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May 26 2012 Kids Workshop @ Life In Deep Ellum

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Story by: Charlsie Grace
Photos by: Nicole Rodriguez

Did you catch the latest ArtLoveMagic kids workshop last Saturday, May 26th, 2012? We had 10 visual artists and 3 performing artists working right alongside the kids. Each professional artist had their own station and the studio style event (as opposed to classroom style) allowed kids the freedom to come and go to whatever station caught their eye. Things flowed very well with the kids (and some fun adults too) moving from station to station, almost always trying out every last activity. It was really magical to see some of the best talent in the current Dallas art and music scene in the same room teaching, inspiring, and investing in the future generation of Dallas artists.

When you first walked into the venue you could hear the beautiful, beating sounds of percussion coming from the Mokah Lounge, where Kelly Nygren was stationed. This area had one of the coolest vibes and was by far the most comfy with all the pillows on the floor. The kids spent quite a bit of time in this area because they were free to be as loud as they wanted–banging on drums and an assortment of kitchenware items, playing tambourines and egg shakers.

 The watercolors were a big hit! Kate Colin, whose portfolio was on display within the Life In Deep Ellum Gallery, and Ashley Jones are both wonderful watercolor artists and they did a great job engaging with the kids at their stations. You could tell that kids of all ages were having a fantastic time creating their watercolor projects.

Young artists were challenged and inspired in their drawing skills by Jason Kinney’s pencil art station. Jason is a professional artist with an incredible gift for creating amazing photographic-like portraits by using nothing but a pencil… with no formal training. He worked closely with the kids, helping them individually by showing them the exact pencil techniques he uses to create a drawing.

Teenage boys seemed especially interested in Eddie Medina’s comic book style. Eddie is great at comic book illustrations and the kids loved getting his help drawing their own favorite characters, like dragons and “The Hulk.”

Harmony Witte started her station off by drawing a dragon and after some collaborative painting, the kids turned it into this amazingly bright and colorful art piece. Each kid brought his or her own ideas, interpretation, and special artistic touch to the piece.

Riley Holloway worked with the kids, teaching them how to illustrate the human body. His realistic form and unique approach had the youth engaged and wanting to learn more.

The kids were initially nervous to go on stage for the performing station, but once a couple people went up there first, everyone wanted to try it out. Issac Davies did a great job at showing the kids how to freestyle rap and MC, and the legendary DJ EZ Eddie D taught them some DJing techniques.

I really loved Ixchel Aguilar’s idea for her face painting station… set out the paint and let the kids do it themselves! It was very entertaining to see how different each person took on the challenge. Some kids painted blobs on their faces and some got really elaborate and painted, not just their face, but also their arms and legs.

One of the coolest activities of the day was Cori Berg’s marble art. Each person put a piece of paper, a marble, and their choices of paint in a Pringles can. Then they shook it all around and each resulting painting was unique and different from all the others. This was a big hit with the younger kids!

Jerod Davies and Bari Candy were troopers for working out in the Texas heat all afternoon. They both created two very interactive and fun stations. Jerod set up a huge board with tons of paint and brushes. The kids each collaborated on the over-sized piece, “Just-Us League” style. Bari taught the kids how to create with spray paint in her outdoor station.

Thank you so much to every single adult, child, artist, and volunteer who spent your day with us! A very special thanks to the Just-Us League, Jeanne Blanton (in memory of Don), Life in Deep Ellum, and Zini’s Pizzeria. Without your support and donations this event could not have happened, so THANK YOU! If you’d like to donate to or volunteer for future workshops, please contact Jennifer Gibbs at

Now that the event is over and we’re beginning to plan the next one, we need your feedback. Were you at the May 26th kids workshop? What did you/your kids think of the event? What do you want to see at future events?


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Who? All youth 6-16 and their parents

When? Saturday May 26th, noon-4pm

How Much? FREE!!

Where? Life in Deep Ellum- 2803 Taylor Street, Dallas, Texas 75226


Kids will work alongside professional artists of all different mediums. Including music, paint, pottery, pencil, watercolor, chalk, murals, paper crafts and more… Your child will have an opportunity to play, explore, create and learn!

With so many schools diminishing (or eliminating) art programs, it’s more important than ever to find ways to inspire our youth to think creatively and learn new ways to express themselves positively!

Each artist participating in this workshop is a local, working professional.

Confirmed artist lineup: Cori Berg (Craft), Ashley Jones (Mixed Media), Ixchel Aguilar (Painting), Riley Holloway (Drawing), Jason Kinney (Painting), Eddie Medina (Comics), Harmony White (Water color), Kate Colin (Water color), Jerod Davies (Spray paint collage), Bari Candy (Charcoal/Spraypaint),  Issac Davies (MC), Kelly Nygren (Percussion), DJ Ez Eddie (DJ).

The set-up will be studio, not classroom style. Parents must stay on premises. No need to bring anything but your creativity and excitement!

If you would like to volunteer or are interested in donating art supplies or cash donations for a future Kids Workshop please email: jenn@

Special ALM thanks to the Just Us League, whose generous donations made this important event possible, as well as Life in Deep Ellum who lovingly provided their awesome venue for this event.

It’s A Grind, we’ll miss you…

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Post by David Rodriguez

Photo by Michael Lagocki


It saddens us to have to share that It’s A Grind in Deep Ellum is having to close its doors due to unsustainable profits. On December 11th, 2009, ArtLoveMagic began its new partnership with a bang at It’s A Grind with an introductory event called Fireside Sessions. And since then we had been producing successful monthly events under the heading of Art & Coffee, which was previously branded when we were doing similar monthly events at Saxbys in Farmers Branch. Here are a few moments we would like to share…

Photo by Jenice Johnson

“We’re big Spencer Garland fans around here. Spencer brought out some of his older material that artlovemagic founder Michael Lagocki is crazy for. Great to have him around and hopefully we’ll see more of him now that he’s back in Dallas.” – Art & Coffee February 5, 2010

Photo by Vanessa Bates

“One of the most fun things about Art & Coffee these days is how many local photographers show up with cameras, shooting all the cool stuff that goes down.” – Art & Coffee March 5, 2010

Photo by Scott Dorn

Photo Michael Lagocki

“Art & Coffee is a great first show for artists new to ArtLoveMagic. This was Adele Caunce’s first show with us and her BIG UGLY FISHIES sculptures were a hit with our audience, especially the kids who Adele took the time to teach her technique to.” – Art & Coffee August 6, 2010

Photo by Michael Lagocki

“Parallel Play is one of our favorite local acts. This weekend marked the last shows that banjo player Jason Miers would perform with PP. We were honored that they chose to spend two of their last three shows together with us. Parallel Play will go on with this new lineup: Jeremy Drake, Tomy Lee, and Erin Gayden. Can’t wait to see their new look!” – Art & Coffee December 3, 2010

Photo by Bobby Hitt

“We even pulled a few new tricks out of our sleeve, like a live DJ covering the It’s A Grind’s outside porch area.” – Art & Coffee March 6, 2011

Photo by Bobby Hitt

“One of the highlights of the night was a huge artist jam that went down outside. The team shown above is a pretty impressive lineup of local painters: from the front, Kelsey Kincannon, Daniel Perez, Ixchel Aguliar, and Eddie Walker.” – Art & Coffee March 6, 2011

Photo by Robert Hold

“Art & Coffee has grown to become a regular destination for those who love creativity and hanging out with creative people. In recent months, we’ve expanded the show to cover a second outside stage. It’s given us room to grow and stretch out a bit, while adding new talent and new artforms.” – Art & Coffee June 6, 2011

This is really just a taste of all the incredible memories we’ve collected in such a short amount of time. We appreciate the time we’ve had at It’s A Grind and we are greatfull to have worked along side a wonderful staff and management that supported us all the way. We wish you the very best.



Creative arts open house aims to inspire youth

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Dallas nonprofits ArtLoveMagic and Journeyman Ink teamed with Marinela USA to host the Marinela Talent School (MTS), a creative arts open house for Dallas teens, Aug. 6.

More than 100 teens packed the Dallas Theater’s DaVerse Lounge in Deep Ellum for an array of artistic instruction and display. Participants engaged in approximately 15 different creative arts stations such as dance, spoken word, live music, visual arts and hip-hop.

A talented local artist hosted each station, giving instruction and answering questions from the teens.

“More schools are tightening their budgets and eliminating arts programs because of funding,” Marinela USA brand manager Melisenda Barajas said. “We hope through the Marinela Talent School open house, teens are inspired to remain involved in the arts.”

Highlights of the evening included a dance exhibition taught by the MTS dancers, fire painting by Josh Dryk, henna art by Kelly Nygren and a Skate Buds demonstration by a group from the Dallas Boys and Girls Club.

“It’s important that today’s youth continue to participate in the arts,” Barajas said.

“Creative arts programs encourage a healthy form of self-expression while helping teens build self-esteem.”

According to a study by the U.S. Depart- ment of Education, students who are involved in music, dance and art programs do better in math, reading, history, geography and citizenship. Participating in the arts can help children build friendships, increase their desire to set and achieve goals and teach a positive work ethic.

Marinela USA awarded two art scholar- ships at the end of the evening, followed by an opportunity for the teens to showcase their finished artwork and perform their spoken word readings.


Marinela USA products are produced by Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU), which operates 35 bakeries in the United States and distributes top brands such as Arnold, Bimbo, Boboli, Brownberry, Entenmann’s, Francisco, Freihofer’s, Mrs Baird’s, Oroweat, Stroehmann, Thomas’ and Tia Rosa through more than 7,000 routes. More information about Marinela USA’s full line of products can be found at

Here is the link to Jen Shu’s photobooth photos:

What it’s all about (or… the Guerilla event attacks!)

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story by Michael Lagocki
stage photos by ML
artist photos by Kelsey Paine

It worked. Our Guerilla event for Life In Deep Ellum successfully raised the cash needed to help reach their goal.

What’s more is that the night was total bliss. What energy. We were packed from the jump and it never slowed down. Here’s the run down with pics by myself and Kelsey Paine…

The Zachary Scott Pohl Band killed it. They came here fresh on the heels of the release of their new cd (search them on iTunes) and they donated 50% of every copy they sold this night to the venue. More importantly, they rocked our faces off.

The artists were out in force too. More than 10 live artists chose to participate. Everything from handmade jewelry, to floor paintings, to art on skateboard decks, photography, you name it.

At ArtLoveMagic shows, the audience gets to create too. We set up an interactive table where kids and adults got to draw and make Christmas cards.

Don’t forget the poets.
Jay Bookworm wrote a special piece for the night titled, Guerilla Happiness. And then Will Richey and Alejandro Perez blessed the stage with a dynamic spoken word collaborative piece that included two languages, singing, dancing, and gymnastics. Midway through the night, Josh Dryk brought out the fire painting and worked up a thorny rose bush in flame and pigment.

The last stage act of the night was Rin Tin Tin. I didn’t take any photos of them that didn’t come out incredibly blurry… because neither they nor their audience tend to stand still during their shows… at ALL. See that dude floating up in the air? That’s kinda what the whole night felt like.

Throughout the evening the audience’s generosity wowed us. Folks kept hitting the donation jars, buying coffee, buying art. All told we raised somewhere around $1500.

A blessing to be sure and a great way to end the year. Here’s to many more years of Life in Deep Ellum and ArtLoveMagic serving our local creative community.

Free LOOT from ArtLove

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Okay… As promised we are giving away some cool free stuff to end the year. First up, a beautiful sterling silver artlovemagic pendant crafted by local jewelers LOVE/WAR designs.

This gorgeous pendant was made by hand, with love, and features our lovemark symbol. It would retail for around $30, but WE ARE GIVING IT AWAY in the next 48hrs.
How do I get one? All you have to do is share a link on facebook/blog/or post about our GUERILLA EVENT Wednesday Night in Deep Ellum.

I know many of you have already posted something (thank you!), but go ahead and do it again as I will draw a name from all those who posted something on TUESDAY DECEMBER 21 or WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 22.

Here is the event posting on facebook

Here is the event post on our blog

I need to know you did it to enter your name in the drawing. So tag artlovemagic or send mike@artlovemagic a copy of the post. The winner will be announced Thursday after the event.

ArtLoveMagic founders, and their families are not eligible, BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS. Yes, even the artists and performers in the event. So go to it!

The pendant is really nice. David and Naomi over at LOVE/WAR DESIGNS do fantastic work

Enter as many times as you like, and come join us Wednesday night for an incredible event supporting an incredible cause.

Guerilla Event!

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Wednesday, December 22 · 8:30pm – 10:30pm

Location Life In Deep In Ellum 

2803 Taylor Street
Dallas, TX

Created By

More Info
Life in Deep Ellum needs our help. An unexpected financial problem has put them in a short term emergency position. We’re quickly putting together a guerilla art & music event to help.Why?
Because Life has undoubtedly been a cultural center that serves as an incubator for music, art, commerce, and community in Deep Ellum. They helped us (artlovemagic) grow and find our footing, as they have helped dozens upon dozens of locals realize their dreams for community work and creativity.What?
One night. Two hours. Art, Music, and Giving. BRING CASH. Buy a coffee, make a donation. Watch some live art (awesome) listen to some live music (awesome awesome). 

How can I help?
1- Live artists are needed. Contact (send samples if I haven’t seen your work).
2- Buzz is needed. Share this invite. Post a blog. Bring a crew of friends out. Please help us get attendees.

This will be a truly fun experience. It always feels good to help someone in need, particularly when you’re talking about a crew who’s done as much for our neighborhood as LIFE.

SCHEDULED TO PERFORM: the Zach Scott Pohl Band, Rin Tin Tin, Melody Hay, Eddier Walker, Kelsey Kincannon, Alexandra Quinn, Jennifer Portz, and more.

Can’t attend?- you can make a paypal donation here-

RSVP at facebook here –