Yes, that was our crew you saw on TV this morning!

Big congrats to ArtLoveMagic founder David Rodriguez and participating artists Dehvon Ward and Matt Barron who appeared on this morning’s Good Morning Texas (on WFAA channel 8 ) to promote our LakeSide Market Summer Festival event. The trio each had a different role- Matt played blues guitar, David painted, and Dehvon told the audience about artlovemagic and the event.

Here’s to many more experiences like this. It’s wonderful to get the message of what we do out there, and we love giving opportunities to local artists to get this kind of exposure. You can meet all three of these wonderful people at the event on 31st – which will be BRILLIANT by the way. Check out the details of that here.

And thanks to our good buddy Joel, who captured these images off his TV for us!



5 Responses to “Yes, that was our crew you saw on TV this morning!”

  1. I recorded it too. Sorry we did not have a longer segment, but I was pleased.
    Tillman, the skateboarding dog, was not half bad either. 🙂

  2. SO LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. So thankful for this exposure…we need it and Dallas needs us!

  4. I still have this protected on my DVR, but no clue how to get it from there to somewhere else!

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