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Art & Coffee was a joy (May 2011)

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Our monthly Art & Coffee show (every first Friday) has really been popular lately. Each of the last four or five shows have been absolutely packed. In case you missed it, here’s some photos from May’s show by Firebird Images.The man with the plan. KZach, our trusty open mic general, keeps the performances moving.

Audience members brought their passion to the stage. Poets and Musicians always bring surprises to Art & Coffee.

Even our music director, Deborah Driscoll, brought a guitar up and performed. We haven’t seen that from her in a bit.

Of course, live art is a HUGE part of the show as well. Joshua Poole worked on his found art/painting creations and spoke with attendees about how he creates his art.

We even pulled a few new tricks out of our sleeve, like a live DJ covering the It’s A Grind’s outside porch area.

Beware of roaming performers! The crew from the Circus Freaks came out to join our merry event…

…and impressed with some beautiful motion and color.

One of the highlights of the night was a huge artist jam that went down outside. The team shown above is a pretty impressive lineup of local painters: from the front, Kelsey Kincannon, Daniel Perez, Ixchel Aguliar, and Eddie Walker.

I think artlovemagic as a whole has a collective crush on poet Maggie Smith.

Oh Mama Nye, how you love us with your beautiful songs. Thank you.

All in all, another amazing one for the history books. Big ups to first time producer Hallie Garcia for putting this one together (with trainer Nicole Rodriguez). You girls did amazing.

Art & Coffee is the first Friday of every month in 2011 at It’s A Grind in Deep Ellum. Don’t miss it!


More from the Deep Ellum Arts Festival

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This 2011 Deep Ellum Arts Festival was SUCH a big event that we need another post just to adequately cover it. This time the words are by lead producer Deborah Driscoll and the photos come from the lens of Heather Alley.

I really enjoyed seeing Daniel Perez (above) at the festival creating live.  He was added to the fest by David Rodriguez when we decided that 5 artist platforms was just not enough to showcase all the local badassery.  Looking very much forward to seeing Daniel in way more shows very soon!

What more can be said about Jerod Alexander (above)?  How about – He and his two brothers, Isaac and Jashua, were the featured artists of the entire festival who managed somehow to keep live art rolling in TWO separate parking lots, ran their own music stage, and hung two galleries full of amazing original art.  “Kudos” just isn’t enough.  Mad respect boys.

Conor Muldoon (above) is always a crowd favorite with his live pottery wheel awesomeness.  I loved swapping stories with him while he created, and of course seeing the newly expecting Mrs. Muldoon’s belly bump.  Crazy Happiness!

Ok…for real, Tonite Tonite is maybe my favorite local band here in Dallas.  Andres, the lead singer (above) and his brother Alex are truly confident with their style, which is a unique blend of indie-amazingness with deep, distinct vocals/lyrics, and really fresh over-all sound.  I was impressed the first time I saw them perform at one of our Art & Coffee open mic’s and I continue to be impressed by the super radical pre-release CD they gave me this weekend.  It’s THE BOMB!  Just sayin!

Chris and Hallie Garcia (above) are two of my favorite humans.  Colorful, kind, and really great friends to me.  This was their first time painting live as a husband/wife team and I think we all dug what they did.  Still can’t wait to see the finished product, guys!  Stupid Puzzle!  (inside joke)

Riki Johnson and Myriah Garcia can be seen above getting into a liquid latex experience together.  The first of its kind at one of our events!  Riki painted up two models with latex, then painted a canvas with acrylics.  Jenice Johnson took professional photo’s of both models in front of the painted canvas to add the finishing touch to this surreal live creation.  Good times, ladies!  It was my favorite to watch happen over the course of the weekend.

The trombone player from Reinventing Jude joined Matt Barron on stage to do some impromptu jamming!  Matt rocked the crowd as our headliner on Saturday  night, and MAN does he know how to end a show.  I think the only complaint was that he didn’t have any of his music for sale at the end of his set.  Matt, get to recording!!

Like Matt Barron, Eric Tipton (above) was a headliner for our stage as well, but on Friday night.  He is such a strong, passionate addition to our ArtLoveMagic family that now I can’t imagine not having him as a friend or on our stages.  Eric, thanks for sharing yourself and your amazing music with all of us.  Sincerely.

Not one but TWO of our beloved founders were featured as live artists in ArtLoveMagic Alley this year.  Michael Lagocki was hanging with his Comic brothers, Ghostwerks, while David Rodriguez (above) painted solo.  This piece said a lot to me, personally.  Fighting the clock.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts on canvas, and everything else you do!

It had been about 18 months since Arturo Torres took part in an ArtLoveMagic show until this past weekend at the fest.  The ridiculously beautiful painting you see above is now proudly hanging in my home.  He donated it to me as a thank you.  How cool is that???  Ice cold, baby.  Arturo was the only artist to sell ALL of his artwork and to completely finish his live painting before the day was done.  I think that speaks for itself.  Come back soon, Arturo.

For more from the festival keep reading! The previous post by Michael Lagocki and Kelsey Paine also covers this three day event.

Thank you.  Really.  Every one of you.

– Deb

Deep Ellum On Air – Real Local Music

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Playdough, Parallel Play, Blunt Force Crew, Elle, GOAT, Deborah Driscoll, Erin Gayden, The Texas Red Legs, The Zachary Scott Pohl Band.  What do all of these phenomenal local musicians have in common?  They can all be heard right now at Deep Ellum On Air.

Deep Ellum On Air is the first source we’ve come across that wanted to play all local music, all the time.  Obviously we didn’t hesitate when asked to come do an ArtLoveMagic Radio show, or when they asked our Music Director to give them all the local music we had access to.

So while you’re sitting there Facebooking, working, or reading this blog, you can simply click one of the links to Deep Ellum On Air and enjoy your favorite local tunes.  You don’t have to wait for a song you dig, either.  Deep Ellum On Air has a simple playlist on their home page with the Artists’ names and tracks listed, and all you have to do to hear that track is click on it.  Pretty sweet.

The guys at Deep Ellum On Air have been very good to us and all our musicians.  They’re really great people who, like ArtLoveMagic, just want to help brighten the spotlight on Deep Ellum with more examples of fresh, local talent.  They finance the whole station out of their own pockets for the good of this city and its music.  Since we first came by, the guys have done major work to the space like adding more HD cameras, making the area more comfortable for guest hosts, and adding more microphones and headsets.

The last time we visited the station we asked what their next improvement goal was.  “To upgrade to UStream Pro”, they replied.  That would mean those silly ads and blurry videos would be a thing of the past, and all the people who enjoy the station would have a lot more fun listening.  To get there, all they need to raise is $200.  They just added a brand spankin’ new “Donate” button at the bottom of their homepage.  $200 isn’t an insurmountable goal, and we think our collective could really help out.  Anything you can spare to help these guys out would be appreciated.

Whether you can donate or not, Deep Ellum On Air is free, all-local and all for you.  Enjoy it.  Love it.  Check out our next ArtLoveMagic Radio show in February!  More details to come.

Art & Coffee (December 2010) photos

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December’s Art & Coffee was themed “Giving is Good”. It was a beautiful show with several standout performances on the microphone. Here are a few images and words captured by Michael Lagocki.

Live portraiture is always a really good add to have at artlovemagic shows. Aaron Garcia brought his talents out to draw our audience.

Aaron warmed up with these two portraits of ArtLoveMagic founder Michael Lagocki.

Parallel Play is one of our favorite local acts. This weekend marked the last shows that banjo player Jason Miers would perform with PP. We were honored that they chose to spend two of their last three shows together with us. Parallel Play will go on with this new lineup: Jeremy Drake, Tomy Lee, and Erin Gayden. Can’t wait to see their new look!

Misty Boldish shows Charlie how she uses recycled materials to make functional art.

Our feature poet of the evening was Johnny O, one of the founders of the brilliant Johnny’s a great guy and a serious poet. We’ll be happy to have him back on our mic soon.

Jaden rocks the interactive art table. Most every artlovemagic event has a section where you can roll up your sleeves and make art yourself.

Feature musician Gina Garcia. This was her first artlovemagic show and she did a lovely job. Beautiful singing voice on this girl.

Host and soundman Konichiwa Zack makes sure Erin Gayden has clean sound so we can enjoy her songs.

Among other gorgeous jewelry, Desiree Mazzola made these cool lovemark necklaces for sale.

Always good to have Deborah Driscoll and Erin Gayden in the house.

This was Charles Harrison’s second artlovemagic show. Look for his airbrush skills next at Underground (2/12/11).

And finally… Carrie Sumner really blew me away with this dynamic poetry performance. I had never seen her get so animated before! Great stuff.

This show was produced by Deborah Driscoll and Marissa Colomo.

January 7th’s Art & Coffee is a special songwriter showcase. I wanted to kick off our new year with a spotlight on some of our favorite musicians. Jan 7th will not be an open mic. Instead, come listen to the talents of Ell, Erin Gayden, Zach Scott Pohl, Immigrant Punk, and Jay Bean. Plus, plenty of live art and poetry by K Zack and more.

See you in 2011!


pics by ML


Open House + Love Pancakes (dec 2010)

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We did it again. The last time we opened our office doors and shared some art and pancakes with the world was a blast. It called for another run of greatness. So last night (Dec 1st, 2010) we brought out the paintbrushes, the guitars, and the pancake batter once again.

Artists in the house! Ashley Jones spins up a new creation while Khalid and Samax make noise!

Of course, David blows everyone away again with his gorgeous work.

The young artists aren’t having it. They prove that the marker is mightier than the brush.

Ahhhh, Mama Nye. You can taste the love in her cooking. It’s delicious.

Pancake lovemarks.

Uh… don’t ask.

The first Wednesday of the month is usually a meeting for us. This is about as “meeting” as we got last night. A dry erase board with the next four events listed on it.

Live music is a must, so Deborah Driscoll and Matt Baron brought some beautiful rhythms and vocal to us.

Speaking of beautiful vocals, do you know Eric Tipton? You should. You really should.

Fear not Lawrence, we’ll definitely be doing this again.

Of course not everyone wanted to leave when the night was over.

So we headed to 2826 Arnetic to listen to dj36t spins a few beats.

Thanks everyone for what was a pretty brilliant night. Open Houses are fun! Let’s do this again.

The next open MEETING (ie – we actually get stuff done) is January 5th. Come out and help us revolutionize local art, music, poetry (and occasionally pancakes).

a moment at city hall

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post by Michael Lagocki
photos by Sherry Smith

On Wednesday August 8th, ArtLoveMagic was recognized and honored at City Hall for our work pairing artists with local children in our Kid’s Workshops. It was a great experience.

Thankfully, Photographer Sherry Smith was among those there to be honored, and she took these photos. Also present to be recognized were Kelly Nygren, Deborah Driscoll, Michael Lagocki, Conor Muldoon, and David Rodriguez.

We didn’t really know what to expect going in. We were invited and accepted. It was a really nice gesture. The Mayor and the City Council were in attendance, and in front of everyone a slide show played of photos from the worksops. Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway spoke about artlovemagic and what we do, and the importance of recognizing it.

The workshops are the result of a ton of people’s efforts, many more than were able to be at the ceremony. Most certainly the Deep Ellum Foundation, who found space and funding for the program, Jeanne Blanton generously provided that funding, and over a dozen more artists and musicians associated with the artlovemagic family brought their time and talents.

I wasn’t expecting to speak. But Barrry Annino of the DEF asked me to. I thought it was a cool gesture. I told the Mayor and those present that they really needed to create space and funding to kid’s art and music programs. That when children learn to think creatively, they learn to think metaphorically. And if you can do that, you can be intelligent in any situation.

Ashleigh Vroom (pictured far left) coordinated the latest round of workshops. She helped us find the kids, find the environments to work, feed everybody, etc. Aidan Reese (9 yrs old) attended the experience as a student.

The whole experience was kind of surreal. Even seeing the inner workings of city government… watching the procedures that took place before we were called up, citizens addressing the mayor with grievances about budget cuts and local libraries, it was wild, something I’m sure we’ll all remember.

A certificate of recognition was presented to us..

Afterwards, we got to hang out a little outside of City Hall and enjoy time together. The artists involved in this day know each other pretty well. We’re close friends but don’t always get time together outside of shows. It was good to fool around a bit.

We work pretty hard. So something like this is meaningful. We’re proud and thankful. And we hope to do more with kids, especially in Deep Ellum which has been so welcoming to us. Want to learn more about our experiences at the Kid’s workshops?

Click here to read a blog post about our most recent ART workshop.

Click here to read a blog post about our most recent MUSIC workshop.

Our sneek peek at the DMA

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Hey all.  Deb here.

Monday, Michael Lagocki and I got to tour the Dallas Museum of Art with Nicole Stutzman, the Director of Teaching Programs and Partnerships.   The coolest part about that, (aside from getting to spend some time with Nicole who is super nice) is that the museum is closed on Mondays.  That’s right.  Mike and I got to sneak around after hours and check out all their pristine exhibits.

We were visiting specifically to do some research for our upcoming Creativity Challenge this Friday night, August 20th.  Mike needed to take a good look around and find the perfect spot to have our class, and I think he really did a great job choosing it.  I love the art we’ll be surrounded by…Pollack, Rothko, and Kline.  Truly inspiring stuff!

We also wanted to take a good look around at all the exhibits so that we’d have an idea of what our participants would have to choose from in their Creativity Challenge.  Some of the past creativity challenges that Nicole told us about were pretty neat, however I think ours which includes help from 7 local artists and breaking 3-d images down will be amazing!

I’ll be one of the teachers this Friday and I’ll be in great company!  Bianca Elise, Michael Lagocki, David Rodriguez, Jamel Jones, Michelle McSpadden, and Dehvon Ward will also be leading our different groups on this cool experience.

All you have to do to participate is buy a regular price admission to the museum on Friday night. Once you’re in you can sign up to participate in the CREATIVITY CHALLENGE on the first floor. We’ll teach two rounds of it- at 8 and 10pm. Maximum fifty people can sign up per time, so make sure to sign up a little early.

Looking forward to creating with you!

To see the facebook page for this event, click here.

girlShow is in the history books

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Delphi was one of more than 75 women who performed at girlShow - photo by Snow White

girlShow- our massive annual celebration of creative women is in the books. This was year 3 for girlShow and it did NOT disappoint. We had big crowds each night, and dozens upon dozens of brilliant artists and musician painting, sculpting, singing creating, and loving it.

Congratulations to our lead producers Deborah Driscoll and Nicole Rodrgiuez, as well the rest of the production team (including Michael, Don, David, Mario, Desiree, Ashley, Dehvon, Kelsey, and Josh).

Over the next several weeks we’ll be posting tons of picstures and stories from girlShow over at the girlShow blog – a few have already started to surface over there. Check them out now.

And thank you ladies – all of you – for taking our breaths away.


Kids Music Workshop

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This morning, ArtLoveMagic hosted its first ever kids music workshop.  While we’ve done this with visual art before, this was the first time we were able to do it for music.

The workshops are in partnership with the Deep Ellum Foundation and special thanks goes to Jeanne Blanton who made a donation to specifically underwrite them.

Deborah Driscoll–ArtLoveMagic’s music director–arranged the day.  The kids were in groups of 5 and they rotated through 20 minute classes. The directive was simple.  Do something that inspires and make sure it is hands on.

Kelly Nygren taught percussion.  Not only did she have multiple instruments for each of the students to try, but she also taught us that we all have rhythm in our pulse, heartbeat and breathing.  She showed us that anything could be an instrument, and she made waterbottles filled with rice that the kids could take with them as shakers.

As it was, the shakers turned out handy in Tony Cherry’s songwriting class.  Not only did the groups learn to write songs through word associations, descriptions, and daily life stories, but in a couple of classes they pulled out the shakers and sang along.

In guitar class, we learned about the difference in electric and acoustic, the different parts of the guitar and about chords.  We also learned to “play loud and play proud.”

Melody Cherry taught us how to breathe in order to use our bodies as instruments.  After some warm up and practice at holding notes, the kids were able to get onstage with the microphone and perform.

In Ms. Delphi’s piano class, there were three keyboards and we learned that “Jack and Jill” (the two black keys close together) were near C, D, E and the “Three Little Pigs” (three black keys together) were next to F, G, A, B.

Isaac Davies taught about how Hip Hop started from sampling records and how those samples are linked together to make new music.  The kids were albe to play with the sampler and Isaac even taught a bit about freestyling and showed off his skills.

After the classes, the students had pizza, then when that group left, the others arrived and teachers and volunteers set up to do it all again.

Many thanks to Life in Deep Ellum for providing the venue, all the teachers and volunteers who walked kids from class to class, set up chairs and made sure even the most timid weren’t left out.

For ArtLoveMagic, days like this are about passion.  As public schools are cutting art and music programs, we are becoming stronger and stronger advocates for the power of the arts.  We all remember our own introduction to paints, instruments, color and song.  We are brighter more beautiful people because of it and it was very, very fun to share that.

–Cathy Hutchison

note- we’d also like to extend thanks to Jeanne Blanton, The DEF, and Mayor Pro Tem Caraway’s staff for supporting this event.

Photos by Tom Peal from Arts Fest

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The good images from the last weekend keep on rolling in. These photos were by local photographer Tom Peal. The play by play is from Michael Lagocki.

It was great to see Deep Ellum filled with people all weekend, loving the scene and the local businesses.

Kids and adults enjoyed our inteactive art section all weekend. It was great to see so many of you create with us.

Here local painter Jason Ice, and artlovemagic co-founder David Rodriguez discuss setup for the show. Our Artist's Alley included five live stages, four gallery sets, an interactive area, and a merch booth. There was a lot to think about.

This is local songwriter Spencer Garland performing in front of a painting that David Rodriguez had done the night before. Spencer is one of many local musicians featured on our radio station at

Big big thanks to all our producers and volunteers. Getting the word out about artlovemagic to thousands of new people at the show took a heroic effort from an unpaid staff. Many of us worked the festival all three days, not to mention all the pre and post work. Here, our Music Director Deborah Driscoll talks with Michelle McSpadden who painted live with us on Sunday.

There's that painting again. The performer is Jenni Mansfield Peal, Tom's wife, who opened up our Sunday stage with an inspirational set.

I got nothing for this one. It's just awesome.