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Local artists making waves – Teddy Cool

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Don’t sleep. Director Teddy Cool and his crew at Blue Pill Entertainment are doing some amazing work lately – a LOT of it. In a recent conversation, Teddy let me know that he had a goal of directing 10 music videos this year alone (currently, he’s completed and released 5).

photo by Gordon Black

Teddy’s work is a cut above. From the shot selection, to the lighting, to the editing, these videos are sharp, clear, and professional. Teddy’s impacting the local art scene by giving musicians quality videos that showcase their talents… and he’s really good at making his subjects look like rock stars.

Below are four videos, all directed by Teddy in recent months. Each features a local hip hopper (or crew) performing original work. It’s worth noting that pretty much all of these were shot on shoe string budgets.  I find it inspiring that Blue Pill can do this much with a few cameras and a few dedicated people.

JackRabbit James’ Me and My Music video uses several different locations and tons of local faces. The “extra” song at the end of the video was a last minute choice to add, but ends up being one of the most expressive and fun parts of the whole thing. Make sure you watch all the way through.

Playdough’s Ya Heard was a single day shoot in Denton in only two locations. I was lucky enough to be there and get to see the crew work. We shot a LOT more than you see here. Teddy shoots enough so that he has plenty of good moments to pic from. One thing that impressed me the most, was that by doing most of the work in-camera (ie without post effects) we were able to look at shots within minutes of filming them.  This is a great example of doing a lot with a little and using lighting correctly to make everyone look good.

* — * — * — * — *

Language warning: the next two videos are not for kiddos

Teddy directed the first two videos of the DFW cypher project. That project involves small teams of local rappers coming together to perform on a single track and display their lyrical talents. Great editing here is what enables a very simple shoot to produce a great video.

This one really takes it all the way. Hardcore hiphop crew, the Aux Heard, put together this fast and powerful track. Together with Teddy, they created a video with feature film quality shots and effects… and ZOMBIES! This one really blew me away when I saw it.

It’s great to see someone local really going for it, and expressing this much talent. Keep your eyes peeled for a soon-to-be released experiment that artlovemagic and Teddy teamed up for. Check out a sneak of that here.

Keep pushing, Dallas.


The artistry and music of the 2011 Deep Ellum Arts Festival

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words by Michael Lagocki
photography by Kelsey Paine (unless noted)

It’s a pretty safe bet that you’re always going to see something amazing at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival. DE knows art & music and this is the event that brings EVERYONE out. ArtLoveMagic was once again proud to contribute a unique area of the festival packed with live artists and performers. 100% local talent (like Lawrence Alexander, pictured above).

Our live acoustic stage hosted a lineup of more than a dozen talented musicians from all over DFW. Many of them were veterans to the artlovemagic scene, but a few were new faces to our collective that we were proud to feature as well, like acclaimed songwriter Daniel Katsuk.

We rotated the artist platforms a total of 6 times to give the maximum number of artists opportunity to show their work – and so that the crowd could see a wide reflection of Dallas arts.  We were even blessed by having the Davies Brothers in our section throughout the festival!  Becky Taylor gave folks a behind the scene look at how she makes jewelry (above).

Local cartoonist Samax Amen painted live and talked to fans of his magazine and blog-  Samax has the gift of gab and loves to get into conversations with aspiring artists about how to approach both the business and creative side of a freelance career.

We were particularly proud of our musicians, who each took their sets seriously and brought a little something extra. Like this moment during the song “Dear Father” where Goat and Jackrabbit bowed down while Elle sang solo. Both jumped up on the exact beat and came back into the song.  It was timed perfectly and gave the crowd a moment to cheer.

Speaking of… this was the three’s last performance together in Dallas. The popular trio has performed together over 100 times, but with Elle relocating in the next few weeks, this set served as a finale. We’re proud to have worked with them so many times, and we wish Elle unprecedented success wherever she goes.

ArtLoveMagic founders Michael Lagocki and David Rodriguez both got into the mix and painted live as well. Above Michael works on a collab piece with his ghostwerks brethren. Ghostwerks is an independent comic publisher that Michael and four others formed prior to artlovemagic.

Dallas photographer Jen Shu set up a photobooth on Sunday where festival attendees (like this little guy) could get their portrait snapped. If you were among the hundreds that did, you can swing by her site here to see your images or order a print.

Kids need art! As more and more school art programs are shrinking and disappearing, we think it’s even more important for us to provide interactive art experiences that audiences of all ages can participate in. All festival long we had a section devoted to audience made art.

And as we were cleaning up this section, we found some future artisan had left us this awesome piece.
Photo by Deb Driscoll

We just dig watching Sarah Zamora paint. She always sets up gorgeous displays of her work and always creates large colorful paintings live on scene.

Graffiti painter Joe Skilz knows how to recycle his empty spray paint cans… make them into another piece of art.

When night fell on Saturday, guitarist Matt Barron took our stage and absolutely shredded a performance that had a huge crowd going crazy.  It was wonderful to see him get such a well deserved response.Photo by Michael Lagocki.

Sculpture was part of the act to. Luis Torres brought out the heavy metal and even did some live welding for fans.

A diversity of artforms is the key to making stuff like this REALLY work. Charles Harrison does his body painting with an airbrush gun. And works with photographer Travis Lilley so that as soon as his models are complete, they go right into a professional photo shoot with a model photographer.

Sarah Gillmore romanced our audience with her beautiful songwriting. She was the only musician in our lineup who actually played two sets for us, playing both the opening and closing days of the festival.

Of course everything you’re seeing in these shots was only one small section of the event. Outside of ArtLoveMagic alley there will hundreds of other artists, musicians, attractions, and street foods to enjoy.

To find out more about The Deep Ellum Arts Festival and other festivals thrown by MEI, visit their website here.


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One of the coolest things we’ve ever done is the CYPHER that was put together for Underground 2011. 14 local musicians from different backgrounds and bands came together to produce a single track of music just for the show. This was produced by GOAT. No small task to bring all these folks together, record them, mix the track, etc.

We also got our friends from Ufilmhouse to create this video for us. As usual, they did outstanding work. New effects, crazy camera angles, always pushing forward. It’s great to grow with people. Enjoy the video (I like it best full screen) and if you’d like to download the song, you can have it here. The lyric sheet is also there on the download page.



Goat & three6t CD Release Party

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The Intelligent South presents ‘Mileage’ from GOAT & three6t.

In the current landscape of redundant music, a compelling CD has been made by Dallas-based independent artists GOAT (Justin Griffith) &
three6t (Ricky Cantrell).   Mileage is a 14-track collection of captivating songs that showcase their talents and astute ability to bridge the gap between multiple genres of music.  Mileage is unique in that it is accessible to mainstream and underground music fans alike.  Narrowly defined genre barriers do a disservice to the broad and exceptional songs. Indie Rock, R&B, Blues, and Hip Hop sensibilities are seamless throughout the contextual and sonic approach of this CD.

Dirty South music, as a subgenre, has been widely successful for many years, but is limited in focus and lacks topic diversity.  Mileage takes a different path and offers interpersonal insight from GOAT with varied lyrical content as a foundation.

“When I listen to music, I want to feel like I know the artist and go through life with them. My music is alike in that way.
People can relate to what I’m going through and feel as if they’re not going through their trials and tribulations alone. At the
same time, it’s a needed outlet for me to stay halfway sane,” GOAT explains.
In addition to broadening his core fan base in Dallas, GOAT seeks to expand that base to a larger regional and national level
of exposure. Many of the songs were debuted during his recent summer tour. The early reception of songs from Mileage was
received with immediate positive feedback from audiences at venues such as Babylon in Fresno, California, and Copper State
Tavern in Glendale, Arizona.  flyer

The official CD Release Party for Mileage will take place on November 7th at the Curtain Club in Dallas, Texas.  Also releasing records on this night are Elle and Jack Rabbit James.  Three individual, independent CD’s that will surely rock your world.  elle

For more information, contact:
Justin Griffith, The Intelligent South