How does my band get booked?

article by: Deb Driscoll

photo’s by: Sherry Smith, Eddie Walker and Rachel Deniger

Hey all.  Deb here.

ArtLoveMagic is really cool, and thusly we are adding new Artists, Musicians, and ‘guys who lift heavy things’ seemingly all the time to our roster.  I looked back through our amazing blog and found this cool one on how to go from one of our Artists to being a Producer of a show.  I was at a loss, however when I couldn’t find a single entry on how to get involved in our collective as a musician.  If only there was someone in the organization who was the head of their music department to blame.  Oh Wait…

So here goes.  I was asked today, and on frequent occasion how ArtLoveMagic handles our bookings.  I hope my response, sans any inevitable ‘weird Deborah speak’ (thanks to my editor) will help any musicians with a similar question:

New Musician,

Good to know you.  As far as our booking process, well it’s different than most.  We are more about the spirit of the entertainer/artist/creative person than even necessarily the talent.  I know that may seem a little backwards, but we are a community and one that relies heavily on Love.  We aren’t tied to any religions or weird cultish things, but we are are artists that truly appreciate our culture, and our scene, and we want to work to save it – not separately.  If your band is full of cool people who want a meaningful experience then you let’s talk.  If you are seeking bookings only for individual gain and monetary responses, this is not the group for you.  Check out our radio online and see if you guys would feel good about participating with these artists.  If you would, send me some music and come to one of our Open Mic’s to play live.

Almost all musicians come through ArtLoveMagic through playing our Open Mic’s or events.  I strongly prefer to see you play our open mic’s before booking you for an event because it gives me a real sense of your style.  Most gig’s you’ll find at bars and such pay crap and give you no audience.  We give you a supportive stage to play from with an amazing audience, and offer you a real way to better yourself as a creative force in the world.

If you’re wondering why this response is so lengthy, it’s because there’s a lot involved in our collective and with the overwhelming flux of musicians that want to play our events I need to make sure you all get where we’re coming from so that there is no confusion from the jump.  We are having an awesome time, come hang out and talk with me more at an artlovemagic show.

Deb Driscoll
Executive Music Director

I hope you’ve all found this helpful, and if you have any further questions please email me directly at


2 Responses to “How does my band get booked?”

  1. Sonya jevette Says:

    Greetings when and what time is open mic?

  2. our next open mic is Friday March 5th at It’s A Grind in Deep Ellum. 7:30-10:30, but you should arrive near opening to get on the list (it fills pretty fast).

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