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Ufilmhouse rocks another vid of Underground!

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Still Think Dallas Has No Culture? Look Underground.

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Story by Brentney Hamilton
Photos by Taryn Walker

Ponchaveli Design Group

Man, I still get the same old tired line: Oh, you write for the Culture section? In Dallas? What Culture.

Yes, yes. We know. Dallas is no New York. Or, Paris. Or, hell, even Austin. I was just the same when I left here in back in 2006 with both barrels blazing and two middle fingers waving. But, then I realized something. Cities like Dallas, and you know what I mean, tend to foment rebellion. Her manicured nails and sky-high coif — reaching gloriously to the heavens like a tribute to Reunion Tower — inspire folks of a recalcitrant nature, giving us something to buck against. When I was living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I was just another pinko lefty nerd drowning anonymously in a sea of my own kind. Back here, I’m that obnoxious pinko lefty asshole nerd, and if you’re reading the Mixmaster, something tells me you might catch my drift.

But, for those still spitting jokes about the City sans Culture, after Saturday night, I’ve got to think that maybe you’re just not paying attention. Underground 4, a mashup of everything art by 2011 MasterMinds finalist ArtLoveMagic, went down at the Janette Kennedy Gallery at South Side on Lamar, and it was worth every penny of the $15 cover charge. DJs were spinnin’, artists were creatin’ and patrons were drinkin’. It was loud, busy, bright and alive, and it was Dallas at her finest.

A yearly event, Underground presents emerging and established local artists working live, all to the tune of live bands, musicians and DJs, as well as spoken-word poets, dancers, and performance artists like the always-entertaining Circus Freaks. Our intrepid photog Taryn Walker snagged shots that are worth a thousand words, but if you’ve got time for about 500, we’ve got some observations of our own.

I don’t roll on Shabbos.

Hey, careful man, there’s a beverage here! Underground was crowwwded. Which is a great thing. And, the abundance of hot bodies in fabulous outfits, made for primo people-watching. From the gorgeous ladies in pin-up corsets to the gent in the burnt orange suit — replete with the plaid undershirt — the fly denizens of Underground were not the side of Dallas typically observed in West Village or along Knox-Henderson. And, they were having a blast. The only things missing were White Russians.

Shit, I need more cash. I’ve got a big yen for local art on my walls, but turning tricks for my beloved Mixmaster will, in fact, not likely get me in Forbes. But a lot of the art available for sale last night was affordable, which is not always the case for such high-quality goods. Hey man, artists gotta eat. I totally support the price-point, intellectually, if not financially.

Robb Conover

There were a few damned fine items that even I could take home last night, and among them, my personal favorite was a $20 coaster of a graphic painting of Amy Winehouse by popArtist Robb Conover. Check out more of his bright and bold (and NSFW) work here.

Do not feed the artists. As I stood, mouth gaping and crudely snapping shots with my iPhone, the evening evoked a subtle sense of … school children at the zoo. I gawked impotently as the brilliant artists before me worked, laser focused on their respective tasks at hand and entirely oblivious — or so it seemed – to the all-encompassing chaos abounding. High heels stamping dangerously close to $300 canvas paintings and oversized butts (mine, specifically) swinging clumsily toward breathtaking sculptures, it is totally unclear how so many artists kept their cool and continued working throughout the shenanigans.

But, they did, and two of my favorites were Theo Ponchaveli of Ponchaveli Design Group and Jaime Navarro. Poncaveli was working ceaselessly on a killer painting of J.R. and Bobby Ewing (Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy) from TV’s Dallas with insane cut-outs that added dimension to the city’s skyline. His glitzy, massive homage to the Purple One, also made the kind of glorious, gender-ambiguous statement that would make a dove cry.

Jaime Navarro.jpg
Jaime Navarro is all-business through the bacchanalia.

On the other end of the spectrum, Jaime Navarro sketched among his Southwest sculptures, including a Native American chief and all-too-sexy feminine figures (one of which he likes to call the “J.Lo”), that are constructed of drywall plates and thin set finished metal. Because Navarro was so hard at work, I chatted with his brother-in-law who said that this was the artist’s first time showing his incredible work.You can find more here.

Did you miss it? Mark it down, dude! On your calendar, for next year, I mean. Underground is living proof that there’s more to Dallas than meets the eye. See some of your work here, un-credited? Let us know, so we can get your name up here where it belongs.

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The Work of Minus Won to be shown at UNDERGROUND

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Last October, Dallas lost one of it’s brightest artists. Alvaro (Minus Won) Angeles was a talented grafitti artist who was known as much for his love and spirit as he was for his dynamic art. He passed unexpectedly at only 33 years old.

Minus participated in each previous Underground show alongside his friends in the Rec Shop crew (one of the only artists to be in each show). He was one of the first artists scheduled this year as well. Shortly before his passing, he and lead producer David Rodriguez spoke at the Vinyl Thoughts toy show in Deep Ellum and planned his participation in 2012’s Underground.

ArtLoveMagic is proud to show 3 pieces of Minus’ artwork in this year’s Underground. He was supposed to be there.  We hope to allow new viewers to experience his creativity.

To learn more about Minus, check out this video.

There is also a page dedicated to his memory on facebook.

Underground will be this Saturday February 11th from 8 to midnight at SouthSide on Lamar.
More info on the show at

3 days left to buy your Underground VIP passes!

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Story by David Rodriguez

Underground is building up steam and the Pre-sale tickets are racking up! This event will be insane. There are less than 40 passes left for VIP and the sale ends Sunday at midnight! VIP tickets will NOT be sold at the door.

So what do you get when you purchase VIP tickets for Underground? Check this out!

Here are some more details:

Local accomplished photographer, Carolyn Collins, has graciously offered a signed, limited edition print of her work “The Sofa” to be used as a raffled prize give-away to a random VIP ticket holder during Underground 2012 on Saturday, February 11th. This gorgeous piece (24″x36″ framed to 30″x43″), which retails at $1,000, was a featured work exhibited during the 11/11/11 grand opening of Omni Hotel Dallas Convention Center and was featured on UtopiaPkwyArts ( by Gina Marie Dunn (Dallas Arts Director for Origin Magazine). “The Sofa” is one of several works in Carolyn’s ongoing Conceptual Portraits collection and is currently on display within the collective works that represent this years Underground event at the Janette Kennedy Gallery (Southside On Lamar). More of her Conceptual Portraits are currently exhibited at Kettle Art Gallery in Deep Ellum, and at Classic Pilates Studio in Turtle Creek. You can see more of Carolyn’s work at

Where can you buy tickets? Go to or go to  I hope to see you there.

Underground 2012 Press Release

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Contact: David Rodriguez
Tel. 972-743-3105

“Underground 2011”
“Dallas’ Largest Live Art Event”
February 11, 2012
Janette Kennedy Gallery within
South Side On Lamar
1409 S. Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215
8pm – 12am (7pm open to VIP’s)
$15 door
Organization Website:
Event Website:
facebook page:
facebook event page:, a Texas NFP organization proudly announces Underground.
Underground has a tradition of being the biggest, loudest, freshest show ArtLoveMagic does every year at South Side On Lamar (1409 S. Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215). In 2012 you can expect no less than 50 live artists, dozens of art forms, and absolutely incredible live performance acts. The show will be for one night only, Saturday, February 11, from 8pm to 12am. A two week long exhibit containing works from artists performing in Underground will be on display prior to the event within the Janette Kennedy Gallery (1/27 – 2/11). Like all ArtLoveMagic events, this experience will be live and interactive. Each artist whose work is in the two week long exhibit will be creating live on February 11th, 2012. Audience members will watch artwork come to life, while musicians, dancers and poets entertain on the stage. Live performances by Spoonded Tribe, Katsük, Keisha Hunter, Ashley Falgout and more. In addition, Underground will also feature the Blue Room once again, a 21+ room where you can see bodies painted, various sensual art, and unique presentations.Entry is $15 at the door.  But you can buy discounted tickets right now at or at (discounted tickets available only through midnight 2/9/12).
   ArtLoveMagic was founded in January of 2007 with the belief that a staggering amount of artistic talent in Dallas was going unrecognized and/or underdeveloped.  We have created more than 100 live experiences, involving over 1000 artists and performers. What generally is missing from gallery shows is so obvious that we usually take that lacking for granted – the creators responsible for the artwork. Thankfully, our artists are always present and creating live, which offers a unique opportunity for audiences to learn, co-create, and for perspective clients to inquire about the creative process.For more information on Underground and the artists/musicians involved, please visit or http://undergrounddallas.comWe hope to receive your support at this, our most anticipated event of the 2012.Visit our amazing sponsors:

Astounding Sounds & Lighting –

Big D Party Rentals –


Rock and Roll Tacos –

Eventbrite –

Titan Comics –

Southside on Lamar –

Poor Vida –

Rec Shop –

Ufilmhouse –

2826 Arnetic –

Deep Eddy Vodka –

Absinthe –

Deep Ellum Brewing Company –

Red Bull –

Underground 2012 VIP Lounge

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Post by David Rodriguez, Lead Producer for Underground

Underground 2012, Dallas’ largest live art event, has added a new element to its presentation: The VIP Lounge! Tickets for VIP are $25 and will ONLY be sold on-line.

As our VIP guest, you will be able to get into our event an hour earlier than the general public. If you remember the lines that formed at the previous events then you’ll know that this is a great feature! Not only will you avoid the wait but you’ll be able to get FIRST DIBS on some amazing new art and jewelry, as well as be able to speak to some of artist you are looking forward to see.

VIP’s will have unlimited access to the UNDERGROUND VIP Room. You must have a VIP pass to enter this room. Throughout the night you will be able to retreat to this location and enjoy a little getaway as 5 select local artists body paint under black lights. A dj will be spinnin’ within the room as additional artists create live.

Swag bags will be distributed to VIP’s within the VIP Lounge. Tons of FREE stuff, including a FREE Underground imprinted PINT GLASS!

There will be FREE food for VIP’s and, no more waiting in line to pay for drinks with a VIP ticket, FREE local craft beer from Deep Ellum Brewing Company and mixed drinks featuring Deep Eddy’s Vodka ONLY in the VIP Lounge.

Special presentation within the VIP Lounge to be announced!

Underground 2012
Saturday, February 11, 2012
7pm VIP
8pm – 12am General Admission
Janette Kennedy Gallery
within South Side On Lamar
1409 S. Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215

Go to or to purchase your tickets TODAY! Thank you for your support and we’ll see you at the show.

Sneak Peek to Underground 2012!

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Story by David Rodriguez

At Underground you will find:

Jen Shu capturing your moment within an amazing interactive photobooth area.

Photo by Jen Shu

Jen’s photography is amazing. She has been jammin’ with us for a few years but this will be her first Underground as a participating artist.

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Underground’s Black Friday Giveaway!

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Story by David Rodriguez
Lead Producer of Underground

UNDERGROUND’S BLACK FRIDAY GIVEAWAY: You can win TWO FREE TICKETS (a $30 value) to Underground which will be on February 11, 2012 at South Side On Lamar.

All you have to do is post or message someone on facebook with a text link to ArtLoveMagic and a url link to the Underground facebook page:

Here’s an example:

“Hey, you need to check out this incredible live art show, Underground, produced by ArtLoveMagic. The show will be on February 11, 2012 at South Side On Lamar so there’s plenty of time to plan. You can find out more here:”

It’s that simple. We’ll be monitoring your posts. Make to sure your text links are set when posting. The more you do the better your chances. Contest ends Friday at midnight. We’ll announce a winner Saturday morning. Have a great Thanksgiving and we’ll see you at the show!


Preparation for Underground

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Story by David Rodriguez

Underground will be here sooner than you think. The 2012 show is scheduled to be presented on Saturday, February 11, at South Side on Lamar once again.

So what is Underground? Underground is Dallas’ Largest Live Art Event of the year! Over 50 visual artists creating in the space, 2 stages, several Djs, a 21+ Room (Blue Room), and a VIP Lounge.

Here are a few links to help you with that answer:

Did you feel that?

Underground 2011 Interview: Cody Phillips x Monster Bot Dallas TX


Underground facebook page

How can you join Underground 2012?

Volunteering at Underground

Photo by William Neal

Our volunteers ROCK! Thanks to Caterina ‘Rina’ Provost-Smith, Yesi Sukilynn Soto, and Janelle Ghana Breeding for helping make Underground 2011 a success! Photo by William Neal.

Welcome! Thank you for taking an interest in being a part of Underground, 2012. Underground is the largest Live Art Show in Dallas! This show has several opportunities for you to lend a hand to make it happen. We ask volunteers to select one shift during the event night (Feb. 11, either  5:30pm-9:30pm, or 9:30pm-1:30am) first. That is the most important portion to fill. If you would like to volunteer for any other opportunity given, that would be great! Here is a link to get you connected:


Photo by Jenice Johnson

Want to be a Visual Artist at Underground

Welcome! Thank you for taking an interest in being a part of Underground, 2012. This show will be presented on February 11th, 2012, from 8pm to 12am at South Side on Lamar in Dallas. The production team is currently in the process of selecting visual artists for this event. All mediums are welcome (photography, painting, sculpting, jewelry, installation, illustration, welding, vinyl toys, body painting, etc.).

Underground will have a 3 week long gallery exhibit prior to the show. Artists are putting $30 and they keep 100% of sales from both the exhibit and the event. As always, all artists are creating live within the event. Our audience is interested in seeing your approach and method. All visual artist MUST produce a piece of work DURING the event. You do not have to finish the piece. Here is a link to get you connected:


Photo by Sondra Beamon

Want to be a Band/Musician at Underground

Welcome! Thank you for taking an interest in being a part of Underground, 2012. This show will be presented on February 11th, 2012, from 8pm to 12am at South Side on Lamar in Dallas. The production team is currently in the process of selecting bands/musicians for this event. All genres are welcome. Please tell us a bit about what you do. We are looking to have our stages (yes, more than one stage) set by the end of November, 2011. Expect an e-mail by the end of November informing you of your status for this event. Here is a link to get you connected:

I look forward to jammin’ with you guys and gals!


ArtLoveMagic fills creative gap in education

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Shoka Kamaria-Ford painting at Underground 2010. Photo by Pablo Herrera.

Written By Lindsey Bever

Early last year, Shoka Kamaria-Ford’s art went live.

Working among many professional artists in Dallas, he painted a surrealistic picture of a building crumbling in the sky during ArtLoveMagic’s Underground, the group’s biggest annual art show.

The year before, Kamaria-Ford was a student at a free ArtLoveMagic Kids Workshop.

Kamaria-Ford, 20, now a student at El Centro College, said the workshops give students the opportunity to “get their minds on something positive that will awaken their lives.”

“It taught me to keep on working on your craft, just constantly create,” he said.

ArtLoveMagic, which was founded in 2007 as a volunteer-based community of artists who create art live at events around Dallas, has worked to foster creativity though children’s workshops the last few years. And now, with many schools struggling to supply sufficient art classes — or any at all — these artists are stepping up to fill the creative gap.

Conor Muldoon teaching kids how to spin clay. Photo by Josh Dryk.

“The workshops started as a reaction to having a lot of talent around and then, also, seeing how the school districts were knocking out art classes,” said Michael Lagocki, cofounder of ArtLoveMagic. “The thing about creativity classes is that they teach kids to think metaphorically… These things aren’t little robots. You have to foster intelligent minds.”

About once a year, the organization sets up an art studio, rather than a classroom, with a handful of local artists working to spark the children’s creativity through spray painting, drawing and pottery, among other media. It’s an opportunity for about 60 or 70 disadvantaged students to learn, not from educators, but from real, local artists.

“I know that there are kids in those schools who are bent toward art or bent toward creativity, and they need to be cared for. And then the rest of the kids need to at least get some exposure on a certain level, too,” Lagocki said. “So we put them with people who are bleeding passion for that stuff, people who are devoting their whole life to it.”

In 2009, ArtLoveMagic was recognized by the city of Dallas for its kids’ workshops.

Nicole Rodriguez, director of the kids’ workshops, said, eventually, ArtLoveMagic wants to make a bigger impact by turning the workshops into yearlong mentoring opportunities.

“Oh man, they touch us, too. It’s kind of looking into your future, kind of handing down the arts to the next generation,” said Rodriguez, a special education teacher at Routh Roach Elementary in Garland. “I feel like we’re providing them an outlet for emotions they need to be feeling or working on an artistic talent they might not be aware of.”

Although the children’s workshops are taught by ArtLoveMagic artists, The Deep Ellum Foundation donates the space, and donor Jeanne Blanton pays the artists, Lagocki said.

For Kamaria-Ford, it was a ticket into Underground, a bonding opportunity, he said.

“There was just a sense of unity,” said Kamaria-Ford, who wants to run his own art business one day. “Students and professional artists, we were just all artists sharing the same space. They were just teaching us a lot of things about life, about being an artist.”

Art & Coffee, a monthly open mic and live art show, will be from 7:30-10:30 p.m. today at It’s A Grind, 2901 Indiana Blvd. in Dallas.

The ArtLoveMagic management meeting, which will give the public an opportunity to participate in upcoming events, will be at 7 p.m. Sept. 7 at 2630 E. Commerce St. in Dallas. Bring a couple of coins for the metered parking.

For more information, visit