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Radio: getting better and better

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Our experience with live radio is going great. The folks at deepellumonair have opened their doors to use and welcomed us in a big way. Our latest episode, featuring Melody Hay, Bob Luedke, Zach Scott Pohl was our smoothest episode yet. Lots of rich talk about a variety of artforms and personal challenges and victories.

Plus our special guest Poindexter gives our first truly funny segment of our radio show (he comes in at the end).

And you’ll hear local music from the likes of Southern Karma, Spencer Garland, and Playdough as well. This is our last new episode for a few weeks, so we’re proud to go out on a strong show like this.

You can listen to/watch the whole thing here.



What it’s all about (or… the Guerilla event attacks!)

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story by Michael Lagocki
stage photos by ML
artist photos by Kelsey Paine

It worked. Our Guerilla event for Life In Deep Ellum successfully raised the cash needed to help reach their goal.

What’s more is that the night was total bliss. What energy. We were packed from the jump and it never slowed down. Here’s the run down with pics by myself and Kelsey Paine…

The Zachary Scott Pohl Band killed it. They came here fresh on the heels of the release of their new cd (search them on iTunes) and they donated 50% of every copy they sold this night to the venue. More importantly, they rocked our faces off.

The artists were out in force too. More than 10 live artists chose to participate. Everything from handmade jewelry, to floor paintings, to art on skateboard decks, photography, you name it.

At ArtLoveMagic shows, the audience gets to create too. We set up an interactive table where kids and adults got to draw and make Christmas cards.

Don’t forget the poets.
Jay Bookworm wrote a special piece for the night titled, Guerilla Happiness. And then Will Richey and Alejandro Perez blessed the stage with a dynamic spoken word collaborative piece that included two languages, singing, dancing, and gymnastics. Midway through the night, Josh Dryk brought out the fire painting and worked up a thorny rose bush in flame and pigment.

The last stage act of the night was Rin Tin Tin. I didn’t take any photos of them that didn’t come out incredibly blurry… because neither they nor their audience tend to stand still during their shows… at ALL. See that dude floating up in the air? That’s kinda what the whole night felt like.

Throughout the evening the audience’s generosity wowed us. Folks kept hitting the donation jars, buying coffee, buying art. All told we raised somewhere around $1500.

A blessing to be sure and a great way to end the year. Here’s to many more years of Life in Deep Ellum and ArtLoveMagic serving our local creative community.

Guerilla Event!

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Wednesday, December 22 · 8:30pm – 10:30pm

Location Life In Deep In Ellum 

2803 Taylor Street
Dallas, TX

Created By

More Info
Life in Deep Ellum needs our help. An unexpected financial problem has put them in a short term emergency position. We’re quickly putting together a guerilla art & music event to help.Why?
Because Life has undoubtedly been a cultural center that serves as an incubator for music, art, commerce, and community in Deep Ellum. They helped us (artlovemagic) grow and find our footing, as they have helped dozens upon dozens of locals realize their dreams for community work and creativity.What?
One night. Two hours. Art, Music, and Giving. BRING CASH. Buy a coffee, make a donation. Watch some live art (awesome) listen to some live music (awesome awesome). 

How can I help?
1- Live artists are needed. Contact (send samples if I haven’t seen your work).
2- Buzz is needed. Share this invite. Post a blog. Bring a crew of friends out. Please help us get attendees.

This will be a truly fun experience. It always feels good to help someone in need, particularly when you’re talking about a crew who’s done as much for our neighborhood as LIFE.

SCHEDULED TO PERFORM: the Zach Scott Pohl Band, Rin Tin Tin, Melody Hay, Eddier Walker, Kelsey Kincannon, Alexandra Quinn, Jennifer Portz, and more.

Can’t attend?- you can make a paypal donation here-

RSVP at facebook here –

Entry Image: Santa and the ArtLoveMagic family

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Our new entry image at is a jam of images that came from our 2010 Holiday Party. The photos were various attendees as shot by Sherry Muldoon and Jen Shu. The Santa drawing came from Khalid Robertson, who drew it live at the party (on a computer – with a graphic tablet hooked up to a projector so we could all watch him draw). Michael Lagocki whipped the whole thing into a happy collage.


The evolution of Art & Coffee

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post by Michael Lagocki
photos by Kelsey Paine, Josh Dryk, and Eddie Walker

I imagine most of you reading this have been to, or at least know of, Art & Coffee. This is our longest running show, a monthly Open Mic and Live Art experience that we do at coffee shops. The idea first started in 2008, when I met Bill Priestly, the owner of a new coffee shop, Saxbys, in North Dallas. I loved the shop and after talking to Bill, I wondered if artlovemagic could be impactful in bringing an audience out to a new establishment like his.

We were. For the next year or so, we did monthly shows there that were a little bit of a twist on the artlovemagic model. We opened the mic up to the audience and brought out a handful of live artists for a free show. Attendance was strong right from the beginning.  And we noticed several people would show up month after month. Art & Coffee was a success.

These days, we’ve moved the show down to Deep Ellum and we do it at the wonderful It’s A Grind. Again, this just came from one of our leaders walking into the place and having a conversation with them. They asked us to come and do four shows (that were very successful) and then we contracted for the rest of 2010.

One of the great things about this monthly show, is now that we have a few HUGE shows under our belt (see Underground & girlShow), we’re pretty comfortable doing a show this size. (Art & Coffee usually has about 6 artists in it- girlShow this year will have 60). We’ve become masters at setting it up, and especially tearing it down. We’re usually out the door 30 minutes after Art & Coffee closes.

It’s also become a learning ground for new producers. Melody Hay,  Amanda Davis, Josh Dryk. Michelle McSpadden, and many more first learned the ropes producing A & C before moving on to our BIG shows. Producing A&C entails selecting a group of artists, running a pre-meeting, supporting their team through marketing and getting ready for the show, and then being the lead person on the floor night of.

Producing is a blast. I always say that the production role is where you really get to author the stories in ArtLoveMagic. It’s not for everyone, but I’m thankful that we’ve found a few really great producers who love putting these shows together. And I’m thankful that we have a few dedicated souls who love this show and help it happen every month. Deb, KZach, Mario, Bookworm, Hammer, Eddie, Dugger and others… thank you so much.

But the best part of Art & Coffee is the talent. I LOVE scheduling talent to do these shows. There are two groups to schedule each time Art & Coffee rolls around- the live artists who will create during the show, and the feature performers who hold down the mic. While most of the mic is open to the audience, we always have a feature poet and feature musician, who each perform twice during the night.

I believe having a feature performer does two things that work well within our mission. First, it ensures the mic will have some strong performances. Usually this isn’t a problem as our audiences are pretty talented. More importantantly however, I believe it can grow the artists. It’s easy to find an open mic to perform at. It’s less common to find a feature spot, where you’re asked to be a lead performer and to set the tone, performing multiple times, and being annouced as someone to pay attention to. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to find performers who play solo shows all the time, other times we get to bless someone who hasn’t been honored this way and they get to grow.

So where are we now? Mid 2010 and the shows have been incredible lately. Last night Josh Dryk produced an Art & Coffee that I thought was just fantastic, everything it should be: a strong group of diverse artists, great crowd, incredible open mic with excellent features.

The show goes on. I’m producing the next Art & Coffee myself (July 2nd, 2010). It’s a veteran show. Given that it’s only one week before girlShow, I needed to staff it full of Art & Coffee vets who already know what they’re doing (including people like Justin Nygren, Eddie Walker, Rachel Deniger, and Tim Dugger).

Josh and Kelsey are lined up to produce an upcoming Art & Coffee, as is Michelle McSpadden. We’ve talked about doing a “family” Art & Coffee that would happen mid-day and focus on stuff kids and adults can do together. We’re talking about bringing back the “painting with coffee” interactive that was so popular at Saxbys. We’re looking for new talent that want to create, sing, recite, and produce. All in all, we’re loving it.

Art & Coffee continues to happen first Friday of every month at It’s A grind. It’s a great show, a very welcoming show, and I’m proud to say it’s become an important puzzle piece in this crazy story that is ArtLoveMagic. Come hang out with us and see if you love it to.


Thank you, Melody!

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Melody Hay has been an integral part of ArtLoveMagic.  As an artist, she has lived the success that Art Love Magic was created to bring.  She jumped in with her whole heart in 2007 and began to volunteer for everything. She began simply being on hand for whatever tasks were needed.  She exhibited at shows. She taught at both our Kids Workshops and Artist Workshops.  She became a producer for Art and Coffee and was the lead producer for girlShow: Atomic Pink in 2009.
Melody has served on our board since May of this year bringing counsel and perspective of an artist who has grown up through our ranks.

Currently, Melody is collaborating on a new endeavor, Studio 109 and is stepping down from the board of ArtLoveMagic to pour all of her creative energy into her work on this project.

The rest of us on the board wanted to say thank you, Melody for your energy, passion and spark. These past few years wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Seeing the Future (Part Two)

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At a recent Board Meeting, Melody Hay took the time to voice her concern for the emotional health of our organization.  She brought to our attention the need to care not only for ourselves as individuals but for our community of artists as a whole.  If we personally fail to pay attention to our internal barometer we run the risk of burnout, the loss of vision and an overwhelming sense of overload.  It is no different for the community.

In the course of giving birth, there is a portion of time called the Transition.  According to the Birthing Naturally website, this is the period usually just prior to the birth of the baby that can be the most difficult for mothers.  They are most likely to give up during this time.  It can be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, chills and shivers and a strong need for emotional support.

Welcome to the Real World where our personal transitions can be a lot like giving birth.  We face a major hurdle and it seems much easier to give up.  We get sick thinking about all the options before us, the risk of change and the fear of failure.  Support from our tribe is crucial to a healthy perspective of our path.

As ArtLoveMagic enters into this next phase of its life, I’m eagerly anticipating what will transpire in our circles.  The potential for impact is tremendous.  The doors that are opening are beyond amazing and the trail we’re blazing is burning with creative hearts and minds ready to make Dallas a much healthier place to be an artist.

So, what will that look like?  Stay tuned.

Post by Justin Nygren