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The car

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photo by Nicole Rodriguez (with a touch of graphic design by Michael Lagocki).

Art & Coffee photos

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post by Michael Lagocki

Art & Coffee, our monthly open mic and live art show has been really good lately. The microphone has welcomed plenty of new talent and built a steady stream of talented regulars. Our mission to provide you with new lineups of live artists every time has created some gorgeous displays.

August’s Art & Coffee was a great time. I walked around a took a few shots (through the lens of my cracked Iphone…sigh) and wanted to share.


We moved the microphone inside for this show, because it rained on and off throughout the night (sound equipment + water = baaaaaad). Our host, Konichiwa Zach held it together as always, bringing up a slew of poets and musicians to the microphone. Personally, I liked the feel with the stage inside. It kept the coffee shop crowded all night and opened up the porch for those who wanted to take a break from the event.

Mitsubishi brought out the car that our artists painted during the LakeSide Market Summer Festival. Four of us who painted it (myself, David Rodriguez, Eddie Walker, and Joshua Boulet) were in attendance, so we took a minute to snap a few more pics with the canvas (I mean “car”).
Very cool.

ArtLoveMagic co-founder David Rodriguez joined the lineup of live artists and worked on a commission piece that was huge. This is a small details of the four panel piece, that when finished, will be viewable as four separate painting or one large image.

One of my favorite local musicians, Erin Gayden, was our feature. She played two sets during the evening.

Josh Dryk brought the fire. Always a cool spectacle.

Josh’s technique with fire painting is evolving. Lately he’s been trying some figurative images that he burns into the wood, like drawing with a small flame.

Local comic book artist Jose Esquivel joined us and drew this Batman while he was there. We encourage many artists who create live with us to work just like they would work at home or in the studio. It’s one way we tear down the walls between the artists and the audience.

Another way to really involve the audience is to set up interactive displays. Carolyn Collins set up a Photo-Ink challenge that encouraged audience members to pick up a pen or marker and interact with her photographs. She put about a dozen images on a huge butcher paper back drop, and audiences wrote captions for them, or drew around and on top of them. It’s good to be creative.

Art & Coffee is a great first show for artists new to ArtLoveMagic. This was Adele Caunce’s first show with us and her BIG UGLY FISHIES sculptures were a hit with our audience, especially the kids who Adele took the time to teach her technique to.

An open mic means there’s always a surprise. This collaborative spoken word piece from our feature poet Darryl Ratcliff and DaVerse Lounge founder Will Richey was a treat.

Great audience, great artists, great performers, great show. Thanks to everyone who participated, particularly our producers Nicole and Kylun Rodriguez. The next Art & Coffee is Friday September 3rd at It’s A Grind. As always it will be an open mic with a fresh lineup of live artists. See you there!

Expand your brain!!!- More details on the April 24th Artist Workshop

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Knowledge is power. It expands your reach. As any good craftsman knows, the right tool and the knowledge of how to use it changes everything. The ArtLoveMagic crew of artists and performers has a tremendous amount of knowledge on creativity. That’s why the Artist Workshop is so cool. The goal always was and is… to share incredible knowledge in a way that’s quick and easy and benefits everyone.

Our second Artists Workshop is next Saturday afternoon April 24th, and the roster of teachers are incredible. This weekend we met to discuss what each person would teach on and I was blown away. My only problem now is that I’m teaching a class myself and wont be able to attend all of them. Here’s the lowdown on just three of the classes (there are more than a dozen to choose from).

Joshua Boulet is teaching LIFE DRAWING. Josh has performed at dozens of artlovemagic shows, usually creating large illustrations on the fly, depecting what he sees during an event. Josh is a master at capturing the human form. His hour long class focuses on how to quickly break down human anatomy and draw it accurately.

Justin Griffith captures amazing music recordings at home. The sound on the music he records and produces is some of the best in Dallas. Justin and I had a talk this weekend about how there’s so much talent out there and so many (shall we say “less than wonderful”) recordings of it. If your interested in creating clean recordings of your music, this is the class for you.

Amanda Smith is teaching a class on print designs. Hearing her talk about it made me want to attend. I asked her to send me an email on the specifics of what she’d be teaching:

Design Class Description:  Maximize your designs with  print, or even better, build a design around the printing process. We’ll explore  substrates, die cuts, fancy spot applications and rules to break. This class will  change the way you think about print design.  Use that technology!

More details on Print Design Class:
We’ll start by covering a brief history of printing: potato prints, the first press, rice flour resist.  We’ll explore various printing options for packaging and promotion and we’ll review the pros and cons of each process.
Design with printing effects and technology: die cuts, cold foils vs. metallic PMS vs. hot stamping, holographic substrates and over-laminates.  We’ll also touch on overcoming printing obstacles with design: trapping and registration, line strokes, spot colors, opacity screens and dot patterns. Fun stuff that will make your design and branding really soar!

Those are just the very beginning. There are more than a dozen total classes to choose from. You can enjoy the entire day for only $35, or take individual classes at $10 each. Other classes include Art Business for Dummies, Songwriting, Producing Live Events, Photography, and more.

This day is an investment in yourself. If it goes anything like last year, it will be fun, mind expanding, and a place to meet lots of great creative people. I hope to see you there.

Here’s the full lineup and the form to register.

-post by Michael Lagocki

new entry image by Boulet and Steelo

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ArtLoveMagic posts a  new entry image to our site every about 10 times a year. Often these are done by our art director David Rogriguez. Occasionally their done by a guest artist. The new one that went up this week is a gorgeous illustration by Joshua Boulet and Khalid Robertson. These guys are two of the best cartoonists in big D and we’re proud to have them say hello to our site visitors.

February Art & Coffee

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ArtLoveMagic presents Art and Coffee on Friday, February 5th

Riding on the momentum of Underground, February Art and Coffee is upon us! Being held at It’s A
Grind Coffee in Deep Ellum, the talent will warm your soul like the java warms your insides.
Musically- ArtLoveMagic newcomer Matthew Bridgman starts us off with his touching melodies. A near and
dear Southern Karma ‘lets it flow’, and Spencer Garland emerges from space and time through song.

Southern Karma, photo by Jenice Johnson

Photography- Dee Hill and Sherry Smith collaborate to capture the light of patrons on film.

Sherry Smith as photographed by Dee Hill

Live Visual Arts– Deb Driscoll and Keanna-Marie Pohl (The Sunshine Kids) will be turning luck on it’s ear co-creating a piece
from shattered mirrors. The amazing Josh Boulet inks a masterpiece. Rachel Deniger makes you feel
50 feet tall with crafted jewelry and miniatures and Jessica Trevizo does Casa Azul proud with her
beautiful masks.

Ink by Joshua Boulet

Join us for this unique and free event !

Held at:

It’s A Grind Coffee

2901 Indiana Ave. Dallas, TX 75226.

7:30 – 10:30 pm

Near Baylor hospital in Deep Ellum (easy access from the Dart Rail)

– Article by Tony Cherry of Southern Karma

One more thing…

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Greatness. Someone sent us a link to this video made to promote Dallas at the Professional Convention Management Association conference. Eagle eye viewers can catch shots of the Deep Ellum Art Park Statues of ArtLoveMagic-ers Eddie Walker and Josh Boulet.

We helped with that part. (though we’ll take no responsibility for the singing and dancing in the video).   🙂

Jaden with our ArtPark statues

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Photographs by Michael Lagocki
(thanks Nikki)

This one is a lot of fun. As most of you know, the famous Deep Ellum Art Park statues were recently re-painted, 8 of them by ArtLoveMagic family artists. As we finished, I photographed Jaden, daughter of co-founder David Rodriguez, with each of our statues. You can see the full art at the corner of Good Latimer and Commerce. Map linked here. Enjoy.


Jaden with Eddie’s Walker’s art


Jaden with Melody Hay’s art


Jaden with Joshua Boulet’s art

Jaden with Michael Lagocki’s art

Jaden with Lee Ann Stone’s art

Jaden with Samax Amen’s art

Jaden with Riki Johnson’s art

Jaden with her Father, David Rodriguez’s, art

ArtLoveMagic… It surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together.

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I was supposed to be working on some other materials this past weekend but all of a sudden this image popped into my mind and I had to do it.

Yeah, I know it’s a bit nerdy but I really enjoy working in Photoshop and blending images together to create a new illustration. The painter is bad-ass illustrator Josh Boulet as he was doing his magic at Illuminate. Original photo taken by Jenice Johnson. I haven’t decided yet if I’m adding this image to our wallpaper selection on the Media page within I will be adding more images to that page soon. Let me know what you think of the image. Do you have a favorite entry image that we have used in the past? Got an idea for a future illustration? Comment on this post or send me a jpg of your concept ( and maybe we can use it.

post by David Rodriguez