FramedThanks for taking a few minutes to see what all is coming up and happening with us.  You can click HERE for all our PR posts where you’ll find current Press Releases as well as the archive from past events.

All requests for interviews, press passes for shows, etc. should be directed to justin (at) artlovemagic (dot) com.  We’d love to connect you deeper into the hearbeat of ArtLoveMagic.

2 Responses to “PR”

  1. osvaldo garcia Says:

    you guys have been putting post on facebook of artists posting artwork on your website, and i was wondering how can i go about this? is there a fee? are only artist that work within their field able to present artwork? any responce would be much appreciated. thank you

    • We feature artists from the North Texas area that we work with. If you live here and would like to get involved with artlovemagic, we suggest you attend a show or an open house (the next open house is Jan 18 2012 at 7:30pm at 2630 Commerce in Deep Ellum) the next major event is Underground 2012 (tickets available at At those you can meet people involved in artlovemagic and find out how to become a participating artist. There is no fee for being featured at our website or blog- we’re just sharing cool stuff.

      Hope that helps! Thanks.

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