiday fun and of course, Personalized photography.

Sarah Zamora paints pretty.

Jen Sulak and Sherry Smith shared their lens with you and asked you to smile.

Sherry Muldoon and Jen Sulak

Not that they needed to ask.  I saw so many smiles and caring words on tongues and hugs everywhere that I am confident in saying we were blessed by joy from all in attendance.

Aidan Driscoll, my son.
Zach and Keanna are goofy awesome
Brandy Nicole and her daughter
Zach Sulak

All of the portrait photography from the night can be seen (and prints ordered) here at rarmai photography.

If you couldn’t make it, we still hope you know we Love you, and thank you…

Mario Cauley, the True Love behind the party. Producer, leader, friend.

And hope for you to have the Brightest Holiday ever this year, and for every year after.

Yours always,


Myself, Deb Driscoll, honored friend to all of you.

Live from the girlShow pre-meeting

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“It really and truly is about connecting people to people”. – Carolyn Collins

Most artlovemagic shows have pre-meetings. It’s a chance for us to get together and go over the ten million details that go into making our shows sing. When it comes to a show the size of girlShow, these meetings are critical. With over 70 artists and performing creating live in one show, there’s an entire sea of details to coordinate and get right.

Carolyn Collins

Right now, I’m sitting in the pre-meeting for girlShow 2010 (July 9-10th). As I type this, girlShow’s producers Deborah Driscoll and Nicole Rodriguez are talking to the artists and performers of the show, leading them through the set-up, the schedule, the way we do live art. All of this plays into our mission of helping artists become self sufficient, to learn how to be their best self as an artist and a professional.

There are a lot of new artists in girlShow, women who’ve never done an artlovemagic show before. To orient them to our unique brand of community, we have a few people tell their stories. In this meeting among others, Carolyn Collins shared the story of her involvement in artlovemagic, how and why she got involved.

Warms my heart, honestly. This is a community, and the more voices the better.

Many thanks to everyone who’s putting this one together. Girls rock. This show is going to be amazing.

-Michael Lagocki

The evolution of Art & Coffee

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post by Michael Lagocki
photos by Kelsey Paine, Josh Dryk, and Eddie Walker

I imagine most of you reading this have been to, or at least know of, Art & Coffee. This is our longest running show, a monthly Open Mic and Live Art experience that we do at coffee shops. The idea first started in 2008, when I met Bill Priestly, the owner of a new coffee shop, Saxbys, in North Dallas. I loved the shop and after talking to Bill, I wondered if artlovemagic could be impactful in bringing an audience out to a new establishment like his.

We were. For the next year or so, we did monthly shows there that were a little bit of a twist on the artlovemagic model. We opened the mic up to the audience and brought out a handful of live artists for a free show. Attendance was strong right from the beginning.  And we noticed several people would show up month after month. Art & Coffee was a success.

These days, we’ve moved the show down to Deep Ellum and we do it at the wonderful It’s A Grind. Again, this just came from one of our leaders walking into the place and having a conversation with them. They asked us to come and do four shows (that were very successful) and then we contracted for the rest of 2010.

One of the great things about this monthly show, is now that we have a few HUGE shows under our belt (see Underground & girlShow), we’re pretty comfortable doing a show this size. (Art & Coffee usually has about 6 artists in it- girlShow this year will have 60). We’ve become masters at setting it up, and especially tearing it down. We’re usually out the door 30 minutes after Art & Coffee closes.

It’s also become a learning ground for new producers. Melody Hay,  Amanda Davis, Josh Dryk. Michelle McSpadden, and many more first learned the ropes producing A & C before moving on to our BIG shows. Producing A&C entails selecting a group of artists, running a pre-meeting, supporting their team through marketing and getting ready for the show, and then being the lead person on the floor night of.

Producing is a blast. I always say that the production role is where you really get to author the stories in ArtLoveMagic. It’s not for everyone, but I’m thankful that we’ve found a few really great producers who love putting these shows together. And I’m thankful that we have a few dedicated souls who love this show and help it happen every month. Deb, KZach, Mario, Bookworm, Hammer, Eddie, Dugger and others… thank you so much.

But the best part of Art & Coffee is the talent. I LOVE scheduling talent to do these shows. There are two groups to schedule each time Art & Coffee rolls around- the live artists who will create during the show, and the feature performers who hold down the mic. While most of the mic is open to the audience, we always have a feature poet and feature musician, who each perform twice during the night.

I believe having a feature performer does two things that work well within our mission. First, it ensures the mic will have some strong performances. Usually this isn’t a problem as our audiences are pretty talented. More importantantly however, I believe it can grow the artists. It’s easy to find an open mic to perform at. It’s less common to find a feature spot, where you’re asked to be a lead performer and to set the tone, performing multiple times, and being annouced as someone to pay attention to. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find performers who play solo shows all the time, other times we get to bless someone who hasn’t been honored this way and they get to grow.

So where are we now? Mid 2010 and the shows have been incredible lately. Last night Josh Dryk produced an Art & Coffee that I thought was just fantastic, everything it should be: a strong group of diverse artists, great crowd, incredible open mic with excellent features.

The show goes on. I’m producing the next Art & Coffee myself (July 2nd, 2010). It’s a veteran show. Given that it’s only one week before girlShow, I needed to staff it full of Art & Coffee vets who already know what they’re doing (including people like Justin Nygren, Eddie Walker, Rachel Deniger, and Tim Dugger).

Josh and Kelsey are lined up to produce an upcoming Art & Coffee, as is Michelle McSpadden. We’ve talked about doing a “family” Art & Coffee that would happen mid-day and focus on stuff kids and adults can do together. We’re talking about bringing back the “painting with coffee” interactive that was so popular at Saxbys. We’re looking for new talent that want to create, sing, recite, and produce. All in all, we’re loving it.

Art & Coffee continues to happen first Friday of every month at It’s A grind. It’s a great show, a very welcoming show, and I’m proud to say it’s become an important puzzle piece in this crazy story that is ArtLoveMagic. Come hang out with us and see if you love it to.


How does my band get booked?

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article by: Deb Driscoll

photo’s by: Sherry Smith, Eddie Walker and Rachel Deniger

Hey all.  Deb here.

ArtLoveMagic is really cool, and thusly we are adding new Artists, Musicians, and ‘guys who lift heavy things’ seemingly all the time to our roster.  I looked back through our amazing blog and found this cool one on how to go from one of our Artists to being a Producer of a show.  I was at a loss, however when I couldn’t find a single entry on how to get involved in our collective as a musician.  If only there was someone in the organization who was the head of their music department to blame.  Oh Wait…

So here goes.  I was asked today, and on frequent occasion how ArtLoveMagic handles our bookings.  I hope my response, sans any inevitable ‘weird Deborah speak’ (thanks to my editor) will help any musicians with a similar question:

New Musician,

Good to know you.  As far as our booking process, well it’s different than most.  We are more about the spirit of the entertainer/artist/creative person than even necessarily the talent.  I know that may seem a little backwards, but we are a community and one that relies heavily on Love.  We aren’t tied to any religions or weird cultish things, but we are are artists that truly appreciate our culture, and our scene, and we want to work to save it – not separately.  If your band is full of cool people who want a meaningful experience then you let’s talk.  If you are seeking bookings only for individual gain and monetary responses, this is not the group for you.  Check out our radio online and see if you guys would feel good about participating with these artists.  If you would, send me some music and come to one of our Open Mic’s to play live.

Almost all musicians come through ArtLoveMagic through playing our Open Mic’s or events.  I strongly prefer to see you play our open mic’s before booking you for an event because it gives me a real sense of your style.  Most gig’s you’ll find at bars and such pay crap and give you no audience.  We give you a supportive stage to play from with an amazing audience, and offer you a real way to better yourself as a creative force in the world.

If you’re wondering why this response is so lengthy, it’s because there’s a lot involved in our collective and with the overwhelming flux of musicians that want to play our events I need to make sure you all get where we’re coming from so that there is no confusion from the jump.  We are having an awesome time, come hang out and talk with me more at an artlovemagic show.

Deb Driscoll
Executive Music Director

I hope you’ve all found this helpful, and if you have any further questions please email me directly at

Underground 2010

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Deb here.  Last year during the undeniable success of Underground 2009, I was personally falling in love.  This Dallas art scene is a renaissance of paint splashing, poets screaming and guitars wailing.  My heart muscles are sore from the beating, from the giving love AND the receiving.  Thank you ArtLoveMagic, and a warm welcome to Underground 2010!

This year I am looking forward to several things, but I’m not going to let all of that get out right here, right now.  This is a climactic event and I will not rob you of the surprise and awe you’ll feel when you walk in on January 30th, 2010.  There are a couple of constants in this show, one of which being that we will be again be introducing you to new artists from the streets of Dallas that are truly brilliant and purely underground.  The other is that this spectacle will again be held at SouthSide on Lamar in the Janette Kennedy Gallery and connected artist quarters.  Two stages, 30 + artists, DJ’s, hip hop and graffiti wrapped up in that ArtLoveMagic energy.  The pre-sale tickets are on sale now for half off the door price.  See the website for details, and take advantage of this deal!  With the powerful production collaboration between ArtLoveMagic Founder, David Rodriguez and Deep Ellum street artist & musician, IZK Davies and myself, I am looking to sell this show OUT.

Expect the unexpected.  That makes the unexpected expected and leaves nothing out of the realm of possibility.  Yeah.

photos by them Davies boys

It’s A Grind – New Venue, New Shows!

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December 11th, 2009 ArtLoveMagic had our very first show at It’s A Grind Coffee in Deep Ellum.  We called it, “Unplugged Fireside Sessions” to honor the four acoustic acts and the toasty fireplace that warmed the hearts and fanny’s of many attendees.  All were feeling festive, most partaking in the delicious Christmassy beverages that were offered, while being attentive to the amazing live art and music happening all around them.

Our music lineup for the night included the jazzy Lenny’s New Legs, singer/songwriter Zachary Scott Pohl, The pop-duet GaydenLee, and the folky-zombie goodness of Parallel Play.

The live art was a unique blend that featured Conor Muldoon throwing pottery, Joe Townson painting, and Jen Sulak doing live portrait photography.

And we’re doing it again…

This time we are featuring live art from:

Eddie Walker – Air Brush

Josh Dryk – Fire Painting

Carissa Battaile – Vintage Portrait Photography

Sarah Brown & Keanna Pohl drawing/watercolor collaboration

and Aaron Garcia – Painting

Live Music will be powerfully performed by:

photo by Jen Sulak

Lenny’s New Legs


and Arianne Patty

ArtLoveMagic presents Art & Coffee at It’s A Grind, 2901 Indiana Blvd, Dallas, TX 75226 January 8th, 7:30pm – 10:30pm *FREE*

ArtLoveMagic Unplugged – The Fireside Sessions

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On December 11th ArtLoveMagic will partner with a new venue – It’s A Grind (Deep Ellum Location), with a cozy, aromatic and delicious new concept.  Some of Dallas’ finest Acoustic musicians will play along side It’s a Grind’s toasty fireplace surrounded by a few hand picked Dallas live visual artists.  While the music is all acoustic, the individual acts couldn’t be more different.

Zachary Scott Pohl has become a Dallas favorite of the singer/songwriter genre through the fine craft of words and story telling to moving music with memorable melodies.

GaydenLee, an indie pop male/female duet is coming out to celebrate the release of their latest EP, “Songs for Thursday”.

The three members of Lenny’s New Legs lead by Deborah Driscoll, will remind you of times gone by with their original soulful, jazzy numbers.

Finally, Parallel Play will be playing their first show back together since the ‘Zombie Hand incident’.  These guys will make you laugh.  ‘Nuff said!

And then there are the Visual artists…

Connor Muldoon – Sculpture

Joe Townson – Abstract Painting

Charlise Hill Larson – Painting/Mixed Media

Jen Sulak – Photography

December 11th * 7:30 – 10:30 pm * Free * It’s A Grind Coffee * 2901 Indiana Blvd, Dallas, TX 75226