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Jenice’s portraits from Mother’s Day

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Wow. Jenice did some truly beautiful work capturing the smiles of the Mother’s Show. This picture of painter Erica Davis and her son is a perfect example of why we love Jenice’s work so much. It’s personal and clear and true.

You can check out all of the photos from the entire night at her website here.

Mother’s Day Show celebrates families

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Traditionally the ArtLoveMagic Mother’s Day Show has been invite only for artists and producers associated with the collective. This year, for the first time ever, we’re opening it up to our ENTIRE DFW family.

This is a beautiful, family oriented show of live art, poetry, and music. Artists painting inside and out, a local potter working a pottery wheel, poets and musicians on the microphone, a night of pure creative immersion. Special gifts for Mom include a flower at the door and entry in our raffles for original arts and gifts.

Tickets are only $10 per person and are available only at The Egg & I is a beautiful locally owned breakfast/lunch restaurant and will feature a buffet sampling their food for only $5 a plate (available on site). So total for the show and dinner is only $15 per person, and you will give your Mom and absolutely unforgettable night of a creative experience. This is a gift she’ll keep with her.

The list of participating artists is still growing (and subject to change), but currently includes:

Will Richey

Mimo Morealle

David Rodriguez
Ashley Jones
Connor Muldoon
Eddie Walker
Josh Dryk
Erica Davis
Jenice Johnson
Carolyn Collins
Massage –
Kelly Nygren

Artists will have work for display and sale, so if you or Mom would like to take home an original painting or piece of pottery, bring cash.

Note- If you’d like to bring a large group (6 or more) write to receive a family sized discount

This show is produced by Mario Cauley (co-produced by Dehvon Ward, Michael Lagocki, and Ashley Jones)

Purchase tickets now:
(only 100 total tickets will be made available)

photos in this post by Jenice Johnson
Graphic design by Jessica Trevizo

Art & Coffee Pics – Feb 2010

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story by Michael Lagocki
pictures by Jenice Johnson

Ooooh it was cold out there! For our February 5th Art & Coffee we moved our stage back outside (the traditional Art & Coffee model) and braved the winds while listening to music, poetry, and for the first time…stand up comedy! (more on that later).

Inside, our artists rocked like they were musicians. Great crowd, great art, great fun. Here’s some beautiful pics from Jenice Johnson’s lens.

SMASH! The collage art of the Sunshine Kids includes lots of broken glass and mirrors. Thus the safety goggles and big ‘ol hammer. Each of our artists this night successfully sold original works. Congratulations, girls! Now please, put the hammer down and back away slowly.

Melody’s voice warmed the night when Southern Karma took stage. Their wonderful EP was just released on Amazon. Highly recommended.

Always great to see friends at Art & Coffee. The show inspires a hangout atmosphere, and a lot of people return month after month, so it’s easy to make new friendships. Mario and Zach are two of the greatest men we know.

Rachel Denniger’s make your own jewelery stand was a big hit. We love it when our artists set up stations that allow the audience to create with them. How cool is it to walk away with an original piece that you co-created!?!?

We’re big Spencer Garland fans around here. Spencer brought out some of his older material that artlovemagic founder Michael Lagocki is crazy for. Great to have him around and hopefully we’ll see more of him now that he’s back in Dallas.

Fresh off of UNDERGROUND, Dee Hill and Sherry Smith returned to shoot free portraits of the crowd again. This is something that happens at almost every Art & Coffee. Local photographers shoot hundreds of crowd portraits for free in the hopes that some of those people will go online and purchase prints. Even if you don’t, it’s always a fun experience.

It’s not as dramatic as it looks. Mike is actually asking the crowd to leave in this shot. We’ve mastered the art of the post Art & Coffee tear down. Each time we’ve been at It’s A Grind, we’ve been out in about a half an hour after the show.

Not pictured above, but also in this show were musician Matthew Bridgman, and artist Jessica Trevizo. Our producers were Nicole Rodriguez and Diana Hawkins-Rushing. Last, but not least, a big congratulations to Jenn Hoff and ArtLoveMagic for including a stand up comedy set on our stage for the first time ever. Jenn was funny, and it’s always great to try something new. This is leading to a comedy show (we can feel it in our funny bone).

Art & Coffee is back at It’s a Grind March 5th- this time with the return of our OPEN MIC. Join us (and bring a poem or a song).

Details at

ArtLoveMagic Raises The Bar For The Dallas Arts Scene With UNDERGROUND 2010

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report by Gary Brown
photos by Jenice Johnson

I knew when I drove up to Southside on Lamar within only 40 minutes of the opening of UNDERGROUND 2010 by ArtLoveMagic to discover parking lots already maxxed out and beautiful traffic jams everywhere… that it was going to be a very good night.  I was not wrong.  Like a gushing, ebullient lava flow flooding the facility, throngs of people pleasantly meandered or stood in fixated mesmerization all along the arteries of busy, positioned artists.  To my eye, 1,000+ persons in attendance on this night would not be a stretch.   In only its second year, this innovative and intriguing UNDERGROUND event has so soon become a badly needed fixture on the Dallas arts scene.  With a stellar and lengthy list of firsts and considerably noteworthy accomplishments already logged in ArtLoveMagic’s 3+ year history, it is no small matter for them to declare UNDERGROUND 2010 as their most successful event to date and for me, seeing was believing.

It is not possible to list all of the various artists and disciplines represented at this multilevel, indoor festival which somehow managed to house multiple dozens of visual and performing artists, all “working live”.  No, forget terming this a mere festival, UNDERGROUND constitutes more of a joyously laboring, industrious village of artisans.   In addition to displaying vast galleries of their works on display and for sale, all of these friendly, energized professionals were thoroughly involved in the active production and demonstration of their skills.  Yet, even this did not interfere with them continuously engaging and answering questions from the ever-present, inquisitive and fascinated crowds gathered around each of their workspaces.  Say “Wow”.

Performing singers, songwriters, poets, spoken word artists, musicians and bands kept folks simultaneously riveted to stages created both inside and outside of the Jeanette Kennedy Gallery.  In true ArtLoveMagic style, huge canvasses were erected which allowed the public to participate in creating community artworks, including trying their own hand at air brushing.  Hey, when was the last time you could walk right up to a smoking t-shirt screening operation bent on slavishly printing really cool shirts from scratch (even on your own shirts brought from home) in an effort to fill a constant stream of orders from those desiring to both commemorate the event while helping to raise badly needed funds for the Haiti Relief effort?  Live photography, jewelry making, visual and sculptured art of every feasible nature and much more, all in-process, en masse; what an inspiring and creatively stimulating experience this was.  100% ArtLoveMagic.

As I stated, I can’t possibly begin to identify the long, long list of amazing, contributing artists present at UNDERGROUND 2010 but you really should know who they are, every gloriously talented one of them.  Your life will likely benefit from meeting them, studying what they do and hopefully, possessing some of their works, yourself.  Go to if you want to try getting their names, contact information and what I am sure will be many wonderful photos of this event.  However, above all, get on ArtLoveMagic’s email list so as not to miss out on the huge number of events they produce and promote all year long and… never, never miss UNDERGROUND again.

Gary Brown 

More Holiday Gift Ideas: Gummy Greeting Cards

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You can now order Jenice Johnson’s Gummy Greeting Cards via a PayPal requested donation of $3.50. Please send this post to everyone you know and support one of our most amazing photographers in the Dallas area! It’s super easy to order. Just take a gander at the following images and see which one you like. Then just click the PayPal donation link below to purchase! And you don’t need PayPal to do this at all. There is a place at the bottom of the PayPay page that directs you to how to pay without an account. Drop Jenice a line at artsbyjphotography at gmail dot com and tell her which one you would like and feel free to email her if you also have any questions!

Gummy Lights

Snowglobe Gummy

Gummy Free-For-All

Gummy Gift

last few days…

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post by Michael Lagocki


I have two more days in artlovemagic before taking an extended break (see: artlovesabbatical) and I’m filled with a lot of Love for this organization. The other night someone asked me if I was going to look at the website while I’m away. The question shocked me a bit. I hadn’t thought about that.

As I prepare to go, things look good. girlShow was our most successful event ever (was that only last month!?!!?) The DART event just went off well despite the most hardcore rainstorm I’ve ever seen an event like this go down in. ArtLoveMagic and weather have a long and strange history (ask Justin about it).


Arts Goggle ad by David Rodriguez and Riki Johnson

Ahead of us, the upcoming Fort Worth event looks crazy. That is an incredible lineup. You should make plans to go. Mike Guinn and Will Richey and The Texas Redlegs sharing a stage is no joke. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Fire painting, live welding, live DJs, the visual artist list is bananas. Really, don’t miss it.

Also in the weeks before my break, it’s been clear the organization is growing fast and has more dedicated people then ever. Getting involved here means making a difference in the lives of creative people; all of us (musicians, artists, poets, actors, writers) working together to do something positive and impactful.

I love that at this moment we’re seeing many of the artists we work closely with us enjoying growth in their careers and lives. Last night I watched the Texas Redlegs perform an amazing set and win the second round of the Shiner Rising Stars Competition. They’re on to the finals where they’ll compete for a record contract and tour. This week I purchased work by photographer Jenice Johnson at Paperie & Co. in Mockingbird Station. Will Richey’s company is growing. Hal Samples has landed some incredible assignments. Samax made the cover fo the Dallas Quick. I’ve gotten lucky enough to do several gigs with the Dallas Museum of Art, something I really enjoy. Many of us have been blessed.

Jenice Johnson's Gummy Bear card photography.
That’s why finding ways we can collaborate together, doing shows, community engagement, friendship- it all just makes sense. I talked to Tom and Paul of Nomad Arts a few nights ago, another group with a similar mission to ArtLoveMagic. We agreed, the pool of creative talent in this city is nearly unlimited. We talked about how the city could benefit from more organizations like us, and that rather than feel competitive, we should find ways to do cool things together. I hope to put together a joint show with them some day.

I’ve spent the last week hanging out with a lot of ArtLoveMagic people. I will miss them terribly over the next season. I kid that I’m going “off-planet”. I’m thinking more and more about renting a car and picking a direction and doing a long time on the road. I’m open to whatever comes at me.

I believe my time away will be good for this organization and healing to myself.

Please support this artlovedream any way you can while I’m gone.


photo credits:
Sarah and Michael in Art Park photographed by Nicole Rodriguez, Michael’s rainsoaked drawing from the DART event was photographed by Amanda Davis, the Arts Goggle ad was designed by David Rodriguez with art by Riki Johnson, the awesome Gummy Bear card was created by Jenice Johnson

Human as Canvas…or Anti-Portrait…or Splattered by Leeson

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post by Michael Lagocki
photos by David Leeson, Jenice Johnson, and Dee Hill

Those of you who attended January 2009’s massive Underground show, may have seen his happen live. In the spirit of radical creativity, I allowed myself to be splattered, smothered, and covered by pulitzer prize winning photographer David Leeson as a subject in his Anti-Portrait series. I actually asked for this.


I’ll try to give you a taste of the experience. At the time (January ’09), I’m already flying high as ArtLoveMagic is really starting to show signs of life. Underground was by far our most successful show up until that point. Somewhere near 800 people crowded into SouthSide for this show. My Dad even flew into town for it. And I was just a few days into a new relationship. Life was at a magical moment. I had seen some of David’s anti-portrait work before when he showed and performed at our Vision show. When I heard he was looking for a model to perform with at Underground, I jumped at the chance.


I told very few people I was doing this. I thought it would make a cool surprise. Even Deborah, my girlfriend, didn’t know. I had only talked to David for a few moments before this, so I was placing a lot of trust in him. The process STARTS with you stripping down (waist up) and being covered with black paint. I mean hair, eyelids, nostrils, everything. David shoots you as black against a dark backdrop, so that the materials he then throws at you will tell the story.

People have asked me if it was gross. Yes. It was gross. After going all black David told me to be free with it. Ignore the crowd (dozens were watching us) and just go with the flow. No emotion was wrong as long as it was pure. With this black paint all over me, I already knew one of the emotions I was going to express was discomfort. It was too obvious.


And it begins. Wham. You’re hit in the face with a handful of paint. Wham. Your sprayed with dust. Wham. He spits (oh yes) water at you. I can hear the crwod ooohing and ahhhing, but I can’t see them as my eyes are closed tight (almost as tight as my mouth is, because a flying glob of paint in my mouth does not sound appetizing).


The coolest thing was that I really connected with the photographer. The whole time David is leaning in, screaming at me, “Don’t fuck around! Let it go!” And I do. All the discomfort and oddness of the moment expresses itself by me thrashing around, almost angrily pushing, trying to turn my unease into something worth capturing on film.


All in all, it probably lasted about fifteen minutes. Afterwards David and I embraced and talked about what an experience it was. He’s an electric personality and he’s really on fire when he has a good session.

Some art is visceral. It doesn’t make sense to the logical mind, but when you FEEL it, it speaks volumes. This was one of those experiences. Standing there, covered in paint, stuff dripping off- the description doesn’t give you and idea how alive it felt. But it was alive.

David’s cool. I’d do it again in a second.My good buddy Josh Reeves shot the whole thing on video. If you’d like to check that out it’ here.

Underground returns in the beginning of every year, usually January or February. 2012’s show is scheduled for Feb 11th. I cannot imagine what to expect.



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photo by Josh Dryk

photo by Josh Dryk

Starting September 19th, after our participation in the Deep Ellum Art Walk, I’ll be taking a sabbatical from ArtLoveMagic that will last about 4 months. Justin, David, Melody, and others will lead the organization and help it grow to new heights.

It’s been nearly three years since the beginning of artlovemagic, and as much as I love it, I need a little time away to recover and rest and get back to being an artist myself. I want to go spend some time with my Dad. I want to make a comic book.

We’re finally at a point where I believe the organization will handle it well. There are a ton of new people involved, passionate and interested in helping the collective continue to grow. And a number of families are involved now, not just individuals. That makes for strength and continuity.

I’m definitely going to miss it. Justin and David and I have been talking about this for a while. I originally planned on giving the organization a long loooong lead time before taking the sabbatical. But when we brought the idea to the artlovemagic Board, they correctly suggested that if I needed an extended break, sooner and healthier was better than later and more burned out.

My hope is that the organization could benefit from growing a stretch without me. I’ve somehow become entangled in nearly everything artlovemagic touches, and that’s not healthy long term. I’ve also noticed that the organization tends to mirror some of my weaknesses (wildly creative, but keeps it’s bedroom messy).

photo by Nicole Rodrriguez

photo by Nicole Rodrriguez

So I will be out of the picture for the rest of the year. Please don’t think me rude if you don’t hear from me much over the next few months. I’ve been thinking, breathing, and dreaming (oh yes) artlovemagic for a long time now.

I plan on being back for the massive January 30th Underground event (as an artist, not a producer).

Since most of the core team knows about this now, people are already stepping up, taking new roles. Mario’s new Business Ops team is doing pretty impressive things. Cathy and Chris are diving into funding. Kelly will be editor in chief. Nicole, Deb, Melody, Amanda, Keena, Josh- the list goes on and on. ArtLoveMagic is growing up. The key is the heart of it. The love principle. That has to remain in the center of everything.

This is the best and most challenging thing I’ve ever done, and I love my brothers who co-authored it with me. Artlovemagic was a spark of wanting to do something creative and healing. David brought the friendship and support and protection to it. Justin brought the method, and the unapologetic message of love.

photo by Jenice Johnson

photo by Jenice Johnson

This journey has been a beautiful roller coaster. Best people, best experiences, growth. I love it.

And to love it right I need to leave it for a little while.

I imagine most anyone who’s read this far has actually played some role in artlovemagic’s growth, however small. So thank you. It’s been great dreaming with you.

Check in on it for me. Make sure the house isn’t burning down. If you’ve ever wanted to be involved, now is the time to jump in. How? Send an email and tell him what you’d like to do. Or just show up at our offices (2630 Commerce) any Wednesday night at 7pm. You’ll either stumble into a meeting, a party, or an arts activity (and those are all cool).

Me? Stop by for the Arts Walk on the 19th to say goodbye. Then I go off-planet.

I’ll see you Underground.


photo from the first ever artlovemagic event, Reach in Feb. 2007

photo from the first ever artlovemagic event, Reach in Feb. 2007

The artist-producer track

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Post by Michael Lagocki

For the artistic folk who are deeply involved in artlovemagic, a track of how you might move through the organization has been developed. In truth, this is the track that developed itself, organically, more than us authoring it. It became the logical way to progress through artlovemagic.

It has 4 steps
(a fifth if you want to really drink the kool-aid).


We typically ask artists who want to work with us to volunteer, or at the very, least attend a show before doing live art with us. ArtLoveMagic is different from other arts organizations by our culture. Love and relationships is the core of everything we do. We approach this work from a giving spirit and that spirit is far more important to us than financial gain, or honestly, even the talent level of a particular artist. We work with new artists all the time. We are very comfortable with your talent growing with us. But love is always at the center.

Most people who volunteer with us will tell you it’s a blast. There’s no doubt we work hard, but what we do is brilliant fun. Serving others can be a joy, especially in a field you love like the arts. In our world, it’s very easy to see how your service affects the event and it’s artists.

Participating Artist

6248_120633115876_31415930876_2830857_488528_n Sometimes people jump in at this spot (though I will ask them to volunteer on a show before going on to the next stage). We ask that participating artists at artlovemagic follow a handful of principles.

1-    We are about live art, not just sitting behind a table and selling something. You must create on site.

2-    We are about a positive atmosphere. The audience is encouraged to talk to you, ask you questions about your work and tools and methods. A guiding principle for us from the beginning has been to “tear down the walls between the artist and the spectator”.

3-    “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not break in a storm”- Justin Nygren.
Live art events are organic, changes are made on the fly. The environment is a living, breathing participant in our script. It is very common for us to have to change plans slightly (or sometimes in a large way) right before (or even during!) an event. A flexible attitude keeps things from getting stressed. When there’s little to no stress, we can focus on being creative and having fun.

4-    Grow. We are about artist development, and that means we hope to see our artists use the events to improve themselves. We encourage all artists to bring business cards (or some other contact method), have a strong presentation of their art, and offer variety of work for sale at a variety of prices. The networking opportunities at artlovemagic events are fantastic. It’s a great place to not only meet potential clients, but to learn from the other artists there. By paying attention to them, you will be exposed to new ways to create, display, and handle yourself.

5-     Finally, enjoy yourself. Because we always use a variety of artists and performers, your shoulders are not holding up the event. A community is holding up the event. So you can chill and have a free spirit.

Assistant Producer


If you’re interested in going forward and actually producing an artlovemagic show, we will ask you to assist another producer first. Assistant producing is essentially about learning, and doing what you can to make someone else’s load easier. The lead producer role has a lot of mental things to keep on top of. For every item an assistant takes off their hands, they have that much more mental space to take care of the fine details.

Assistant Production is about loving people who are loving people.

Producer (small event)

And away we go….

Okay, so I think this is one of the most fun roles in all of artlovemagic. Producers of events have input on almost everything related to the experience. Most often they are responsible for picking the majority of the artists associated with the event. They have input on the theme and feel of that particular event, how it will be set up, who goes where, etc. They lead the pre-production meeting. They handle communication between the artists and performers leading up to the event. And of course, they oversee on the night of the event.

Good producers understand how to delegate, so they don’t necessarily have to do all of the above. Just make sure it happens correctly.

Giving new artists a chance to participate is one of my favorite aspects of this job. Dozens upon dozens of artists and performers have shown with us for their first time. And because of the atmosphere we create, odds are pretty good that they’re going to enjoy their first experience. They’ll always remember that experience, and they’ll always remember who the person that invited them in was. Here you have an opportunity to have a positive impact on an individual.


I always tell our producers that it is their chief responsibility to give the artists confidence that the event will go well. They do this by making sure the artists and performers understand their roles and feel supported in them. They do this by making sure the details of the event are covered and will go smoothly. They do this by making sure the advertising for an event has been properly handled and we will have a crowd. And they do this by bringing a calm, on top of it attitude to what they do (people will often take more from your energy and presence then what you say- if you look and seem hectic and rushed, that’s what your team will key in on no matter what you say).

After the event, producers have some light responsibilities like ensuring new artists with the collective get listed on our website’s artist & performers page, and seeing that a report and some photos get to David and the website team.

Producers start production on small events, like an Art & Coffee, before trying their hand at a major event, like a girlShow or Underground.

Note- Stage producer roles are a bit different than visual producers, but I’m not a stage producer, so you’ll have to ask Justin or Deborah about that one. I know they think about things like set times, flow between acts, sound and light presentations, etc.

Producer (large event)


Production on large events is extremely rewarding. Our large events are incredible, unique experiences that involve dozens of artists and performers and hundreds of audience members. Producers on these events author experiences that have real impact on the city’s art scene and on others lives (yes, really. Ask me about it sometime and I’ll introduce you to dozens of people who will tell you a large artlovemagic show had a real effect on their life).

But… don’t kid yourself about how much of your life this is going to take up. This is a big commitment. The girls who produced girlShow will tell you that their lives became girlShow for much of the time leading up to the event. Each of them also will tell you it was a fantastic experience, and that they’re going to produce a show of this level again.

Some of the best experiences of my life have been putting together these shows. It’s rewarding in so many ways because it has such an effect. Being a co-author of something like that, working and bonding with a team you trust, creating something new out of thin air, it’s exhilarating. The producers decide what will separate this particular event from others, what will be the new idea or new invention this time out the door that pushes the organization further.

Finally… the Core Team


The next level of involvement is on the core team, and the door is open there too. In fact, this whole article was written because I attended one of our Art & Coffee shows last night, and I was reflecting on how producer Amanda Davis has become so important to our story as a collective.

She painted at her first event years ago, and has since run every role in the crew. She’s led volunteer teams, assistant produced, authored and led a gallery hanging, produced a fantastic Art & Coffee, and is a co-producer of our upcoming major DART event.

The core team helps us create the overall story. They attend our open meetings, they produce large events, they help the organization find solutions to it’s challenges, and they help strategically drive ArtLoveMagic.

The core team of people changes over-time as well. Some people flow in and out over time. And that’s cool. We only ask that you complete what you take on. And let us know where you want to be involved. Amanda herself took a long period of time off once, and even I’m taking much of the Fall off from ArtLoveMagic (more on that in another writing).

ArtLoveMagic remains fresh and growing and exciting because the story is always changing and being written by a variety of authors. It’s easy to get passionate when you’re always trying new things and you know the outcome will have a positive effect on creative people and the creativity we share.

Our core principles- being intentionally positive, loving people, developing artists- never change. But the way these are applied, and by who, is in constant change. And that’s what keeps it so interesting.

photos by Dee Hill, Scott Dorn, Justin Nygren, Josh Dryk, Niole Rodriguez, and Jenice Johnson

girlShow rocked.

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6052_135141280959_504365959_3219684_3818640_nWow. I mean wow.

Photographers are editing, writers are writing. I know there will be a ton of articles and images coming your way from girlShow across the next few days, but here’s the skinny:

ArtLoveMagic’s first two night event, girlShow2009, was an unqualified success. Friday night was crowded, Saturday night was packed. Around 700 attendees between the two nights. New experiments like the spa and the fashion show went off without a hitch.

The girls were brilliant.

More pics and stories coming your way fast, but I wanted to share a few images right away (shouldn’t I be asleep?).




photos by Jenice Johnson
post by Michael Lagocki