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May 26 2012 Kids Workshop @ Life In Deep Ellum

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Story by: Charlsie Grace
Photos by: Nicole Rodriguez

Did you catch the latest ArtLoveMagic kids workshop last Saturday, May 26th, 2012? We had 10 visual artists and 3 performing artists working right alongside the kids. Each professional artist had their own station and the studio style event (as opposed to classroom style) allowed kids the freedom to come and go to whatever station caught their eye. Things flowed very well with the kids (and some fun adults too) moving from station to station, almost always trying out every last activity. It was really magical to see some of the best talent in the current Dallas art and music scene in the same room teaching, inspiring, and investing in the future generation of Dallas artists.

When you first walked into the venue you could hear the beautiful, beating sounds of percussion coming from the Mokah Lounge, where Kelly Nygren was stationed. This area had one of the coolest vibes and was by far the most comfy with all the pillows on the floor. The kids spent quite a bit of time in this area because they were free to be as loud as they wanted–banging on drums and an assortment of kitchenware items, playing tambourines and egg shakers.

 The watercolors were a big hit! Kate Colin, whose portfolio was on display within the Life In Deep Ellum Gallery, and Ashley Jones are both wonderful watercolor artists and they did a great job engaging with the kids at their stations. You could tell that kids of all ages were having a fantastic time creating their watercolor projects.

Young artists were challenged and inspired in their drawing skills by Jason Kinney’s pencil art station. Jason is a professional artist with an incredible gift for creating amazing photographic-like portraits by using nothing but a pencil… with no formal training. He worked closely with the kids, helping them individually by showing them the exact pencil techniques he uses to create a drawing.

Teenage boys seemed especially interested in Eddie Medina’s comic book style. Eddie is great at comic book illustrations and the kids loved getting his help drawing their own favorite characters, like dragons and “The Hulk.”

Harmony Witte started her station off by drawing a dragon and after some collaborative painting, the kids turned it into this amazingly bright and colorful art piece. Each kid brought his or her own ideas, interpretation, and special artistic touch to the piece.

Riley Holloway worked with the kids, teaching them how to illustrate the human body. His realistic form and unique approach had the youth engaged and wanting to learn more.

The kids were initially nervous to go on stage for the performing station, but once a couple people went up there first, everyone wanted to try it out. Issac Davies did a great job at showing the kids how to freestyle rap and MC, and the legendary DJ EZ Eddie D taught them some DJing techniques.

I really loved Ixchel Aguilar’s idea for her face painting station… set out the paint and let the kids do it themselves! It was very entertaining to see how different each person took on the challenge. Some kids painted blobs on their faces and some got really elaborate and painted, not just their face, but also their arms and legs.

One of the coolest activities of the day was Cori Berg’s marble art. Each person put a piece of paper, a marble, and their choices of paint in a Pringles can. Then they shook it all around and each resulting painting was unique and different from all the others. This was a big hit with the younger kids!

Jerod Davies and Bari Candy were troopers for working out in the Texas heat all afternoon. They both created two very interactive and fun stations. Jerod set up a huge board with tons of paint and brushes. The kids each collaborated on the over-sized piece, “Just-Us League” style. Bari taught the kids how to create with spray paint in her outdoor station.

Thank you so much to every single adult, child, artist, and volunteer who spent your day with us! A very special thanks to the Just-Us League, Jeanne Blanton (in memory of Don), Life in Deep Ellum, and Zini’s Pizzeria. Without your support and donations this event could not have happened, so THANK YOU! If you’d like to donate to or volunteer for future workshops, please contact Jennifer Gibbs at

Now that the event is over and we’re beginning to plan the next one, we need your feedback. Were you at the May 26th kids workshop? What did you/your kids think of the event? What do you want to see at future events?

Artist Spotlight: Ashley Jones

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Tell me a little bit about yourself…

My name is Ashley Jones. I am an artist currently experimenting and meandering between a few different styles and mediums; collage, paint and mixed media assemblages. I am also an elementary school educator who teaches character development to young students in effort to instill vital elements of integrity, leadership and positive self image in order to build a foundation on which each student will grow. Given the amazing opportunity to teach such an inspiring class, I have been able to rediscover my talents as an artist. Which has given me the ability to dust off MY very own foundation in order to re-grow my own self. The unearthing of this positive revelation can be seen throughout my ever changing artistic style.

As you have grown within your talent, what inspires you to create?

As the different stages of my life are met and ultimately revealed, my heart leads me in different directions. It is my heart, and the emotions it creates that inspires me. This makes for an incessant change of style and medium. When lead down each new path, one can see an overlapping and continuity in my art form from one progression to the next.

How long have you been producing your craft and why did you begin this form of expression?

For as long as I can remember, I have had a profound love for creating art. I have never followed traditional rules or styles of art. I merely listen to my heart and where ever it leads me I go. My motive to create has merely been to remain grounded and at peace in the crazy world I subsist. I use art as a means, not only to convey the overwhelming feelings and emotions I experience daily, but moreover, as a therapeutic means to liberate myself from them.

What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your talent?

Ultimately, I would like to unearth the means to become a full time artist. In the mean time, I would like to utilize my talent as well as my teaching background to help others find and grow their own artistic self.

Outside of your artistry, what other interests do you have?

Outside my artistry I enjoy many things such as:

– taking old things apart to make them into something new

– going to art shows to experience other peoples art

– spending time in nature enjoying it’s beauty

– hanging out and laughing with my amazing daughter

– cooking for people

– going to the thrift store

– playing board games

– making people laugh and smile

What was your first experience with ArtLoveMagic?

My first experience with ArtLoveMagic was during the summer of 2010. Being a teacher I have a lot of free time on my hands in the summertime. So when a friend told me about ALM I volunteered to help with a kids workshop. I instantly felt as if I belonged. I was surrounded by a room full of loving, caring people who were simply there to perform selfless acts for the community, purely for the love of art.

What web address can one go to to view more of what you do?

My Etsy:
My Facebook:!/pages/CrashAlter/240797771261

How can someone contact you?

My Etsy, my Facebook, or my email:

Did you feel that?

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A collection of truth experienced at Underground 2011.  Feel free to add your own thoughts. Gratitude, grace and inspiration all around.

Arazeli ‘Sally’ Torres
“Underground is packed! If you not here yet…come on over!”

Amberly Russell
“Spoonfed Tribe! holy holy damn they are good!”


Jerod Alexander
“holllly crap yall are my heroes!!..realtalk- … proud”

Dee Hill
“omg, omg, omg. off the chizzzain wonderful!”

Elizabeth Fieler
“:) I wanna do it again!”

Cathy Hutchison
“I know you guys are exhausted, and that often after the high of a successful show you can emotionally crash.  I just want to reaffirm what you did last night for all of the artists and musicians that participated.  You guys, through sweat and personal sacrifice created something amazing.  You valued creative people as artists and not only changed the way Dallas sees each of those people, but more importantly, the way those people see themselves.  I am amazed by all of you.”

Bear Claw
“It was the biggest one they have ever had. It was awesome to see so many people there appreciating and supporting local art. It was a beautiful sight.”

Sarah Fulk
“Underground was beyond imagination! Thank you to everyone that came out , supported and showed love. ♥”

“Konichiwa” Zach Schrotter -“A lot of folks I love put their heart and soul into making Underground happen. this single is a perfect culmination of those people coming together to get their voices heard. ArtLoveMagic moves people to create and work together. I love seeing what happens when a unique vision of collaboration comes to fruition. David, GOAT, Josh, congratulations on a job well done.”

Patricia Rodriguez
“That was insane, amazing, inspiring….I can’t thank you enough. Everyone was so nice to work with- thanks to everyone for all their hard work and efforts in making the night MAGICAL! ♥”

Fatimah Reaves
“Loved it! Artists doing what they do, musicians jammin, spoken word flowin, photographers on point, everyone was so cooooool. Again, loved it!”

Amoa Soleil
“Underground last night is more than my heart can digest this morning .. it’ll take some time.”

Christopher Garcia
“To all those who had a hand in birthing the awesomeness that is ArtLoveMagic, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Underground was an amazing experience and it was an honor to be a part of it. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see my work and for all the kind words. Love all around.”

Khalid Robertson
“Underground: WOW! I didn’t know it was gonna be that thick! DAMN good time. Sold some product, hung out with friends, good music and more fine chicks than a strobe light. I need to make big paintings, more shirts and another book. Good times all around. Props to ArtLoveMagic!”

Sarah Zamora
“I love ArtLoveMagic. Brilliant event, thanks.”

Kevin Obregon
“Had an awesome time last night at ArtLoveMagic’s Underground Show. Bravo producers, volunteers, artists and art lovers! You people are out of control! Thanks for the opportunity, ArtLoveMagic. It was so fantastic seeing all my friends & fellow artists! I finished 4 out of 5 canvases.”

David Rodriguez
“I look forward to jammin’ with you guys again. I don’t even know how we can top this years Underground but 2012 will come around and we’ll get to enjoy this madness again. Blessings to you all!”

photo credits
Justin Nygren, Brandy Nicole, Luis Torres, Sally Torres, Sherry Smith, Dee Hill, Christian Ward, Vanessa Bates


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Underground has a tradition of being the biggest, loudest, freshest show we do every year. This year you can expect no less than 50 live artists, dozens of artforms, and absolutely incredible live performance acts. This is also a show that ALWAYS features many new talents and never-before-seen experiences to artlovemagic‘s story. We wanted to feature some of those talents who may not yet be on your radar.

Meet Ashley Jones.  Ashley works in a variety of mediums: collage, paint and mixed media assemblages. She credits her day-job of pouring into young students in effort to instill integrity, leadership and positive self image with helping her rediscover her talents as an artist.

We asked Ashley how long she had been producing and she answered….”For as long as I can remember, I have had a profound love for creating art. I have never followed traditional rules or styles of art. I merely listen to my heart and where ever it leads me I go. My motive to create has merely been to remain grounded and at peace in the crazy world I subsist. I use art as a means, not only to convey the overwhelming feelings and emotions I experience daily, but moreover, as a therapeutic means to liberate myself from them.”

ArtLoveMagic founder Michael Lagocki had this to say about Ashley’s work, “I love the way Ashley has stormed onto the local art scene in the last few years. In a very short period of time, she…


– dove into the artlovemagic scene first by volunteering and then creating live at a series of shows

– created a wide body of new work. Constantly growing and very prolific, it seemed like Ashley had new pieces to show every few weeks.

– began collaborating with a number of established local artists

– and showed her work in galleries and exhibits all over town

It’s inspiring to watch someone tackle their dreams with that kind of passion. I think she succeeded as much from her personality as she did from the quality of her work. Both make you want to work with Ashley over and over.”

See Ashley create live on February 12th at the Underground Show at Southside Lamar.

–Cathy Hutchison

Entry Image: Santa and the ArtLoveMagic family

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Our new entry image at is a jam of images that came from our 2010 Holiday Party. The photos were various attendees as shot by Sherry Muldoon and Jen Shu. The Santa drawing came from Khalid Robertson, who drew it live at the party (on a computer – with a graphic tablet hooked up to a projector so we could all watch him draw). Michael Lagocki whipped the whole thing into a happy collage.


Open House + Love Pancakes (dec 2010)

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We did it again. The last time we opened our office doors and shared some art and pancakes with the world was a blast. It called for another run of greatness. So last night (Dec 1st, 2010) we brought out the paintbrushes, the guitars, and the pancake batter once again.

Artists in the house! Ashley Jones spins up a new creation while Khalid and Samax make noise!

Of course, David blows everyone away again with his gorgeous work.

The young artists aren’t having it. They prove that the marker is mightier than the brush.

Ahhhh, Mama Nye. You can taste the love in her cooking. It’s delicious.

Pancake lovemarks.

Uh… don’t ask.

The first Wednesday of the month is usually a meeting for us. This is about as “meeting” as we got last night. A dry erase board with the next four events listed on it.

Live music is a must, so Deborah Driscoll and Matt Baron brought some beautiful rhythms and vocal to us.

Speaking of beautiful vocals, do you know Eric Tipton? You should. You really should.

Fear not Lawrence, we’ll definitely be doing this again.

Of course not everyone wanted to leave when the night was over.

So we headed to 2826 Arnetic to listen to dj36t spins a few beats.

Thanks everyone for what was a pretty brilliant night. Open Houses are fun! Let’s do this again.

The next open MEETING (ie – we actually get stuff done) is January 5th. Come out and help us revolutionize local art, music, poetry (and occasionally pancakes).

THIS IS TRUE… there’s energy in collaboration

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20 poems to 20 visual artists. Today was the day that the painters on the THIS IS TRUE show picked up their boards and received the poems they’ll be interpreting.

post by Michael Lagocki

What’s really TRUE is I overbook myself. It’s a curse. I’m producing like 100 shows right now, and managing a few personal art projects, and trying to get artlovemagic further off the ground, and (oh yeah) I need to find some time to make some money here and there so you don’t see me standing at a stoplight trying to wash your car windows between greens.

I mention this not (just) for sympathy, but really to explain how jazzed I am about THIS particular show. THIS IS TRUE is something special, something new for us. It’s giving me fuel to keep going through a very busy schedule and still be enthusiastic.

Each artist has been given a primed board that they will use to create their artwork , making this the first artlovemagic gallery exhibit where each piece is of a uniform size and shape.

20 poems to 20 different visual artists. Sounds simple, but it’s treasure chest of experiences. 20 new collaborations between artists who haven’t worked together before. 20 opportunities for local poets to see their work interpreted as visual art. 20 new pieces of original art, each created just for this show.

The artists and poets won’t even meet each other until the gallery hanging. Each one of them is collaborating with someone, they just don’t know who that anonymous author or artist is… yet.

Exciting. Energizing.

I love stuff like this. We set it rolling and you have no idea what’s going to happen. Who’s going to bring their A game? (hopefully all of ’em) Who’s going to be inspired, and in turn, inspire someone else with what they produce? Who’s going to find something new that becomes part of who they are as an artist (or a writer) from here forward?

Artist Ashley Jones gets her first read of the poem that she'll be interpreting into a work of art.

The Show goes up September 2nd. That means from the 3rd all the way until the 18th you can see it for free at the Janette Kennedy Gallery. That Saturday night we’ll celebrate it all with a live show (and yes, we have a few surprises in store there, too).

Stay tuned on this one.  In the weeks leading up to the show we intend to post some of the poetry and some photos of the art as it’s progressing. Kind of a backstage pass kind of thing. I suspect it will be interesting to watch how it all comes together.



pssst… if you’re interested, here’s the facebook invite for the THIS IS TRUE celebration on September 18th.

Kid-power: The ArtLoveMagic Kids Workshop

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words- Michael Lagocki
photos- Josh Dryk

This past weekend we produced our first Kid’s Workshop of 2010 (we did two last year) that invited local children to come out and learn from artists in the ArtLoveMagic collective. As many great artists as we know, it’s a logical extension of what we do to include teaching in our model.

We brought six artists in, each with a different discipline:

Conor Muldoon: pottery
Sherry Smith: graphic design
Samax Randolph: illustration
David Rodriguez: painter
Diana Hawkins Rushing: bookmaking
Ashley Jones: collage

The day was fantastic. Many of these kids don’t have access to great art programs, so to be able to pair them with local working artists is a real pleasure. It’s good for the kids, it’s good for the artists, and it’s good for us as an organization to remember why we do this and to invest in the future of Dallas art a little.

Special thanks to our supporters: Jeanne Blanton, the Deep Ellum Foundation, and Mayor Pro Tem Caraway and his staff.

We’ll be creating another workshop next weekend, this time with musicians! Check back here for pics and story.

Ashley Jones: One piece at a time…

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Posted by Michelle Wallace

Ashley Jones at ArtLoveMagic's Art & Coffee

Ashley Jones at ArtLoveMagic's Art & Coffee. Photo by Nicole Rodriguez

Recently I had the privilege to chat with artist Ashley Jones. Ashley’s incredible mixed media artworks will be featured at ArtLoveMagic’s upcoming show, Underground, on Saturday January 30th, 2010.

Ashley Jones has always been interested in art. Even as a child she loved making crafts, and was encouraged to attend art school. But she thought the only thing she could do with a career in art was to teach, so she never pursued it. Ironically, she is now a character development teacher in Grand Prairie. However, teaching left her summers open to explore her hobbies, and once again art resurfaced.

Ashley Jones jewelry

Ashley Jones jewelry

A few years ago, she started taking jewelry apart and recreating unique pieces for friends and family. The sudden demand for more prompted Ashley to sell her work. She loves finding random bits of things to incorporate into her jewelry, and tries to make them completely out of what she already has. She sells her jewelry under the name CrashAlter on The name just made sense because she loves the physicality of tearing things apart in order to recreate something new. As a result, each piece of jewelry is interesting and unique.

Color has always drawn her in. Rifling through magazines, Ashley rips out colors and images that stand out to her. All the pieces find their way onto her canvases, which are alive with emotion and energy. Ashley uses her art as a sort of expressive therapy. Anger leads to collages of black and white with red splattered across the canvas. Happiness explodes in bright rainbows of color. Each piece of art is a mirror of her feelings and experiences. And once she gets started on a piece, it’s hard for her to stop. Most of her work was made in the succession of a few days, with a little help from insomnia. Creating just takes over for a while on these occasions.

At first, letting people see her work was difficult. Because each piece reflected her identity so vividly, it was shown with apprehension. But after so many validated her art, and even identified with the emotions expressed, Ashley’s vulnerability helped connect others to her work.

Ashley Jones collaboration with ArtLoveMagic founder Michael Lagocki

When ArtLoveMagic produced an art workshop for kids from various organizations including the Boys and Girls Club last summer, Ashley decided to volunteer. As she helped the kids, other workers encouraged her to submit her art for the multi-arts shows ArtLoveMagic regularly produces. Suddenly thrust into the spotlight, artists began asking her to collaborate on projects. For the upcoming Underground show, Ashley paired up with local artist Jason Ice on a piece, as well as partnering with ArtLoveMagic founder, Michael Lagocki for another piece. Although the artists have different styles than Ashley’s collage pieces, the collaboration has proven to be refreshing and exciting. During the event she will be one of the many artists producing live as audiences enjoy the show.

The biggest goal Ashley has set for herself now is to try and find a way to do art full-time. Talking with other artists, she finally feels like she’s found her place in the world. The artists at ArtLoveMagic have inspired her to keep at it, to be proactive about the business of art, and to put herself out there. Although it’s challenging to be her own biggest cheerleader, the reward is being comfortable with herself as an artist, and getting to use the creative arts to express and connect with others.

Meet Ashley Jones as she creates live at ArtLoveMagic’s Underground. Details and $5 pre-sale tickets at

Artist Workshop: Kids Creative is FREE

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kids event july 2009 308

Did you hear? Kids Creative is FREE for the whole day with donations at ArtLoveMagic’s Artist Workshop (valid to attendees during their classroom time). In this class your child will learn to think and produce in a creative way. They will be taught various forms of art by professionally certified teachers with years of artistic experience. Kids will be able to enjoy projects such as: mixed media collage, Van Gogh art, water color tracings, and more. Children between the ages of 5 years old to 12 years old are welcome. All classes will be held at Life In Deep Ellum on Saturday, November 7th, 2009. If you are attending any workshop classes (please check out for further details) and would like to encourage creativity within your children, make sure you note their attendance when you register for your classes. We look forward to seeing you there.

Written by David and Nicole Rodriguez 

kids event july 2009 101kids event july 2009 045

Pictures by Nicole Rodriguez