Time to Motor

post by Michael Lagocki

I love our LakeSide Market event that’s going down next Saturday (11am-5pm at Preston and Spring Creek in Plano). Things seem to be coming together for a really unique day, and a new twist has just been added.

There will be TONS of opportunities for you to BE AN ARTIST with us July 31st at LakeSide Market.

Now, it’s already going to be among the most interactive events we’ve ever done- nearly every artist there has some component to their set up that will allow the audience to roll up their sleeves and create with them. The painters, the illustrators, the jewelers all want you to create with them. Our interactive stuff is always popular, but this event has 20 different opportunities for you to BE AN ARTIST.

And Mitsubishi ups the stakes:

Here’s the new news: Mitsubishi Motors is now partnering with us on the event to bring something rrrrrrreallly special to the day. Close your eyes and picture it …  our artists painting a new car – prepped completely white – live. In fact, picture the audience painting another car alongside us. That’s what’s going down… Mitsubishi’s bringing two new white-wrapped vehicles to this event – and both of them are getting beautified artlovemagic style.

Dallas graff artist Joe Skilz will be one of the artists who paint live on a new Mitsubishi Lancer at the festival

The above car is the 2010 Lancer Sedan. Artists like our own David Rodriguez, Eddie Walker, Michael Lagocki, and Joe Skilz will be painting a fully wrapped white version of it. One car, 6 artists –  unique in the cosmos. A second car, the 2010 Outlander, will be set up for audience members to finger paint on. How cool is that?

To top it all off, Mitsubishi is sending one of only FOUR 2011 Outlander Sports that are one the road today to show. All you car enthusiasts can see (and sit in) this beauty months before the rest of the country gets to lay their eyes on it.

Crazy. And like we said, that’s just one of many incredible things going on this day. Remember the entry for the day, and almost all of the activities are free (you’ll want to bring some cash to shop original artworks, grab a meal at one of LakeSide’s many eateries, or get your facepainted, etc.)

This event’s gotten great press too. If you missed the Good Morning Texas spot last week (with Dehvond Ward, David Rodriguez, and Matt Barron) you can see that below.

Going to be amazing. One day only. Join us and bring friends. They’ll definitely have a good time. Here’s a poster for the event. Help us spread the word! Let’s make this a day for the history books.


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