Gather – Connect – Recharge

post by Michael Lagocki
pics by Nicole Rodriguez

On Saturday June 25th, we gathered together a small group of leaders interested in seeing ArtLoveMagic continue to grow. The day was devoted to conversation, storytelling, dreaming and recharging our batteries. You can click on any of these photos to see them full size.


We met in it Titan Comics’ old location (they lent it to us for an afternoon while they’re transitioning to their new store at Forest and Webb Chapel). It was cool to be surrounded by some many heroes!

We looked at the Artlovemagic model from many different perspectives. As we talked, our art director David Rodriguez “scribed” much of our conversation on large sheets attached to the wall.


Specifically, we:
Told stories from the past
Updated everyone on the present
and Dreamed about possible futures

We talked about the roles we’d each like to play in artlovemagic, and we cast visions of future shows, models, workshops, etc. We even ran through an exercise of spending huge wads of cash (in case artlovemagic ever sees a flood of funds). That was a blast.

The strength of ArtLoveMagic has always been our relational attitude. We actually do care about each other and what we’re all doing for local arts. Investing in days like this that strengthen the bonds between us is a no-brainer.


The day had a few nice surprises as well, including a private dinner concert by local songwriter Daniel Katsuk to conclude our day.

It was definitely a success. Lot of ideas, bonding, new energy to push forward.

Thanks to everyone who was involved. More amazing stuff ahead.

One Response to “Gather – Connect – Recharge”

  1. looks amazing; I’m proud to serve with such a stellar crew.

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