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Artist to Artist – Sherry Muldoon

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The ArtLoveMagic  special blog series  “Artist to Artist” continues with photographer Sherry Smith-Muldoon.    Our goal is to help artists by sharing  the wisdom and experience of  other artists.     What we wanted to know specifically from each artist was:   1)  What did you learn in 2010?     AND     2)  What are you planning for 2011?

Self Portrait Photo - Sherry Smith-Muldoon

As an artist, the most important thing that I learned in 2010 was to trust God by trusting myself.  In February of 2010, I made a very risky decision in my photography career.  I decided to leave a well paying corporate job with a pretty stable income and dive back into the insanity of self-employment.  I decided to become a fully self supporting artist!    Crazy?    I have not once regretted the decision.   As a result, I feel like I have been able to progress more creatively into my passion.

photo by Sherry Smith-Muldoon

My goals for 2011 are to do more things that I feel that I was “called’ to do both personally and in my career.   As a photographer, I am mostly drawn to children.  Maybe it is my inner yearning to stay lost in childhood bliss and to never grow up.   Or maybe I love the fact that children are generally never self-conscious in front of a camera.  You  get what you see!!   And I adore that about kiddos.    In 2011, I hope to work more with children and I am particularly passionate about drawing kids attention to the arts.   I hope to pursue my own personal mission in that area.    I also want to develop more in the art of photography and design.  There is much to learn and I still have a lot to say through the lens!!

photo by Sherry Smith-Muldoon

photo by Sherry Smith-Muldoon

To learn more about Sherry and her work, please visit these websites:

Wedding portrait of Conor and Sherry

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post by Michael Lagocki

Conor and Sherry Muldoon are two of the coolest people I’ve met through my experience with artlovemagic. Conor spins pottery and Sherry is a photographer. Both have been working with us since the early days of the organization. In fact they met at one of our events (SouthSide’s Urban Arts Festival) and got engaged at another (Underground).

It was an honor for me to be asked to do a live portrait at their wedding.

Here’s the photograph I took of them just after they were married. Sherry selected this shot from a number I quickly snapped of them.

I began by sketching everything out with a violet pencil. Sherry gave me license to get pretty creative with it. So the mural on the wall behind them became a drawn pattern in the sky, and I added birds and blowing leaves to gives the drawing some color and movement:

I drew through their entire wedding reception, but didn’t complete the piece. Knowing it was important, I decided to stop, enjoy a little of the reception, and finish it later.

I took the piece to two other live art shows to complete it (Melody Memory’s CD release party and Art & Coffee). The entire piece was done in front of crowds, which is kind of cool given how connected Sherry and Conor are to the art community. Colored pencil was the medium I used for pretty much all of it.

I later found out that the birds, something I’d just added on a whim, held special meaning for Sherry: while taking pre-cermony photos on the day of the wedding, a beautiful flock of birds danced by, but weren’t caught on film. Sherry feels that I caught them in the drawing for her.

Here is the finished piece, complete with their wedding date and final colors.

a moment at city hall

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post by Michael Lagocki
photos by Sherry Smith

On Wednesday August 8th, ArtLoveMagic was recognized and honored at City Hall for our work pairing artists with local children in our Kid’s Workshops. It was a great experience.

Thankfully, Photographer Sherry Smith was among those there to be honored, and she took these photos. Also present to be recognized were Kelly Nygren, Deborah Driscoll, Michael Lagocki, Conor Muldoon, and David Rodriguez.

We didn’t really know what to expect going in. We were invited and accepted. It was a really nice gesture. The Mayor and the City Council were in attendance, and in front of everyone a slide show played of photos from the worksops. Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway spoke about artlovemagic and what we do, and the importance of recognizing it.

The workshops are the result of a ton of people’s efforts, many more than were able to be at the ceremony. Most certainly the Deep Ellum Foundation, who found space and funding for the program, Jeanne Blanton generously provided that funding, and over a dozen more artists and musicians associated with the artlovemagic family brought their time and talents.

I wasn’t expecting to speak. But Barrry Annino of the DEF asked me to. I thought it was a cool gesture. I told the Mayor and those present that they really needed to create space and funding to kid’s art and music programs. That when children learn to think creatively, they learn to think metaphorically. And if you can do that, you can be intelligent in any situation.

Ashleigh Vroom (pictured far left) coordinated the latest round of workshops. She helped us find the kids, find the environments to work, feed everybody, etc. Aidan Reese (9 yrs old) attended the experience as a student.

The whole experience was kind of surreal. Even seeing the inner workings of city government… watching the procedures that took place before we were called up, citizens addressing the mayor with grievances about budget cuts and local libraries, it was wild, something I’m sure we’ll all remember.

A certificate of recognition was presented to us..

Afterwards, we got to hang out a little outside of City Hall and enjoy time together. The artists involved in this day know each other pretty well. We’re close friends but don’t always get time together outside of shows. It was good to fool around a bit.

We work pretty hard. So something like this is meaningful. We’re proud and thankful. And we hope to do more with kids, especially in Deep Ellum which has been so welcoming to us. Want to learn more about our experiences at the Kid’s workshops?

Click here to read a blog post about our most recent ART workshop.

Click here to read a blog post about our most recent MUSIC workshop.

LakeSide Market remembered by Kaitlin Epperson

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Kaitlin Epperson and Eddie Walker, photo by Sherry Smith

One of our youngest artists in the collective, Kaitlin Epperson was asked to write a blog about her experience at our latest festival, “Be an Artist at LakeSide Market”.

“Last weekend, I was given the honor of participating in the Lakeside Market’s art festival in Plano. I got to go around and get a taste of all the interactives at the festival. I learned a lot of new techniques, and I even surprised myself at a couple of the stations.

Young girl gets creative with Julia Schloss, photo by Sherry Smith

I did take note that the most popular interactive was the pottery interactive. That was the only station I didn’t get to do all day, but I did observe the activities and the kids’ reactions to them. Like the other interactives, the energy was very positive. Everyone there was having so much fun!

Young boy at Conor Muldoon's Pottery wheel, photo by Sherry Smith

My favorite interactive was the airbrush interactive. I painted a really good picture of GIR from Invader Zim. That’s where I had surprised myself! I’m actually looking into it now. Every station I went to had something new and exciting to do. It was all very enjoyable!’

Eddie Walker leads his airbrush interactive, photo by Sherry Smith

It was great because I would create art at a deserted interactive, and all of these little kids, even parents, would come over and create art themselves. It brought a smile to my face seeing all the children really getting into what they were doing.

Young girl gets creative with artist Caterina Provost-Smith, photo by Caterina Provost-Smith

It was amazing to watch, truely inspiring, and very motivating. I believe that art is a way of life, and I could tell that art is definately going to have an impact on those kids’ lives.

Nicole Rodriguez and her little ones, photo by Sherry Smith

Overall, I had an amazing time at this festival. I really hope I can do something like that again, because it is such an exciting experience.”

Thank you, Kaitlin.  And yeah…you know you’ll be involved in even bigger, better experiences in the future as we both grow.  🙂

photos from LakeSide Market’s Summer Festival

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We had a BLAST being artists with the good people at LakeSide Market in Plano on Saturday. The 105 temperature didn’t keep us from being creative or from enjoying great food and music.

Many local photogs brought their cameras to capture all the art and interactivity. Here’s some of the best early pics:

The whole point of the day was interactive arts. LakeSide asked us to create a festival where kids and families could roll up their sleeves and create art together. There were over 20 separate interactive art experiences that attendees could take part in, like this collaborative painting that local artist Sarah Zamora set up.
photo by Vanessa Bates

The facepainters were a HUGE hit! Dallas facepainters Hallie Garcia and Alyce Green were slammed all day with kids who wanted to bring out their inner heroes, villains, and animal spirits!
photo by Sherry Smith
Painting on cars was something we’d never done before at an artlovemagic show. Mitsubishi Motors sent a brand new Lancer Sedan, specially wrapped in white, for our artists to work on. Above, Dallas graffiti artist Joe Skilz sets the tone for the day by being the first of six artists to tag the car.
photo by Vanessa Bates

Mitsubishi even brought a second car out for the kids and adults in the audience to hit up with fingerpaint. They really were a great partner in this event. From the beginning, Mitsubishi wanted to know what they could do to add to the event. They understood from the jump that this was about the audience getting down to do something new and creative.
photo by Michael Lagocki

note- if you got your picture taken by the Mitsubishi folks, or you want to check out some of the other cool things like this Mitsubishi is doing out in the world, you can go here to see it

Another of the big hits of the show was potter Conor Muldoon, who brought out a pottery wheel that he let members of the audience throw clay on. When’s the last time you did that?
photo by Von Wallace of

The art was gorgeous. The above pic is work by Cheryl (Delphi) Anderson. He mind expanding collages are filled with bright beautiful colors and hidden messages.
photo by Von Wallace of

Movement and Wonder. Russ Sharek and his crew from Creative Motion roamed all over LakeSide Market all day performing random acts of entertainment. LakeSide is a BIG, with tons of great shops to weave in and out of. This gave our roaming performers a MASSIVE stage to play on.
photo by Vanessa Bates

The music was as hot as the sunlight. Performers like blues guitarist Matt Barron tore it up on our main stage. We also set up at side stage at Ziziki’s where local songwriters played acoustic sets.
photo by Vanessa Bates

We’re proud of how events like this create opportunities for families to bond and do something positive together. LakeSide Market and ArtLoveMagic created an experience where hundreds of kids interacted with local artists and musicians and saw dozens of new ways to be creative. This extends to our artists as well. Proud Papa Samax Randolph entertained tons of kids Saturday, including his own daughter.
photo by Sherry Smith

And finally, a shout out to our amazing volunteer crew. These events don’t work without volunteers who do everything from moving tables and chairs, to making signs, setting up and helping with interactives, bringing water to artists, and etc upon etc upon etc. Thanks Hammer! Kylun! Tara! Nicole! Torch! Thanks to everyone who helped. It was a fantastic team effort.
photo by Vanessa Bates

post by Michael Lagocki

Kid-power: The ArtLoveMagic Kids Workshop

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words- Michael Lagocki
photos- Josh Dryk

This past weekend we produced our first Kid’s Workshop of 2010 (we did two last year) that invited local children to come out and learn from artists in the ArtLoveMagic collective. As many great artists as we know, it’s a logical extension of what we do to include teaching in our model.

We brought six artists in, each with a different discipline:

Conor Muldoon: pottery
Sherry Smith: graphic design
Samax Randolph: illustration
David Rodriguez: painter
Diana Hawkins Rushing: bookmaking
Ashley Jones: collage

The day was fantastic. Many of these kids don’t have access to great art programs, so to be able to pair them with local working artists is a real pleasure. It’s good for the kids, it’s good for the artists, and it’s good for us as an organization to remember why we do this and to invest in the future of Dallas art a little.

Special thanks to our supporters: Jeanne Blanton, the Deep Ellum Foundation, and Mayor Pro Tem Caraway and his staff.

We’ll be creating another workshop next weekend, this time with musicians! Check back here for pics and story.

Workshop Photos

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How does my band get booked?

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article by: Deb Driscoll

photo’s by: Sherry Smith, Eddie Walker and Rachel Deniger

Hey all.  Deb here.

ArtLoveMagic is really cool, and thusly we are adding new Artists, Musicians, and ‘guys who lift heavy things’ seemingly all the time to our roster.  I looked back through our amazing blog and found this cool one on how to go from one of our Artists to being a Producer of a show.  I was at a loss, however when I couldn’t find a single entry on how to get involved in our collective as a musician.  If only there was someone in the organization who was the head of their music department to blame.  Oh Wait…

So here goes.  I was asked today, and on frequent occasion how ArtLoveMagic handles our bookings.  I hope my response, sans any inevitable ‘weird Deborah speak’ (thanks to my editor) will help any musicians with a similar question:

New Musician,

Good to know you.  As far as our booking process, well it’s different than most.  We are more about the spirit of the entertainer/artist/creative person than even necessarily the talent.  I know that may seem a little backwards, but we are a community and one that relies heavily on Love.  We aren’t tied to any religions or weird cultish things, but we are are artists that truly appreciate our culture, and our scene, and we want to work to save it – not separately.  If your band is full of cool people who want a meaningful experience then you let’s talk.  If you are seeking bookings only for individual gain and monetary responses, this is not the group for you.  Check out our radio online and see if you guys would feel good about participating with these artists.  If you would, send me some music and come to one of our Open Mic’s to play live.

Almost all musicians come through ArtLoveMagic through playing our Open Mic’s or events.  I strongly prefer to see you play our open mic’s before booking you for an event because it gives me a real sense of your style.  Most gig’s you’ll find at bars and such pay crap and give you no audience.  We give you a supportive stage to play from with an amazing audience, and offer you a real way to better yourself as a creative force in the world.

If you’re wondering why this response is so lengthy, it’s because there’s a lot involved in our collective and with the overwhelming flux of musicians that want to play our events I need to make sure you all get where we’re coming from so that there is no confusion from the jump.  We are having an awesome time, come hang out and talk with me more at an artlovemagic show.

Deb Driscoll
Executive Music Director

I hope you’ve all found this helpful, and if you have any further questions please email me directly at

Art & Coffee Pics – Feb 2010

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story by Michael Lagocki
pictures by Jenice Johnson

Ooooh it was cold out there! For our February 5th Art & Coffee we moved our stage back outside (the traditional Art & Coffee model) and braved the winds while listening to music, poetry, and for the first time…stand up comedy! (more on that later).

Inside, our artists rocked like they were musicians. Great crowd, great art, great fun. Here’s some beautiful pics from Jenice Johnson’s lens.

SMASH! The collage art of the Sunshine Kids includes lots of broken glass and mirrors. Thus the safety goggles and big ‘ol hammer. Each of our artists this night successfully sold original works. Congratulations, girls! Now please, put the hammer down and back away slowly.

Melody’s voice warmed the night when Southern Karma took stage. Their wonderful EP was just released on Amazon. Highly recommended.

Always great to see friends at Art & Coffee. The show inspires a hangout atmosphere, and a lot of people return month after month, so it’s easy to make new friendships. Mario and Zach are two of the greatest men we know.

Rachel Denniger’s make your own jewelery stand was a big hit. We love it when our artists set up stations that allow the audience to create with them. How cool is it to walk away with an original piece that you co-created!?!?

We’re big Spencer Garland fans around here. Spencer brought out some of his older material that artlovemagic founder Michael Lagocki is crazy for. Great to have him around and hopefully we’ll see more of him now that he’s back in Dallas.

Fresh off of UNDERGROUND, Dee Hill and Sherry Smith returned to shoot free portraits of the crowd again. This is something that happens at almost every Art & Coffee. Local photographers shoot hundreds of crowd portraits for free in the hopes that some of those people will go online and purchase prints. Even if you don’t, it’s always a fun experience.

It’s not as dramatic as it looks. Mike is actually asking the crowd to leave in this shot. We’ve mastered the art of the post Art & Coffee tear down. Each time we’ve been at It’s A Grind, we’ve been out in about a half an hour after the show.

Not pictured above, but also in this show were musician Matthew Bridgman, and artist Jessica Trevizo. Our producers were Nicole Rodriguez and Diana Hawkins-Rushing. Last, but not least, a big congratulations to Jenn Hoff and ArtLoveMagic for including a stand up comedy set on our stage for the first time ever. Jenn was funny, and it’s always great to try something new. This is leading to a comedy show (we can feel it in our funny bone).

Art & Coffee is back at It’s a Grind March 5th- this time with the return of our OPEN MIC. Join us (and bring a poem or a song).

Details at

February Art & Coffee

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ArtLoveMagic presents Art and Coffee on Friday, February 5th

Riding on the momentum of Underground, February Art and Coffee is upon us! Being held at It’s A
Grind Coffee in Deep Ellum, the talent will warm your soul like the java warms your insides.
Musically- ArtLoveMagic newcomer Matthew Bridgman starts us off with his touching melodies. A near and
dear Southern Karma ‘lets it flow’, and Spencer Garland emerges from space and time through song.

Southern Karma, photo by Jenice Johnson

Photography- Dee Hill and Sherry Smith collaborate to capture the light of patrons on film.

Sherry Smith as photographed by Dee Hill

Live Visual Arts– Deb Driscoll and Keanna-Marie Pohl (The Sunshine Kids) will be turning luck on it’s ear co-creating a piece
from shattered mirrors. The amazing Josh Boulet inks a masterpiece. Rachel Deniger makes you feel
50 feet tall with crafted jewelry and miniatures and Jessica Trevizo does Casa Azul proud with her
beautiful masks.

Ink by Joshua Boulet

Join us for this unique and free event !

Held at:

It’s A Grind Coffee

2901 Indiana Ave. Dallas, TX 75226.

7:30 – 10:30 pm

Near Baylor hospital in Deep Ellum (easy access from the Dart Rail)

– Article by Tony Cherry of Southern Karma