Underground 2010

Deb here.  Last year during the undeniable success of Underground 2009, I was personally falling in love.  This Dallas art scene is a renaissance of paint splashing, poets screaming and guitars wailing.  My heart muscles are sore from the beating, from the giving love AND the receiving.  Thank you ArtLoveMagic, and a warm welcome to Underground 2010!

This year I am looking forward to several things, but I’m not going to let all of that get out right here, right now.  This is a climactic event and I will not rob you of the surprise and awe you’ll feel when you walk in on January 30th, 2010.  There are a couple of constants in this show, one of which being that we will be again be introducing you to new artists from the streets of Dallas that are truly brilliant and purely underground.  The other is that this spectacle will again be held at SouthSide on Lamar in the Janette Kennedy Gallery and connected artist quarters.  Two stages, 30 + artists, DJ’s, hip hop and graffiti wrapped up in that ArtLoveMagic energy.  The pre-sale tickets are on sale now for half off the door price.  See the website for details, and take advantage of this deal!  With the powerful production collaboration between ArtLoveMagic Founder, David Rodriguez and Deep Ellum street artist & musician, IZK Davies and myself, I am looking to sell this show OUT.

Expect the unexpected.  That makes the unexpected expected and leaves nothing out of the realm of possibility.  Yeah.

photos by them Davies boys

One Response to “Underground 2010”

  1. I’m all over it! Just posted it up in the events section of http://poorvida.com & http://dfwhiphop.com

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