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Volunteer Spirit

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meeting postponed due to weather


Location Artlovemagic Offices 

2630 Commerce
Dallas, TX

Created By

More Info If you’ve never volunteered with us before and would like to, or if you HAVE and would like to get radically better at it, attend this meeting. 

Working with us is a blast, and our events only work because of the love and time people put into them. Let’s have a real talk about what works, what could be better, and how to have the most fun doing this. Led by various members of the artlovemagic team.

Special volunteer needs coming up include UNDERGROUND, our 2011 Kid’s Art Workshops, and the Deep Ellum Arts Fest.

Open House + Love Pancakes (dec 2010)

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We did it again. The last time we opened our office doors and shared some art and pancakes with the world was a blast. It called for another run of greatness. So last night (Dec 1st, 2010) we brought out the paintbrushes, the guitars, and the pancake batter once again.

Artists in the house! Ashley Jones spins up a new creation while Khalid and Samax make noise!

Of course, David blows everyone away again with his gorgeous work.

The young artists aren’t having it. They prove that the marker is mightier than the brush.

Ahhhh, Mama Nye. You can taste the love in her cooking. It’s delicious.

Pancake lovemarks.

Uh… don’t ask.

The first Wednesday of the month is usually a meeting for us. This is about as “meeting” as we got last night. A dry erase board with the next four events listed on it.

Live music is a must, so Deborah Driscoll and Matt Baron brought some beautiful rhythms and vocal to us.

Speaking of beautiful vocals, do you know Eric Tipton? You should. You really should.

Fear not Lawrence, we’ll definitely be doing this again.

Of course not everyone wanted to leave when the night was over.

So we headed to 2826 Arnetic to listen to dj36t spins a few beats.

Thanks everyone for what was a pretty brilliant night. Open Houses are fun! Let’s do this again.

The next open MEETING (ie – we actually get stuff done) is January 5th. Come out and help us revolutionize local art, music, poetry (and occasionally pancakes).

First Wednesdays

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Every first Wednesday night artlovemagic holds an open meeting at our office (2630 Commerce) at 7pm for those who want to contribute to the revolution. We discuss the next few artlovemagic experiences, scope new ideas, design fliers and shows, and generally have a pretty good time.

ArtLoveMagic is based on an open model. Anyone who wants to contribute can. We look for people who have a positive attitude and are willing to step up to help the cause and bless the Dallas art scene. There are a million ways to contribute, so be sure whatever you’re good at we can use.

These days in our organization, back-office minded thinking is highly prized (organization/numbers/knowledge management), so don’t think the only skills we’re looking for is how well you can sling a paintbrush or guitar pick. For the record, we still dig those skills too. Just come, show up, listen, and offer what you can. If you do, I promise you you’ll get involved in something pretty cool.

The next Wednesday meeting (which is always 2 days before our Art & Coffee shows) is Wednesday September 1st at 7pm.

post by Michael Lagocki
photo by Justin Nygren

Love pancakes at our Open House

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story by Michael Lagocki
photos by Nicole Rodriguez and Michael Lagocki

We love Mamma Nye. Every once in awhile ArtLoveMagic throws an open house at our office in Deep Ellum. Not so much an event really, as a simple hangout- a chance for us to get together and be friendly. Without the craziness of an event going on, we get to talk and chill in a relaxed manner, meet new folks, etc.

Last night’s Open House was no exception- except in that it was exceptional. The secret ingredient was Mama Nye (Kelly Nygren) cooking love pancakes for the crowd. Each one a work of art (literally) and delicious to boot. The longer the night went, the more elaborate the edible art got, until finally Kelly and local improv comic Jill Headen were drawing portraits of everyone as pancakes. Tasty.

Here our music director, Deborah Driscoll, takes a turn at some pancake art herself.

More beard!

We always do some kind of live creativity. This open house included a giant sketchbook page 8 feet wide. Folks were encouraged to pick up a pencil and marker and join the oversized jam.

The art was led by Ian Robertson who set up a cool sky scene where people could work off of his sketches of heroes and villains flying in and out and of clouds. This worked out so cool we’re going to save it and hopefully set it up at the next open house for more people to complete or color the image.

We also used this Open House to start putting up the next art gallery in the Deep Ellum Community Center (where we office). 3 times a year we change out the art that’s hanging on the walls and in the windows. It’s an opportunity to show new people and give local creatives a chance to have their work seen.

Our new gallery will include work by poet Jay Bookworm (left), painter Amanda Davis, photographers David Leeson and Jasana Boudard, illustrator Jamel Jones, jeweler Rachel Deniger, and about a dozen more inspired folks.We’re still putting the finishing touches on this new gallery. It should all be up and tagged before the end of the month.

The next Open House date is Wednesday, December 1st 2010.

Stay connected with artlovemagic on facebook or through our email blast to get all of the upcoming dates.



Lots of Parties

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You may have noticed we’ve been throwing a lot of parties at our office lately. We work hard, we’re all volunteers, and we need to have times where we’re just hanging out and having fun together. Our parties aren’t usually publicly advertised, but they are open to anyone who wants to contribute to artlovemagic and help us bless the Dallas art scene.

6128_114796721175_710026175_2742655_3082812_nWe had a pretty good turnout considering we announced the party 48 hours before and had a rainstorm come down on top of us.

6128_114796691175_710026175_2742650_2598670_nThe night was billed as a concert. Deb Driscoll, Aaron Garcia, and Kelly Nygren opened the mic with some smooth, jazzy sounds.

6128_114796761175_710026175_2742661_863105_nNext up was Gayden/Lee. Tommy (playing guitar and sitting) is the original drummer of the Redlegs, and recently departed to take care of his health and pursue new music with Gayden/Lee. After his set, he watched the Redlegs (it was the first time he’d seen them play since leaving the band).

6128_114796811175_710026175_2742669_7398918_nThey play a great mix of covers and originals by both Erin and Tommy. You can hear a taste and check their upcoming gigs here.

6128_114796886175_710026175_2742677_2425339_nWe were planning to have the Texas Redlegs play in our parking lot, but the rain meant we had to move them inside. That’s a whole lotta sound for one little community center. It was pretty crazy in there.

6128_114796906175_710026175_2742679_5268702_nAs Kelly Nygren said, you don’t usually get to see the Redlegs under flourescent light. True pros at all this, the guys put on a great show. Their new drummer, Valente, has a great sound. This band rocks every single time I see them.

6128_114796921175_710026175_2742681_660023_nWe’re artists. We can’t help it. We always seem to be drawing on something.

6128_114796716175_710026175_2742654_6054695_nBabies dig local rock and roll too.

6128_114796866175_710026175_2742674_7520591_nGreat people. At times, artlovemagic is a lot of challenge, especially because we still desperately need people and resources. But really, I can’t imagine a much better way to spend my time then surrounded by the folks in this photo.

6128_114796876175_710026175_2742675_7978874_nIt was meant to give us a night of fun and rest before this weekend’s massive girlShow. I don’t know about rest, but it was definitely fun. Thanks to all who attended and performed. So much love.

post by Michael Lagocki
photos by Nicole Rodriguez

ArtLoveMagic Opens their House

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IMG_0353Article by Deb Driscoll
photo by Michael Lagocki

Did you know that we were cool enough in the eyes of the Deep Ellum Association to have an office donated for us to use for the greater good of the arts?  Well, we are.  And Wednesday night we opened the doors to our collective artist family for a hang out and mingle session.  It was tightly packed and rightly so since there were live performances from Serena Wills, Kelly Nygren, Spencer Garland (and friends), Matt Barron, pizza, drinks, and Eddie Walker even let us fiddle with his Air Brush contraption.

Sounds pretty cool, huh?  Yeah, we thought so, too.  Thanks to all who came out and made the night so much fun!

If you liked how it went, or feel slightly jealous about missing out then I cordially invite you to come out again NEXT Wednesday night at 7pm for our weekly management meeting.  That’s where all the magic happens, the events are planned, ideas are exchanged and yeah we totally kick it every week.  Now you know.  We don’t occupy the office all the time.  We have art to do.

The address to the office is:

2630 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75226

Much Love!