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Still Think Dallas Has No Culture? Look Underground.

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Story by Brentney Hamilton
Photos by Taryn Walker

Ponchaveli Design Group

Man, I still get the same old tired line: Oh, you write for the Culture section? In Dallas? What Culture.

Yes, yes. We know. Dallas is no New York. Or, Paris. Or, hell, even Austin. I was just the same when I left here in back in 2006 with both barrels blazing and two middle fingers waving. But, then I realized something. Cities like Dallas, and you know what I mean, tend to foment rebellion. Her manicured nails and sky-high coif — reaching gloriously to the heavens like a tribute to Reunion Tower — inspire folks of a recalcitrant nature, giving us something to buck against. When I was living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I was just another pinko lefty nerd drowning anonymously in a sea of my own kind. Back here, I’m that obnoxious pinko lefty asshole nerd, and if you’re reading the Mixmaster, something tells me you might catch my drift.

But, for those still spitting jokes about the City sans Culture, after Saturday night, I’ve got to think that maybe you’re just not paying attention. Underground 4, a mashup of everything art by 2011 MasterMinds finalist ArtLoveMagic, went down at the Janette Kennedy Gallery at South Side on Lamar, and it was worth every penny of the $15 cover charge. DJs were spinnin’, artists were creatin’ and patrons were drinkin’. It was loud, busy, bright and alive, and it was Dallas at her finest.

A yearly event, Underground presents emerging and established local artists working live, all to the tune of live bands, musicians and DJs, as well as spoken-word poets, dancers, and performance artists like the always-entertaining Circus Freaks. Our intrepid photog Taryn Walker snagged shots that are worth a thousand words, but if you’ve got time for about 500, we’ve got some observations of our own.

I don’t roll on Shabbos.

Hey, careful man, there’s a beverage here! Underground was crowwwded. Which is a great thing. And, the abundance of hot bodies in fabulous outfits, made for primo people-watching. From the gorgeous ladies in pin-up corsets to the gent in the burnt orange suit — replete with the plaid undershirt — the fly denizens of Underground were not the side of Dallas typically observed in West Village or along Knox-Henderson. And, they were having a blast. The only things missing were White Russians.

Shit, I need more cash. I’ve got a big yen for local art on my walls, but turning tricks for my beloved Mixmaster will, in fact, not likely get me in Forbes. But a lot of the art available for sale last night was affordable, which is not always the case for such high-quality goods. Hey man, artists gotta eat. I totally support the price-point, intellectually, if not financially.

Robb Conover

There were a few damned fine items that even I could take home last night, and among them, my personal favorite was a $20 coaster of a graphic painting of Amy Winehouse by popArtist Robb Conover. Check out more of his bright and bold (and NSFW) work here.

Do not feed the artists. As I stood, mouth gaping and crudely snapping shots with my iPhone, the evening evoked a subtle sense of … school children at the zoo. I gawked impotently as the brilliant artists before me worked, laser focused on their respective tasks at hand and entirely oblivious — or so it seemed – to the all-encompassing chaos abounding. High heels stamping dangerously close to $300 canvas paintings and oversized butts (mine, specifically) swinging clumsily toward breathtaking sculptures, it is totally unclear how so many artists kept their cool and continued working throughout the shenanigans.

But, they did, and two of my favorites were Theo Ponchaveli of Ponchaveli Design Group and Jaime Navarro. Poncaveli was working ceaselessly on a killer painting of J.R. and Bobby Ewing (Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy) from TV’s Dallas with insane cut-outs that added dimension to the city’s skyline. His glitzy, massive homage to the Purple One, also made the kind of glorious, gender-ambiguous statement that would make a dove cry.

Jaime Navarro.jpg
Jaime Navarro is all-business through the bacchanalia.

On the other end of the spectrum, Jaime Navarro sketched among his Southwest sculptures, including a Native American chief and all-too-sexy feminine figures (one of which he likes to call the “J.Lo”), that are constructed of drywall plates and thin set finished metal. Because Navarro was so hard at work, I chatted with his brother-in-law who said that this was the artist’s first time showing his incredible work.You can find more here.

Did you miss it? Mark it down, dude! On your calendar, for next year, I mean. Underground is living proof that there’s more to Dallas than meets the eye. See some of your work here, un-credited? Let us know, so we can get your name up here where it belongs.

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ArtLoveMagic, Where You Been (part 3): This is True

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post and pics by Michael Lagocki

Ooooh, This Is True. Easily one of my favorite shows we’ve ever done. This night was FILLED to the brim with passion. If you missed this one, the short story is- we selected 20 poets and 20 artists and mashed them into a collaboration of verse and paint. Each painter recieved a poem from an anonymous author and was asked to create a painting based on it. Nobody knew who they worked with until the finished pieces were hung on the wall.

To say the least, the show produced some brilliant collaborations. A few that just absolutely blew my mind. After two and a half weeks of being displayed in an open gallery to the public, we celebrated the whole thing with a live show where all 20 poets performed (while standing next to the cooresponding paintings).

For whatever reason, it was a pretty emotional experience for a lot of us. A few poets were on the verge of tears while performing. It came through in their readings and the whole atmosphere of the night was just powerful, reverent at times, insanely celebratory at others.

We invited local musicians Dustin Cavazos and Kurt Thurmond in to celebrate with us as well. We asked the audience to make interactive poems with us and over 100 of them did. Wow.

I’ll never forget this night, and it looks like no one would let me forget it if I wanted to. Calls for This is True 2 have been loud and frequent. I’ve had people ask me if they could be artists in it, poets, even producers. We’ll see this show again. Until then, enjoy these snapshots…

Wish I had caught more pics, but I was running around most of the night hosting, performing, and listening. If you want to see a bit more from the show, check out the pre-show coverage here (covering three of the collaborations) and also here (an in depth examination of the collab between Darryl Ratcliff and Jerod Alexander).

This is TRUE: Bread

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To Whet your appetite for the THIS IS TRUE show tomorrow night, I thought I’d share one of my favorite poems from the show: Bread by Darryl Ratcliff. Following the poem is a short video where artist Jerod Alexander speaks about how he turned this poem into a visual piece.




I saw poets so hungry that they swallowed

their pens and pencils; traded their magic

for bread; their idealism for bread

their hope for bread

I saw how their bodies had become Braille

How they were a mass of exposed spines,

of cracked nails, of sagging eyes

I saw how tired they were

And I crept closer, began to touch the hands of starving poets

because I wanted to read their ribcages.

As the ink spilled from the corner of their mouths,

as their bellies became full,

I wanted to clasp their dying dreams

draw a crucifix by dirt side

because though they might live

this sacred ground is their burial place

This is the day they swallowed their swords

I needed to see them try to write poems again

Struggle with meaningless words

Watch their skeletons rise up,

go to Slams and get tens,

Watch the applause absorb into their dead eyes

Watch the hollow heart, their never ending ache

Watch how they can’t even taste the bread

going past their own lips

I needed to see how hard it gets

When one has to choose between dreams

and bread. Between soul and bread.

Between love and bread.

I wanted to cradle the heads

of these dying poets as they ate and they cried

And they ate and they cried

I wanted to tell them that they were my heroes

That I had watched them run themselves weary

Chasing poems that glowed brightly

Poems that didn’t love them

Poems that made them whole

How their poems lit a trail

bright enough for me to follow

And even though they gave their inspiration

for a full table, traded their magic for a bag of beans

That I still love them, that I will sing of them always,

that I will never forget their sacrifice,

this death place between bread and dreams

And as they exhale their last poetic breath

I will promise them that the poets

who come after me, won’t ever have to choose.

– Darryl Ratcliff

Here’s a facebook event page for Saturday night if you want some more details or to confirm you’re attending.

This is True – the new jazz

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Over the last few months we’ve been telling you about the THIS IS TRUE experiment. 20 poets and 20 artists – 20 collaboartions between 40 strangers across two different mediums. The results have been pretty incredible.

This is easily one of my favorite things we’ve done. Several of the participants just really got into it and took the work to the next level. Here’s just a sampling of what you can expect if you check out the show at the gallery anytime this week, or if you join us for our live event celebrating it Saturday night

Amanda Davis’ piece (above) was a real joy to see. The piece is based on the poem In Sepia by Misty Boldish. Inspired by the poem’s lines about gunshots, Amanda took a .45 to the piece and shot actual bullet holes in it. She also used a combination of photo transfer, tissue paper, charcoal and paint to get the effect that she wanted.

Both Misty and Amanda are very proud of the piece.

Our jaws dropped when Eddie Walker brought in this airbrushed interpretation of Hank Van Hawkins’ poem, Mad Man Blues. Hank is a songwriter, and the poem reflects that. It reads like a gritty country/blues song. I thought Eddie was the perfect choice for it and I campaigned my other producers, Isaac and Jerod, to let him have a run at it.

The details in that tattoo are unbelievable, almost photo-realistic. Thanks, Eddie… you made me look smart!

Here’s what poet Jay Eilers had to say about his poem, which was ultimately interpretted into the above collage by artist Marissa Colomo:

Within Sacred Spaces: Tree of Life Poetry Collage, I approach older material creatively by rearranging pieces of five previously existing poems with diverse themes, suggesting a central theme based on my interpretation of universal truth.

I hope to metaphorically embody the Tree of Life as a process of spiritual realization.
This concept can apply universally to individuals within multiple communities and inspired by multiple relationships. We use what has been given to us in news ways. This is the essence of creative truth. It is adaptable, but still timeless and steadfast.

Marissa tore up thousands of tiny piece of colored paper to make the collage. When you see the work, check out the detail in the wings. It’s amazing.

This is just a small sampling of the work. There are 17 more pieces to be seen in the show and 20 full poems to be read.

We will celebrate the whole thing with a live event Saturday night at the gallery from 8pm to midnight. It’s only a $2 donation to get in. We’ll have live music, all the painters and poets, and a few artlovesurprises for you.

Here’s a facebook event page for Saturday night if you want some more details or to confirm you’re attending.

Personally, I think this is the new jazz. Collaborative experiments where artists come together around a themed project and make work the world has never seen before…

Pinch me.

post by Michael Lagocki

THIS IS TRUE… there’s energy in collaboration

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20 poems to 20 visual artists. Today was the day that the painters on the THIS IS TRUE show picked up their boards and received the poems they’ll be interpreting.

post by Michael Lagocki

What’s really TRUE is I overbook myself. It’s a curse. I’m producing like 100 shows right now, and managing a few personal art projects, and trying to get artlovemagic further off the ground, and (oh yeah) I need to find some time to make some money here and there so you don’t see me standing at a stoplight trying to wash your car windows between greens.

I mention this not (just) for sympathy, but really to explain how jazzed I am about THIS particular show. THIS IS TRUE is something special, something new for us. It’s giving me fuel to keep going through a very busy schedule and still be enthusiastic.

Each artist has been given a primed board that they will use to create their artwork , making this the first artlovemagic gallery exhibit where each piece is of a uniform size and shape.

20 poems to 20 different visual artists. Sounds simple, but it’s treasure chest of experiences. 20 new collaborations between artists who haven’t worked together before. 20 opportunities for local poets to see their work interpreted as visual art. 20 new pieces of original art, each created just for this show.

The artists and poets won’t even meet each other until the gallery hanging. Each one of them is collaborating with someone, they just don’t know who that anonymous author or artist is… yet.

Exciting. Energizing.

I love stuff like this. We set it rolling and you have no idea what’s going to happen. Who’s going to bring their A game? (hopefully all of ’em) Who’s going to be inspired, and in turn, inspire someone else with what they produce? Who’s going to find something new that becomes part of who they are as an artist (or a writer) from here forward?

Artist Ashley Jones gets her first read of the poem that she'll be interpreting into a work of art.

The Show goes up September 2nd. That means from the 3rd all the way until the 18th you can see it for free at the Janette Kennedy Gallery. That Saturday night we’ll celebrate it all with a live show (and yes, we have a few surprises in store there, too).

Stay tuned on this one.  In the weeks leading up to the show we intend to post some of the poetry and some photos of the art as it’s progressing. Kind of a backstage pass kind of thing. I suspect it will be interesting to watch how it all comes together.



pssst… if you’re interested, here’s the facebook invite for the THIS IS TRUE celebration on September 18th.

THIS IS TRUE… update

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THIS IS TRUE- our first ever gallery show that features collaborations between local poets and painters will launch in September. 20 poets and 20 artists have been selected and will be paired (though no one will know who they’re paired with until the work is hung in the gallery).

The poems that have come in have been a real treat to read. Some wonderful stuff in here. Wait until you read Bread, or A New Constitution, or… wait… I’m getting ahead of myself.

Plus I’m suppossed to keep it all a secret anyway until the artwork is hung up. But this is one you definitely don’t want to miss. How does a painter react to written verse? How do 20 of them react to 20 different poems? We’ll find out when the gallery goes up.

The gallery will be up as of September 3rd, but mark the date of September 18th on your calendar for sure. That’s when we celebrate the whole thing with a live show. All 20 poets will perform their works and you’ll get to meet the artists who created the paintings that go along with them. We’ll have a house band that will keep it all moving rhythmically. Absolutely beautiful… and only a $2 donation to get in the door that night.

This show is part of a series of efforts by artlovemagic to go deeper into the live art experience. This time we’re not just showing the art, or even just creating it live, we’re coordinating a wide effort of collaboration between 40 local creators in two different mediums. We’re bringing it to one of our favorite galleries in all of Dallas, and we’re celebrating it in a night that will be a whirl of poetic, musical, and painterly energy.

I have no doubt this will be one of the coolest things we’ve ever done. Together we intend to find something TRUE.

Join us.


Videos from the Underground gallery setup

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Two new videos have found their way to our YouTube page. In the above one, Underground producer Issac Davies takes a moment away from the gallery setup to tell us what to expect.

“The key to the map, to understand it, is like, deep inside my brain!!”