Live from the girlShow pre-meeting

“It really and truly is about connecting people to people”. – Carolyn Collins

Most artlovemagic shows have pre-meetings. It’s a chance for us to get together and go over the ten million details that go into making our shows sing. When it comes to a show the size of girlShow, these meetings are critical. With over 70 artists and performing creating live in one show, there’s an entire sea of details to coordinate and get right.

Carolyn Collins

Right now, I’m sitting in the pre-meeting for girlShow 2010 (July 9-10th). As I type this, girlShow’s producers Deborah Driscoll and Nicole Rodriguez are talking to the artists and performers of the show, leading them through the set-up, the schedule, the way we do live art. All of this plays into our mission of helping artists become self sufficient, to learn how to be their best self as an artist and a professional.

There are a lot of new artists in girlShow, women who’ve never done an artlovemagic show before. To orient them to our unique brand of community, we have a few people tell their stories. In this meeting among others, Carolyn Collins shared the story of her involvement in artlovemagic, how and why she got involved.

Warms my heart, honestly. This is a community, and the more voices the better.

Many thanks to everyone who’s putting this one together. Girls rock. This show is going to be amazing.

-Michael Lagocki


4 Responses to “Live from the girlShow pre-meeting”

  1. Hats off to this year’s girlShow producers! So much amazing female talent and spirit at this year’s girlShow is going to burst forth. The conversations, ideas, stories, and collaborations which naturally form at these events amongst creatives and attendees have been the very seeds needed to produce positive contributions to the Dallas community (and beyond). Too often we limit ourselves, hiding that flame within us that wants to make a difference in our own way. ArtLoveMagic’s girlShow 2010 “The Perfect 10” is an opportunity to explore ourselves through the arts, to encourage and inspire one another to be strong and compassionate. It is a chance to share perspectives, pursue our passion, and appreciate the unique gifts each and every person has to offer in this world.

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  3. I whole heartedly agree with Carolyn; hats off to Deb, Nicole, Ashley & Desiree! These ladies are doing an amazingly splendid job with all the logistics, planning, etc….they ARE Perfect Tens!!!

  4. just awesomeness all around. i can’t even explain in text. 🙂

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