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Art & Coffee – July 2011

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Photos by attendee Robert Hold.

Art & Coffee has grown to become a regular destination for those who love creativity and hanging out with creative people. In recent months, we’ve expanded the show to cover a second outside stage. It’s given us room to grow and stretch out a bit, while adding new talent and new artforms.

The open mic continues to surprise. Each month new performers sign up to share their work with the crowd. Local songwriting, poetry, and gorgeous vocals are always in the mix.

Every single Art & Coffee has a total unique line-up of local artists. Each show has a lead producer who picks a team of diverse artists. We try to strike a balance of many different visual forms so that each time you attend the show, you’re likely to see something you haven’t before.

Even artlovemagic co-founder Michael Lagocki got in on the mix this month, doing a live charcoal drawing.

Because artlovemagic works with such a wide pool of artists, we have the privilege of creating a lot of connections between cool people. If you attend a few Art & Coffees, you’re going to meet a LOT of people who impact the local art scene.

Art & Coffee is every first Friday at It’s A Grind in Deep Ellum from 7:30-10:30pm. The next one is August 5th, 2011 and features the special theme: COMMUNITY.

More of Robert Hold’s photographs can be seen at


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During our Underground show on February 12th, 2011, we pioneered our first ever experience for adults- the 21 and up Blue Room. This room was produced as a subsection of Underground, and focused on arts that were made with, or about, the human body.

The experience was amazing, done tastefully, and in an atmosphere full of gorgeous decoration from artist Bianca Elise and the Blue Room team. Fortunately the lovely Dee Hill was there to take plenty of pictures of the event.

The Blue Room was edgy and experimental, something Underground takes pride in. We went to great lengths to make sure this was done the right way. The team was a veteran squad of artlovemagic artists, led by founder Michael Lagocki, and performers and the sights in the room included body painting, figure drawing, live sculpting and painting, dance, and more.

If you were there, thanks for being a part of the first time we tried something new. And thank you to all the Blue Room artists and performers including the Davies brothers, Bianca Elise, Elizabeth Fieler, Travis Rice, Christian and Dehvon Ward, Eliana Miranda, and especially Dee who’s lovely images will allow us to always remember it. We were also lucky to have an incredible crew of models, giving volunteers, and the amazing sounds of DJ Hologram Dagger. The Blue Room was produced by Michael Lagocki.

Based on fan reaction, it’s likely we’ll be creating such an experience again.

You can also read one attendee’s impression of the Blue Room (and see a few more pics) by clicking here to read the Shmidty Says blog.

You can also read our earlier post about why we created the BLUE ROOM idea and what we hoped to accomplish. Success!

Did you feel that?

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A collection of truth experienced at Underground 2011.  Feel free to add your own thoughts. Gratitude, grace and inspiration all around.

Arazeli ‘Sally’ Torres
“Underground is packed! If you not here yet…come on over!”

Amberly Russell
“Spoonfed Tribe! holy holy damn they are good!”


Jerod Alexander
“holllly crap yall are my heroes!!..realtalk- … proud”

Dee Hill
“omg, omg, omg. off the chizzzain wonderful!”

Elizabeth Fieler
“:) I wanna do it again!”

Cathy Hutchison
“I know you guys are exhausted, and that often after the high of a successful show you can emotionally crash.  I just want to reaffirm what you did last night for all of the artists and musicians that participated.  You guys, through sweat and personal sacrifice created something amazing.  You valued creative people as artists and not only changed the way Dallas sees each of those people, but more importantly, the way those people see themselves.  I am amazed by all of you.”

Bear Claw
“It was the biggest one they have ever had. It was awesome to see so many people there appreciating and supporting local art. It was a beautiful sight.”

Sarah Fulk
“Underground was beyond imagination! Thank you to everyone that came out , supported and showed love. ♥”

“Konichiwa” Zach Schrotter -“A lot of folks I love put their heart and soul into making Underground happen. this single is a perfect culmination of those people coming together to get their voices heard. ArtLoveMagic moves people to create and work together. I love seeing what happens when a unique vision of collaboration comes to fruition. David, GOAT, Josh, congratulations on a job well done.”

Patricia Rodriguez
“That was insane, amazing, inspiring….I can’t thank you enough. Everyone was so nice to work with- thanks to everyone for all their hard work and efforts in making the night MAGICAL! ♥”

Fatimah Reaves
“Loved it! Artists doing what they do, musicians jammin, spoken word flowin, photographers on point, everyone was so cooooool. Again, loved it!”

Amoa Soleil
“Underground last night is more than my heart can digest this morning .. it’ll take some time.”

Christopher Garcia
“To all those who had a hand in birthing the awesomeness that is ArtLoveMagic, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Underground was an amazing experience and it was an honor to be a part of it. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see my work and for all the kind words. Love all around.”

Khalid Robertson
“Underground: WOW! I didn’t know it was gonna be that thick! DAMN good time. Sold some product, hung out with friends, good music and more fine chicks than a strobe light. I need to make big paintings, more shirts and another book. Good times all around. Props to ArtLoveMagic!”

Sarah Zamora
“I love ArtLoveMagic. Brilliant event, thanks.”

Kevin Obregon
“Had an awesome time last night at ArtLoveMagic’s Underground Show. Bravo producers, volunteers, artists and art lovers! You people are out of control! Thanks for the opportunity, ArtLoveMagic. It was so fantastic seeing all my friends & fellow artists! I finished 4 out of 5 canvases.”

David Rodriguez
“I look forward to jammin’ with you guys again. I don’t even know how we can top this years Underground but 2012 will come around and we’ll get to enjoy this madness again. Blessings to you all!”

photo credits
Justin Nygren, Brandy Nicole, Luis Torres, Sally Torres, Sherry Smith, Dee Hill, Christian Ward, Vanessa Bates

Time to Motor

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post by Michael Lagocki

I love our LakeSide Market event that’s going down next Saturday (11am-5pm at Preston and Spring Creek in Plano). Things seem to be coming together for a really unique day, and a new twist has just been added.

There will be TONS of opportunities for you to BE AN ARTIST with us July 31st at LakeSide Market.

Now, it’s already going to be among the most interactive events we’ve ever done- nearly every artist there has some component to their set up that will allow the audience to roll up their sleeves and create with them. The painters, the illustrators, the jewelers all want you to create with them. Our interactive stuff is always popular, but this event has 20 different opportunities for you to BE AN ARTIST.

And Mitsubishi ups the stakes:

Here’s the new news: Mitsubishi Motors is now partnering with us on the event to bring something rrrrrrreallly special to the day. Close your eyes and picture it …  our artists painting a new car – prepped completely white – live. In fact, picture the audience painting another car alongside us. That’s what’s going down… Mitsubishi’s bringing two new white-wrapped vehicles to this event – and both of them are getting beautified artlovemagic style.

Dallas graff artist Joe Skilz will be one of the artists who paint live on a new Mitsubishi Lancer at the festival

The above car is the 2010 Lancer Sedan. Artists like our own David Rodriguez, Eddie Walker, Michael Lagocki, and Joe Skilz will be painting a fully wrapped white version of it. One car, 6 artists –  unique in the cosmos. A second car, the 2010 Outlander, will be set up for audience members to finger paint on. How cool is that?

To top it all off, Mitsubishi is sending one of only FOUR 2011 Outlander Sports that are one the road today to show. All you car enthusiasts can see (and sit in) this beauty months before the rest of the country gets to lay their eyes on it.

Crazy. And like we said, that’s just one of many incredible things going on this day. Remember the entry for the day, and almost all of the activities are free (you’ll want to bring some cash to shop original artworks, grab a meal at one of LakeSide’s many eateries, or get your facepainted, etc.)

This event’s gotten great press too. If you missed the Good Morning Texas spot last week (with Dehvond Ward, David Rodriguez, and Matt Barron) you can see that below.

Going to be amazing. One day only. Join us and bring friends. They’ll definitely have a good time. Here’s a poster for the event. Help us spread the word! Let’s make this a day for the history books.

Yes, that was our crew you saw on TV this morning!

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Big congrats to ArtLoveMagic founder David Rodriguez and participating artists Dehvon Ward and Matt Barron who appeared on this morning’s Good Morning Texas (on WFAA channel 8 ) to promote our LakeSide Market Summer Festival event. The trio each had a different role- Matt played blues guitar, David painted, and Dehvon told the audience about artlovemagic and the event.

Here’s to many more experiences like this. It’s wonderful to get the message of what we do out there, and we love giving opportunities to local artists to get this kind of exposure. You can meet all three of these wonderful people at the event on 31st – which will be BRILLIANT by the way. Check out the details of that here.

And thanks to our good buddy Joel, who captured these images off his TV for us!


girlShow pics by attendee Lou O’Neal

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We love it when attendees show up with their cameras and take great pics. Photographer Lou O’Neal’s photos caught our eye because of the sharp, vivid colors. This is a perfect match for such a colorful show with such colorful women.

If you brought your camera to girlShow and want to share your pics or stories with us, you can send them to

Thanks for these incredible images, Lou.

Songwriter Erin Gayden performed in both solo and supporting sets at girlShow 2010, as well as being one of 11 girls to perform in Saturday’s All-Girl Jam.
ArtLoveMagic newcomer Hallie Garcia facepainted our guests (and producers!) both nights of girlShow.
This was the first time we’ve worked with the amazing Bianca Elise. Her work is absolutely beautiful. You can see her paintings at
The lovely Kelly Clemmons performs on our lounge stage. The lounge gave attendees a place to enjoy local performers like Kelly in a more intimate environment than the large venue.
Dehvon Ward was both a member of the girlShow production team and a painter on Saturday night. She set up a beautiful display of her work and sat in the middle of it and painted.

many more pics from girlShow can be seen at the girlShow blog

The evolution of Art & Coffee

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post by Michael Lagocki
photos by Kelsey Paine, Josh Dryk, and Eddie Walker

I imagine most of you reading this have been to, or at least know of, Art & Coffee. This is our longest running show, a monthly Open Mic and Live Art experience that we do at coffee shops. The idea first started in 2008, when I met Bill Priestly, the owner of a new coffee shop, Saxbys, in North Dallas. I loved the shop and after talking to Bill, I wondered if artlovemagic could be impactful in bringing an audience out to a new establishment like his.

We were. For the next year or so, we did monthly shows there that were a little bit of a twist on the artlovemagic model. We opened the mic up to the audience and brought out a handful of live artists for a free show. Attendance was strong right from the beginning.  And we noticed several people would show up month after month. Art & Coffee was a success.

These days, we’ve moved the show down to Deep Ellum and we do it at the wonderful It’s A Grind. Again, this just came from one of our leaders walking into the place and having a conversation with them. They asked us to come and do four shows (that were very successful) and then we contracted for the rest of 2010.

One of the great things about this monthly show, is now that we have a few HUGE shows under our belt (see Underground & girlShow), we’re pretty comfortable doing a show this size. (Art & Coffee usually has about 6 artists in it- girlShow this year will have 60). We’ve become masters at setting it up, and especially tearing it down. We’re usually out the door 30 minutes after Art & Coffee closes.

It’s also become a learning ground for new producers. Melody Hay,  Amanda Davis, Josh Dryk. Michelle McSpadden, and many more first learned the ropes producing A & C before moving on to our BIG shows. Producing A&C entails selecting a group of artists, running a pre-meeting, supporting their team through marketing and getting ready for the show, and then being the lead person on the floor night of.

Producing is a blast. I always say that the production role is where you really get to author the stories in ArtLoveMagic. It’s not for everyone, but I’m thankful that we’ve found a few really great producers who love putting these shows together. And I’m thankful that we have a few dedicated souls who love this show and help it happen every month. Deb, KZach, Mario, Bookworm, Hammer, Eddie, Dugger and others… thank you so much.

But the best part of Art & Coffee is the talent. I LOVE scheduling talent to do these shows. There are two groups to schedule each time Art & Coffee rolls around- the live artists who will create during the show, and the feature performers who hold down the mic. While most of the mic is open to the audience, we always have a feature poet and feature musician, who each perform twice during the night.

I believe having a feature performer does two things that work well within our mission. First, it ensures the mic will have some strong performances. Usually this isn’t a problem as our audiences are pretty talented. More importantantly however, I believe it can grow the artists. It’s easy to find an open mic to perform at. It’s less common to find a feature spot, where you’re asked to be a lead performer and to set the tone, performing multiple times, and being annouced as someone to pay attention to. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find performers who play solo shows all the time, other times we get to bless someone who hasn’t been honored this way and they get to grow.

So where are we now? Mid 2010 and the shows have been incredible lately. Last night Josh Dryk produced an Art & Coffee that I thought was just fantastic, everything it should be: a strong group of diverse artists, great crowd, incredible open mic with excellent features.

The show goes on. I’m producing the next Art & Coffee myself (July 2nd, 2010). It’s a veteran show. Given that it’s only one week before girlShow, I needed to staff it full of Art & Coffee vets who already know what they’re doing (including people like Justin Nygren, Eddie Walker, Rachel Deniger, and Tim Dugger).

Josh and Kelsey are lined up to produce an upcoming Art & Coffee, as is Michelle McSpadden. We’ve talked about doing a “family” Art & Coffee that would happen mid-day and focus on stuff kids and adults can do together. We’re talking about bringing back the “painting with coffee” interactive that was so popular at Saxbys. We’re looking for new talent that want to create, sing, recite, and produce. All in all, we’re loving it.

Art & Coffee continues to happen first Friday of every month at It’s A grind. It’s a great show, a very welcoming show, and I’m proud to say it’s become an important puzzle piece in this crazy story that is ArtLoveMagic. Come hang out with us and see if you love it to.


Workshop Photos

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