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Underground 2012 Press Release

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Contact: David Rodriguez
Tel. 972-743-3105

“Underground 2011”
“Dallas’ Largest Live Art Event”
February 11, 2012
Janette Kennedy Gallery within
South Side On Lamar
1409 S. Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215
8pm – 12am (7pm open to VIP’s)
$15 door
Organization Website:
Event Website:
facebook page:
facebook event page:, a Texas NFP organization proudly announces Underground.
Underground has a tradition of being the biggest, loudest, freshest show ArtLoveMagic does every year at South Side On Lamar (1409 S. Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215). In 2012 you can expect no less than 50 live artists, dozens of art forms, and absolutely incredible live performance acts. The show will be for one night only, Saturday, February 11, from 8pm to 12am. A two week long exhibit containing works from artists performing in Underground will be on display prior to the event within the Janette Kennedy Gallery (1/27 – 2/11). Like all ArtLoveMagic events, this experience will be live and interactive. Each artist whose work is in the two week long exhibit will be creating live on February 11th, 2012. Audience members will watch artwork come to life, while musicians, dancers and poets entertain on the stage. Live performances by Spoonded Tribe, Katsük, Keisha Hunter, Ashley Falgout and more. In addition, Underground will also feature the Blue Room once again, a 21+ room where you can see bodies painted, various sensual art, and unique presentations.Entry is $15 at the door.  But you can buy discounted tickets right now at or at (discounted tickets available only through midnight 2/9/12).
   ArtLoveMagic was founded in January of 2007 with the belief that a staggering amount of artistic talent in Dallas was going unrecognized and/or underdeveloped.  We have created more than 100 live experiences, involving over 1000 artists and performers. What generally is missing from gallery shows is so obvious that we usually take that lacking for granted – the creators responsible for the artwork. Thankfully, our artists are always present and creating live, which offers a unique opportunity for audiences to learn, co-create, and for perspective clients to inquire about the creative process.For more information on Underground and the artists/musicians involved, please visit or http://undergrounddallas.comWe hope to receive your support at this, our most anticipated event of the 2012.Visit our amazing sponsors:

Astounding Sounds & Lighting –

Big D Party Rentals –


Rock and Roll Tacos –

Eventbrite –

Titan Comics –

Southside on Lamar –

Poor Vida –

Rec Shop –

Ufilmhouse –

2826 Arnetic –

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Parallel Play: The Floor’s Made of Lava!

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local music review by Justin Nygren

Take a walk with me down the old dirt path in your grandpa’s backyard where the willow trees dance in the wind and the little boats make their way to the Mississippi.  We’ll talk about the time when we were kids and nothing mattered except goofing off and making fun of adults and their ways that just didn’t make sense.  We’ll pop in the new Parallel Play CD and have ourselves a regular hootinanny.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for music that will take you a little outside the bounds of what you’re used to listening to.  There’s always the nugget of gold to be discovered beyond what most people will put in their car CD player to help break the monotony of their Monday drive to work.  This time, I found it in a folk CD.  No, not that kind of folk.  I’m not talkin’ Bob Dylan or Joni Mitchell.  I’m not even talking Something in the Wheel (no disrespect to Mimo).  I’m talkin’ folking folk music that will folk your face right off from the first folking song.

Parallel Play’s new CD, The Floor’s Made of Lava, opens up with Fighting For and a swift folk to your ear to get you out of your seat and movin’.  Each tune carries the uncanny ability to get your head bouncing and your hand slappin’ your thigh…or, like on Racket, stomp the floor with huge thuds of anti-pop-music joy.  And, if you’re patient, you’re rewarded with a taste of some of your grandma’s cranberry jelly at the end.  You know, the beautiful canned amazingness she pulls out at Thanksgiving.  Well, maybe that’s a bad analogy, but you get where I’m going with it.

Oh, but don’t let the tunage fool you.  Their jovial sounds that bring smiles to your faces hold something a little deeper.  If you listen closely, you’ll be taken on a lyrical journey that spans the spectrum of your whole folkin’ life.  From the realization that you’ve spent too much time on that one relationship that just keeps going South no matter how many times you think they’re worth fighting for, to that dress that she wore to the dance back in High School that called out for a good twirlin’…From that time you passed out from too many folkin’ drinks after the annulment finally went through, to that time the undead made their way through a black and white field when you and that blonde girl from down the street…wait.  Nevermind, that was a movie…

Jeremy, Jason and Tomy (and now Erin Gayden!) are to be commended for taking this journey back to their grandpa’s farm for us.  Not all of us have the ability to head to Indiana and see where our grandparents married when they were 16.  We can’t all just pack up in a time machine and see the days when the newest cars were the kind that were just losing their reins from the horses.  But the good news is that these four have done it for us.  Then they came back to tell you that there was still heartbreak back then and that the world hasn’t really changed much since your great-grandparents were your age…including the folkin’ zombies.

Buy it on the iTunes.
Hear them on the MySpace.
See their faces on the Facebooks.

Prepare your face to be folked off at their National CD Release Party at the Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum, TX, June 3rd at 10pm.  You can get more info on their MySpace and Facebook pages.

– Justin Nygren

Deep Ellum On Air – Real Local Music

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Playdough, Parallel Play, Blunt Force Crew, Elle, GOAT, Deborah Driscoll, Erin Gayden, The Texas Red Legs, The Zachary Scott Pohl Band.  What do all of these phenomenal local musicians have in common?  They can all be heard right now at Deep Ellum On Air.

Deep Ellum On Air is the first source we’ve come across that wanted to play all local music, all the time.  Obviously we didn’t hesitate when asked to come do an ArtLoveMagic Radio show, or when they asked our Music Director to give them all the local music we had access to.

So while you’re sitting there Facebooking, working, or reading this blog, you can simply click one of the links to Deep Ellum On Air and enjoy your favorite local tunes.  You don’t have to wait for a song you dig, either.  Deep Ellum On Air has a simple playlist on their home page with the Artists’ names and tracks listed, and all you have to do to hear that track is click on it.  Pretty sweet.

The guys at Deep Ellum On Air have been very good to us and all our musicians.  They’re really great people who, like ArtLoveMagic, just want to help brighten the spotlight on Deep Ellum with more examples of fresh, local talent.  They finance the whole station out of their own pockets for the good of this city and its music.  Since we first came by, the guys have done major work to the space like adding more HD cameras, making the area more comfortable for guest hosts, and adding more microphones and headsets.

The last time we visited the station we asked what their next improvement goal was.  “To upgrade to UStream Pro”, they replied.  That would mean those silly ads and blurry videos would be a thing of the past, and all the people who enjoy the station would have a lot more fun listening.  To get there, all they need to raise is $200.  They just added a brand spankin’ new “Donate” button at the bottom of their homepage.  $200 isn’t an insurmountable goal, and we think our collective could really help out.  Anything you can spare to help these guys out would be appreciated.

Whether you can donate or not, Deep Ellum On Air is free, all-local and all for you.  Enjoy it.  Love it.  Check out our next ArtLoveMagic Radio show in February!  More details to come.

Art & Coffee (December 2010) photos

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December’s Art & Coffee was themed “Giving is Good”. It was a beautiful show with several standout performances on the microphone. Here are a few images and words captured by Michael Lagocki.

Live portraiture is always a really good add to have at artlovemagic shows. Aaron Garcia brought his talents out to draw our audience.

Aaron warmed up with these two portraits of ArtLoveMagic founder Michael Lagocki.

Parallel Play is one of our favorite local acts. This weekend marked the last shows that banjo player Jason Miers would perform with PP. We were honored that they chose to spend two of their last three shows together with us. Parallel Play will go on with this new lineup: Jeremy Drake, Tomy Lee, and Erin Gayden. Can’t wait to see their new look!

Misty Boldish shows Charlie how she uses recycled materials to make functional art.

Our feature poet of the evening was Johnny O, one of the founders of the brilliant Johnny’s a great guy and a serious poet. We’ll be happy to have him back on our mic soon.

Jaden rocks the interactive art table. Most every artlovemagic event has a section where you can roll up your sleeves and make art yourself.

Feature musician Gina Garcia. This was her first artlovemagic show and she did a lovely job. Beautiful singing voice on this girl.

Host and soundman Konichiwa Zack makes sure Erin Gayden has clean sound so we can enjoy her songs.

Among other gorgeous jewelry, Desiree Mazzola made these cool lovemark necklaces for sale.

Always good to have Deborah Driscoll and Erin Gayden in the house.

This was Charles Harrison’s second artlovemagic show. Look for his airbrush skills next at Underground (2/12/11).

And finally… Carrie Sumner really blew me away with this dynamic poetry performance. I had never seen her get so animated before! Great stuff.

This show was produced by Deborah Driscoll and Marissa Colomo.

January 7th’s Art & Coffee is a special songwriter showcase. I wanted to kick off our new year with a spotlight on some of our favorite musicians. Jan 7th will not be an open mic. Instead, come listen to the talents of Ell, Erin Gayden, Zach Scott Pohl, Immigrant Punk, and Jay Bean. Plus, plenty of live art and poetry by K Zack and more.

See you in 2011!


pics by ML


It’s A Grind – New Venue, New Shows!

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December 11th, 2009 ArtLoveMagic had our very first show at It’s A Grind Coffee in Deep Ellum.  We called it, “Unplugged Fireside Sessions” to honor the four acoustic acts and the toasty fireplace that warmed the hearts and fanny’s of many attendees.  All were feeling festive, most partaking in the delicious Christmassy beverages that were offered, while being attentive to the amazing live art and music happening all around them.

Our music lineup for the night included the jazzy Lenny’s New Legs, singer/songwriter Zachary Scott Pohl, The pop-duet GaydenLee, and the folky-zombie goodness of Parallel Play.

The live art was a unique blend that featured Conor Muldoon throwing pottery, Joe Townson painting, and Jen Sulak doing live portrait photography.

And we’re doing it again…

This time we are featuring live art from:

Eddie Walker – Air Brush

Josh Dryk – Fire Painting

Carissa Battaile – Vintage Portrait Photography

Sarah Brown & Keanna Pohl drawing/watercolor collaboration

and Aaron Garcia – Painting

Live Music will be powerfully performed by:

photo by Jen Sulak

Lenny’s New Legs


and Arianne Patty

ArtLoveMagic presents Art & Coffee at It’s A Grind, 2901 Indiana Blvd, Dallas, TX 75226 January 8th, 7:30pm – 10:30pm *FREE*

ArtLoveMagic Unplugged – The Fireside Sessions

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On December 11th ArtLoveMagic will partner with a new venue – It’s A Grind (Deep Ellum Location), with a cozy, aromatic and delicious new concept.  Some of Dallas’ finest Acoustic musicians will play along side It’s a Grind’s toasty fireplace surrounded by a few hand picked Dallas live visual artists.  While the music is all acoustic, the individual acts couldn’t be more different.

Zachary Scott Pohl has become a Dallas favorite of the singer/songwriter genre through the fine craft of words and story telling to moving music with memorable melodies.

GaydenLee, an indie pop male/female duet is coming out to celebrate the release of their latest EP, “Songs for Thursday”.

The three members of Lenny’s New Legs lead by Deborah Driscoll, will remind you of times gone by with their original soulful, jazzy numbers.

Finally, Parallel Play will be playing their first show back together since the ‘Zombie Hand incident’.  These guys will make you laugh.  ‘Nuff said!

And then there are the Visual artists…

Connor Muldoon – Sculpture

Joe Townson – Abstract Painting

Charlise Hill Larson – Painting/Mixed Media

Jen Sulak – Photography

December 11th * 7:30 – 10:30 pm * Free * It’s A Grind Coffee * 2901 Indiana Blvd, Dallas, TX 75226

Free Music Alert

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deb_02by Deb Driscoll

ArtLoveMagic is known far and wide, all across the magic kingdom of Dallas for not only its delicious visual art, but also its scrumptious local music meaty-melodies.  It’s early and I haven’t had breakfast, hence the tasty adjective use.  But seriously, I feel genuinely satisfied after listening to any one of these as yet overlooked artists.  For instance, Haylee and Amanda are a duet of harmonious female voices paired with Haylee’s guitar singing as one voice, perfectly synched one with the other.  Playdough is huge in Australia (for real) and can rock a hand-held mic with his hip-hop hard-knock verbs in 2 heartbeats.  Parallel Play folks you right the heck up.  And Southern Karma soothes the soul and reminds you that what goes around comes around; in fact, their freshly released EP is entitled “What Goes Around…” and it sincerely takes the listener deep within their own heart.  I am not too proud to admit that track #1, “The Road” made me weepy when Michael Lagocki relayed to me how it applied in the life of one of our very dear friends.


A buzz about the lack of Indie Artists available to the main stream is now being generated across the web, and it’s about damned time!  That would lead me to believe that we need to jump on this sexy train of sultry sounds ASAP!

So what are we to do to get all of this local music heard without begging some crap radio stations owed by one power hungry jack ass to play them?  We give it out for free to local retailers who are proud of their city, its talents and their relationships with customers.  So I’m suiting up and hitting the road with a big mail bag of beats, passing around samplers of our artists to willing, local stores.


Here’s your shot, Dallas : email if you are interested in being hit up with free hand outs of quality local music to be played in your place of business.  My angle here is I won’t give these priceless promos out to just any ol’ store.  The stores that receive the music will be asked to put the CD into rotation on at least a bi-weekly basis so that there can be enough room for response from their customers.  As soon as your clientele start asking where they can buy the delightful music they are hearing, you can send them to our website,, where a list of our artists can be found with their respective websites.  I expect the demand to be large enough to sell individual retailers the full length CD’s on consignment to re-sell to their customers, and VOILA!  Local, independent music success for our city, our people, and our heartbeat.  No one does it up like Texas , folks.  So why the heck do we only want music from L.A. or New York or wherever they write the big contracts these days?  Exactly.


Be on the lookout for your friendly neighborhood ArtLoveMagic Music Director.  Oh and to my local musician peeps – if you are interested in being a part of the free music hand-out, let a girl know!

words by Deb
photos by Jenice Johnson