Dreams are kinda our thing.

Head and a member of RinTinTin

Head and a member of RinTinTin

Brian “Head” Welch, the former lead guitarist of the internationally known band, Korn was in town this past Tuesday, May 19th, 2009.  His story is that of a butterfly in nature, only in human form.  An undeniable rock star, touring all the time, addicted to hard core drugs, caught between being a father and the shell of his dreams. His daughter’s mother died from her parallel addiction, and he was stuck being a single father.  The rest is history, and a good one to know about for your own personal comparisons in this life.  He found a need that was higher than his self serving desires…the integrity of being a father.  He also claims to have found a spiritual path; the bricks beneath his feet once cracked and all but lost in the dirt were restored to a pristine, bright and narrow direction.  While I am not a fan of religion, I can at least admire the transformed spirit of a human being when I see it. 

 Why am I posting a blog about this cat you ask?  I’ll give you the 4-11.  Two female members of the local teen band RinTinTin got the opportunity to sing back-up on stage with him.  That’s right!  ArtLoveMagic scores an unbelievable chance to realize dreams once more.  This could be one of the bigger dreams – singing live on stage with an internationally recognized touring sensation, and all around cool dude.  We couldn’t be happier for the girls – Erin Little & Ellyn Stroud.  RinTinTin was introduced to the ArtLoveMagic family pretty recently when they blew the crowd away at our monthly Art & Coffee event at Saxby’s.  The chain of events started with Melody Hay, one of the board members for ArtLoveMagic when she saw an ad posted on Facebook explaining the last minute need for back-up singers, and passed it on to me.  I contacted the reps for “I Am Second” who is managing the tour, and when it was teen talent they needed I knew who to send their way.  Thanks also to Justin Nygren who provided me with contacts with lightning speed cause folks – I found out about all of this an hour and a half before the kids needed to be there to get in.  Lynn Little, mother got them down to Deep Ellum lickity split to play her part in helping her child realize this dream. 

 This just goes to show that EVERYTHING, even last minute needs happen for a reason.  Everything is Everything.

 Love & Peace,

Deb Driscoll

(photo’s taken & submitted by Lynn Little)


4 Responses to “Dreams are kinda our thing.”

  1. This is just too rad! Major congratz all around. Thanks, Head.

  2. Agreed. This was one of our proudest moments. This opportunity passed through four members of the artlovemagic leadership team before it found it’s way to the kids who got it.

    This is why we do this.

  3. Ellyn Stroud! Says:

    Thank you artlovemagic for this incredible experience! Erin and I had the time of our lives and couldn’t be more thankful. We truly appreciate everything that you guys do and everything you’re about.

    And yes, it is proof that even the most unlikely opportunities are given to us for a reason. You guys rock!

  4. Go Head he is amazing one of the greatest guitarest of our times he brought a whole new style to the music world during his korn days and his solo album days

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