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More Art & Coffee (March 2012) photos from Kelly Underwood

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Kelly Underwood, who set up as an illustrator in our latest coffee show, also brought her camera with her and snapped some beautiful pics of the event. The comments below each are from the event’s producer, Michael Lagocki. Enjoy!

This was actually our first Art & Coffee in quite a few months. The show had grown insanely popular last year, but when the location that hosted it unexpectedly closed down we decided to take the winter off and find a new home in spring.

That place turned out to be Buzzbrews in Deep Ellum. Wow. The space and staff vibe are perfect for what we want to accomplish with this show. Spacious, friendly, and open to doing crazy creative things. I’m excited about how Art & Coffee, which is monthly, will grow here.

Local songwriter Eric Tipton was a guest on the national TV show THE VOICE just days before being the feature musician at the show! Eric’s a friend, a great guy, and an amazing performer. It was a blessing to be able to have him at the show.

…as it was to have the Just.Us.League. They’re a live collaborative painting crew that does monthly jams all over Dallas. For Art & Coffee, their founder Jerod Alexander sketched out a large Alice In Wonderland Tea Party on an 8 ft canvas and let the audience go at it. Yeah.

Outside the front door, poet Amberly Russell and airbrush painter Eddie Walker presented a unique collaboration. Eddie’s been illustrating several of Amberly’s poems, adding a new dimension to the words. Amberly even mounted an Ipod and headphones outside so audience members could hear the poems as they watched Eddie paint.

I love it when we really have a variety of artforms at the show. Artist Leighton Autrey brought a scratchboard to his first Art & Coffee. He used an exacto knife to “carve” an image out of the black background as he met and talked to audience members.

It’s always good to have Kylun Rodriguez in the house. He’s the son of my founding partner, David Rodriguez, and is the youngest producer on the ArtLoveMagic roster. I’m secretly hoping he becomes a lead producer this year and runs his own show sometime.

A huge part of the success of Art & Coffee is not just the feature artists, but the open mic, where audience members can perform. I believe we give young musicians and writers a strong opportunity to grow in their skills. Many local performers who now gig regularly got their start at an Art & Coffee open mic.

Thanks, Kelly for taking the photos! And thanks for sharing your art with us.

The next Art & Coffee show will be at Buzzbrews (Deep Ellum) on Friday, April 13th at 7:30pm. The show is free to attend and all ages are welcome. See you there!


Art & Coffee – a whole new brew

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Art & Coffee is back! We’re proud to announce that our popular monthly live art & open mic show returns on the first Friday of March.

Buzzbrews is a wonderful new home for us. They’re very community oriented and really into supporting local arts. They have their own free parking lot (if you get there early enough, and they serve a full menu, full bar, and brilliant coffee. Perfect! full menu at

As usual Art & Coffee is completely free to attend and open to all ages. You can feel good bringing your friends and family to this free show. We’ll have live artists, feature performers, an open mic, and interactive art for kids and adults.

Bring your cameras and sketchbooks. Poets and Musicians are welcome to sign up for the open mic starting at 7pm. Help us kick off our new season in our new home with a BANG!

The line up for this show is fantastic:

Feature Artists:
Robert Hold (Photography)
Desiree Mazzola and Chris Small (hemp jewelry)
Eddie Walker & Amberly Russell (art/poetry colab)
Leighton Autrey (painter)
Joshua Boulet (brush & ink)
Eddie Medina (Illustration)
Kelly Underwood (illustration)

Special Audience-Interactive Art by:
Cori Berg
The Just.Us.League

Feature Musician:
Eric Tipton!!!
(millions of viewers of tv’s THE VOICE saw Eric perform on Monday)
special performance by Jordan Davis

Feature poet:
Konichiwa Zach Schrotter
special performance by Amberly Russell

Deborah Driscoll

This show will be produced by Michael Lagocki.
See you there!

To RSVP for this event on facebook, click here:

More from the Deep Ellum Arts Festival

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This 2011 Deep Ellum Arts Festival was SUCH a big event that we need another post just to adequately cover it. This time the words are by lead producer Deborah Driscoll and the photos come from the lens of Heather Alley.

I really enjoyed seeing Daniel Perez (above) at the festival creating live.  He was added to the fest by David Rodriguez when we decided that 5 artist platforms was just not enough to showcase all the local badassery.  Looking very much forward to seeing Daniel in way more shows very soon!

What more can be said about Jerod Alexander (above)?  How about – He and his two brothers, Isaac and Jashua, were the featured artists of the entire festival who managed somehow to keep live art rolling in TWO separate parking lots, ran their own music stage, and hung two galleries full of amazing original art.  “Kudos” just isn’t enough.  Mad respect boys.

Conor Muldoon (above) is always a crowd favorite with his live pottery wheel awesomeness.  I loved swapping stories with him while he created, and of course seeing the newly expecting Mrs. Muldoon’s belly bump.  Crazy Happiness!

Ok…for real, Tonite Tonite is maybe my favorite local band here in Dallas.  Andres, the lead singer (above) and his brother Alex are truly confident with their style, which is a unique blend of indie-amazingness with deep, distinct vocals/lyrics, and really fresh over-all sound.  I was impressed the first time I saw them perform at one of our Art & Coffee open mic’s and I continue to be impressed by the super radical pre-release CD they gave me this weekend.  It’s THE BOMB!  Just sayin!

Chris and Hallie Garcia (above) are two of my favorite humans.  Colorful, kind, and really great friends to me.  This was their first time painting live as a husband/wife team and I think we all dug what they did.  Still can’t wait to see the finished product, guys!  Stupid Puzzle!  (inside joke)

Riki Johnson and Myriah Garcia can be seen above getting into a liquid latex experience together.  The first of its kind at one of our events!  Riki painted up two models with latex, then painted a canvas with acrylics.  Jenice Johnson took professional photo’s of both models in front of the painted canvas to add the finishing touch to this surreal live creation.  Good times, ladies!  It was my favorite to watch happen over the course of the weekend.

The trombone player from Reinventing Jude joined Matt Barron on stage to do some impromptu jamming!  Matt rocked the crowd as our headliner on Saturday  night, and MAN does he know how to end a show.  I think the only complaint was that he didn’t have any of his music for sale at the end of his set.  Matt, get to recording!!

Like Matt Barron, Eric Tipton (above) was a headliner for our stage as well, but on Friday night.  He is such a strong, passionate addition to our ArtLoveMagic family that now I can’t imagine not having him as a friend or on our stages.  Eric, thanks for sharing yourself and your amazing music with all of us.  Sincerely.

Not one but TWO of our beloved founders were featured as live artists in ArtLoveMagic Alley this year.  Michael Lagocki was hanging with his Comic brothers, Ghostwerks, while David Rodriguez (above) painted solo.  This piece said a lot to me, personally.  Fighting the clock.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts on canvas, and everything else you do!

It had been about 18 months since Arturo Torres took part in an ArtLoveMagic show until this past weekend at the fest.  The ridiculously beautiful painting you see above is now proudly hanging in my home.  He donated it to me as a thank you.  How cool is that???  Ice cold, baby.  Arturo was the only artist to sell ALL of his artwork and to completely finish his live painting before the day was done.  I think that speaks for itself.  Come back soon, Arturo.

For more from the festival keep reading! The previous post by Michael Lagocki and Kelsey Paine also covers this three day event.

Thank you.  Really.  Every one of you.

– Deb

2011 Mother’s Day Show announced

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Saturday, May 7 · 6:00pm – 10:00pm

The Egg & I Restaurant 

15203 Knoll Trail Drive
Dallas, TX

Created By

More Info
Each year, ArtLoveMagic dedicates one show to Mom. Our live artists, poets, and musicians create an evening of inspirational art that celebrates families and in particular Motherhood. 

The Egg & I is an amazing partner for these events. They serve a delicious breakfast for dinner buffet on site. Of course artlovemagic fills the room with live art and music performances, as well as a photobooth and interactive arts for families to create together.

This year’s event has just begun being planned and more info is coming soon. Tickets will be $10 for adults (13 years old and up) and $5 for children (5 years old to 12 years old. 4 years old and under are free). Tickets will be available online at in the coming weeks.

Our first confirmed music feature is the amazing Eric Tipton. Eric has a deep, soulful voice which he accompanies with acoustic guitar on his original songs.

This will be a beautiful night your family will always remember. More info very soon.

To see photos from last year’s here.

(making) Airwaves

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post by Michael Lagocki
photos by David Rodriguez

We did it. We piloted our first radio show, and I think i can safely say we landed the plane with all on board still alive. The flight a success.

I’ve wanted to do a radio show for quite a while. We know soooo many cool people with interesting stories about being in the creative arts. I’m always wanting to interview them, record their stories. Talk radio seemed a natural fit for an organization that works with hundreds and hundreds of thoughtful performers and artists.

watch/listen to the entire show here

Old friendships made it happen. Deb’s friend Stanton works with Jedi Jantzen on his DeepEllumOnAir project. Ka-Blam. Natural progression. So we tried a pilot. Friday January 14th, 2011 at 2pm central we went live on the broadcast.

The guests for our first show included songwriter Eric Tipton, close friends and comic book colorists Christopher and Hallie Garcia, and artlovemagic co-founder David Rodriguez. The show was hosted by myself (Michael Lagocki), our music director Deborah Driscoll, and DeepEllumOnAir’s Jantzen.

In addition to the talk, we also played plenty of local music by folks like Dustin Cavazos, the Zachary Scott Pohl Band, Melody Memory, and many others. We wrapped the whole thing in a Sean P beat and gave it to the future.

It was a great time, and we all came out feeling it was a success. Big thanks to Jedi Jantzen and everyone involved. We ran long. Like, a dang hour long. But everyone was having fun and the site didn’t have a show programmed directly after us so we just kept rolling.

There’s some stuff to iron out. It was a pilot and the point was to learn about what we’re getting into with this whole radio thing. The promising thing is that there’s this endless horizon of good guests I want to have on. I think almost anyone is an interesting interview in the right context, if they’re talking about something they and the show’s audience are passionate about. There’s more live poets, artist, and musicians I’d like to have on from the surrounding 20 square miles that I could possibly count.

Radio host. Wow.I’m a bit overwhelmed by the number of things we’re tackling. This is gonna take some strategic realignment.

But I’m into it.


check it out, listen to it in the background on some headphones at work, while you’re cleaning the house, whatever. Let us know what ya’ think.

watch/listen to the entire show here

ArtLoveMagic Radio

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Yep, you read it right…ArtLoveMagic is going to be on the radio.  We’ve been offered a monthly spot on DeepEllumOnAir, a station that has just started up and is all about an area we Love.

For our pilot episode from 2pm – 3:30pm, Michael Lagocki, Jedi Jantzen and Deb Driscoll will be hosting a talk radio segment that features a few local creatives you may know.  Eric Tipton, a soulful Deep Ellum songwriter will be joining us for a live, on air performance of his song, “Soul Music” plus an insightful interview on his current goals and career.

Eric Tipton - Bridget Foley Photography

Our other guests are Chris and Hallie Garcia.  Michael will be talking with them about their experience of moving to Dallas, jumping into the arts scene and Comic books.  Chris is a colorist for a few comic publishers you’d recognize.  Think Marvel.  Hallie is an amazing artist in her own right, and has several different avenues of creativity we’ll discuss.

Apart from the talk between badasses, we’ll also be playing some music from your favorite past and present Dallas musicians. Drop a couple names? Ok. Playdough, Erin Gayden, Zachary Scott Pohl Band and The Texas Red Legs.

We hope you’ll join us for this momentous occasion by tuning in online at  The show will stream live from 2pm – 3:30 pm.

Open House + Love Pancakes (dec 2010)

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We did it again. The last time we opened our office doors and shared some art and pancakes with the world was a blast. It called for another run of greatness. So last night (Dec 1st, 2010) we brought out the paintbrushes, the guitars, and the pancake batter once again.

Artists in the house! Ashley Jones spins up a new creation while Khalid and Samax make noise!

Of course, David blows everyone away again with his gorgeous work.

The young artists aren’t having it. They prove that the marker is mightier than the brush.

Ahhhh, Mama Nye. You can taste the love in her cooking. It’s delicious.

Pancake lovemarks.

Uh… don’t ask.

The first Wednesday of the month is usually a meeting for us. This is about as “meeting” as we got last night. A dry erase board with the next four events listed on it.

Live music is a must, so Deborah Driscoll and Matt Baron brought some beautiful rhythms and vocal to us.

Speaking of beautiful vocals, do you know Eric Tipton? You should. You really should.

Fear not Lawrence, we’ll definitely be doing this again.

Of course not everyone wanted to leave when the night was over.

So we headed to 2826 Arnetic to listen to dj36t spins a few beats.

Thanks everyone for what was a pretty brilliant night. Open Houses are fun! Let’s do this again.

The next open MEETING (ie – we actually get stuff done) is January 5th. Come out and help us revolutionize local art, music, poetry (and occasionally pancakes).