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ArtLoveMagic Kid’s Workshop – November 2011

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story by Michael Lagocki
photos by Nicole Rodriguez and Michael Leyzer

On November 19th, 2011 we produced another one of our series of Kid’s Workshops. The intent with these is to get kids bumping elbows with real local artists and getting the chance to create alongside of them.

I’m thrilled to say, the event was a huge success. We were nervous, to be honest. On previous workshops we bussed kids in from local schools, but this time the event was completely open. We had no many idea how many kids were going to show up. Fortunately, we had a packed house. Kids and parents from many surrounding area came by the dozens.

We had 8 visual artists and two performing artists work with the children. Everyone understood that what were we trying to do was nothing like a classroom. We wanted to get away from formalized teaching and rely on a more “studio” approach. What the kids would experience was very much like what the artists experience in their daily lives as professionals.

Including a DJ this time around was a real plus. DJ Sean P let the kids scratch records on his turntables, while local MC IZK taught them how to use a microphone and create simple freestyle rhymes.

Outside, painter Jerod Alexander Davies taught his “Just.Us.League.” style of collaborative painting, including using spray paint for graffiti effects. The same week Jerod shared these skills with us and the kids, he had a new mural open at the Dallas Museum of Art. This is exactly the kind of experience we wanted to achieve with the idea of kids collaborating with real local artists.

Every station had a different artform, led by a different local artist. The kids were welcome to roam free and stay wherever they wanted for as long as they wanted. Surprisingly, the crowds were pretty evenly spread about. It seemed most kids experienced the majority of the stations, but each had a different favorite.

This workshop was possible because of generosity. Donor Jeanne Blanton funded the workshop (in memory of Don). ArtLoveMagic and the Deep Ellum Foundation produced the day. We had a volunteer crew that was beyond amazing, with multiple volunteers actually setting up impromptu art stations themselves and teaching once we realized we had more kids than we expected.

TREES very generously donated their building and several staff members to host us. I kept thinking, how amazing is it that these kids are getting to perform on a stage, with the real equipment, in one of the most well known music venues in Deep Ellum. If these kids do go on to be in a band in ten or fifteen years, they may very well come back and play this stage again.

I know in my life, it was often a short encounter with someone who was willing to share their knowledge that led to me learning faster and gaining confidence in my art. I believe we created many of those moments for the kids at the workshop. Each artist involved was a stand out, not just for their talent, but for their giving personalities.

You know you’re doing something right when someone in the crowd brings you a cake to say thanks. (((thank you, Iris!))).

This was a great workshop, and we feel great about all those who taught, helped, and attended. Keep watching or our facebook page to learn about other upcoming workshops and live art events from our crew.

Gather – Connect – Recharge

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post by Michael Lagocki
pics by Nicole Rodriguez

On Saturday June 25th, we gathered together a small group of leaders interested in seeing ArtLoveMagic continue to grow. The day was devoted to conversation, storytelling, dreaming and recharging our batteries. You can click on any of these photos to see them full size.


We met in it Titan Comics’ old location (they lent it to us for an afternoon while they’re transitioning to their new store at Forest and Webb Chapel). It was cool to be surrounded by some many heroes!

We looked at the Artlovemagic model from many different perspectives. As we talked, our art director David Rodriguez “scribed” much of our conversation on large sheets attached to the wall.


Specifically, we:
Told stories from the past
Updated everyone on the present
and Dreamed about possible futures

We talked about the roles we’d each like to play in artlovemagic, and we cast visions of future shows, models, workshops, etc. We even ran through an exercise of spending huge wads of cash (in case artlovemagic ever sees a flood of funds). That was a blast.

The strength of ArtLoveMagic has always been our relational attitude. We actually do care about each other and what we’re all doing for local arts. Investing in days like this that strengthen the bonds between us is a no-brainer.


The day had a few nice surprises as well, including a private dinner concert by local songwriter Daniel Katsuk to conclude our day.

It was definitely a success. Lot of ideas, bonding, new energy to push forward.

Thanks to everyone who was involved. More amazing stuff ahead.

Entry Image: Santa and the ArtLoveMagic family

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Our new entry image at is a jam of images that came from our 2010 Holiday Party. The photos were various attendees as shot by Sherry Muldoon and Jen Shu. The Santa drawing came from Khalid Robertson, who drew it live at the party (on a computer – with a graphic tablet hooked up to a projector so we could all watch him draw). Michael Lagocki whipped the whole thing into a happy collage.


The car

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photo by Nicole Rodriguez (with a touch of graphic design by Michael Lagocki).

LakeSide Market remembered by Kaitlin Epperson

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Kaitlin Epperson and Eddie Walker, photo by Sherry Smith

One of our youngest artists in the collective, Kaitlin Epperson was asked to write a blog about her experience at our latest festival, “Be an Artist at LakeSide Market”.

“Last weekend, I was given the honor of participating in the Lakeside Market’s art festival in Plano. I got to go around and get a taste of all the interactives at the festival. I learned a lot of new techniques, and I even surprised myself at a couple of the stations.

Young girl gets creative with Julia Schloss, photo by Sherry Smith

I did take note that the most popular interactive was the pottery interactive. That was the only station I didn’t get to do all day, but I did observe the activities and the kids’ reactions to them. Like the other interactives, the energy was very positive. Everyone there was having so much fun!

Young boy at Conor Muldoon's Pottery wheel, photo by Sherry Smith

My favorite interactive was the airbrush interactive. I painted a really good picture of GIR from Invader Zim. That’s where I had surprised myself! I’m actually looking into it now. Every station I went to had something new and exciting to do. It was all very enjoyable!’

Eddie Walker leads his airbrush interactive, photo by Sherry Smith

It was great because I would create art at a deserted interactive, and all of these little kids, even parents, would come over and create art themselves. It brought a smile to my face seeing all the children really getting into what they were doing.

Young girl gets creative with artist Caterina Provost-Smith, photo by Caterina Provost-Smith

It was amazing to watch, truely inspiring, and very motivating. I believe that art is a way of life, and I could tell that art is definately going to have an impact on those kids’ lives.

Nicole Rodriguez and her little ones, photo by Sherry Smith

Overall, I had an amazing time at this festival. I really hope I can do something like that again, because it is such an exciting experience.”

Thank you, Kaitlin.  And yeah…you know you’ll be involved in even bigger, better experiences in the future as we both grow.  🙂

girlShow is in the history books

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Delphi was one of more than 75 women who performed at girlShow - photo by Snow White

girlShow- our massive annual celebration of creative women is in the books. This was year 3 for girlShow and it did NOT disappoint. We had big crowds each night, and dozens upon dozens of brilliant artists and musician painting, sculpting, singing creating, and loving it.

Congratulations to our lead producers Deborah Driscoll and Nicole Rodrgiuez, as well the rest of the production team (including Michael, Don, David, Mario, Desiree, Ashley, Dehvon, Kelsey, and Josh).

Over the next several weeks we’ll be posting tons of picstures and stories from girlShow over at the girlShow blog – a few have already started to surface over there. Check them out now.

And thank you ladies – all of you – for taking our breaths away.


Live from the girlShow pre-meeting

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“It really and truly is about connecting people to people”. – Carolyn Collins

Most artlovemagic shows have pre-meetings. It’s a chance for us to get together and go over the ten million details that go into making our shows sing. When it comes to a show the size of girlShow, these meetings are critical. With over 70 artists and performing creating live in one show, there’s an entire sea of details to coordinate and get right.

Carolyn Collins

Right now, I’m sitting in the pre-meeting for girlShow 2010 (July 9-10th). As I type this, girlShow’s producers Deborah Driscoll and Nicole Rodriguez are talking to the artists and performers of the show, leading them through the set-up, the schedule, the way we do live art. All of this plays into our mission of helping artists become self sufficient, to learn how to be their best self as an artist and a professional.

There are a lot of new artists in girlShow, women who’ve never done an artlovemagic show before. To orient them to our unique brand of community, we have a few people tell their stories. In this meeting among others, Carolyn Collins shared the story of her involvement in artlovemagic, how and why she got involved.

Warms my heart, honestly. This is a community, and the more voices the better.

Many thanks to everyone who’s putting this one together. Girls rock. This show is going to be amazing.

-Michael Lagocki