Art & Coffee – July 2011

Photos by attendee Robert Hold.

Art & Coffee has grown to become a regular destination for those who love creativity and hanging out with creative people. In recent months, we’ve expanded the show to cover a second outside stage. It’s given us room to grow and stretch out a bit, while adding new talent and new artforms.

The open mic continues to surprise. Each month new performers sign up to share their work with the crowd. Local songwriting, poetry, and gorgeous vocals are always in the mix.

Every single Art & Coffee has a total unique line-up of local artists. Each show has a lead producer who picks a team of diverse artists. We try to strike a balance of many different visual forms so that each time you attend the show, you’re likely to see something you haven’t before.

Even artlovemagic co-founder Michael Lagocki got in on the mix this month, doing a live charcoal drawing.

Because artlovemagic works with such a wide pool of artists, we have the privilege of creating a lot of connections between cool people. If you attend a few Art & Coffees, you’re going to meet a LOT of people who impact the local art scene.

Art & Coffee is every first Friday at It’s A Grind in Deep Ellum from 7:30-10:30pm. The next one is August 5th, 2011 and features the special theme: COMMUNITY.

More of Robert Hold’s photographs can be seen at


One Response to “Art & Coffee – July 2011”

  1. This is Awesome! Big Up’s to the A.L.M. family! Love to all Artists… _jnicholasgray

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