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More on Hip Hop Helps Heal

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The Mend the Home show was awesome. This is the second year we’ve done the H4 show at the Bone and both times it was just out of this world. Eddie Walker took these shots.


Trayce paints the night away. He’s been doing a lot of shows with us lately and has been a great addition to the crew.


The Sunshine Kids on the first ever live art jaunt. They make killer beauty mirrors out of paint, and mirrors, and broken glass, and toys, and light bulbs, and….


Riki Johnson has been doing some gorgeous set ups at our shows lately. It’s good to be surrounded by her colorful art.

We demanded that if Serena Wills was going to move back East, she had to bring us another beauty, soulful female poet as a replacement. Fortunately, she was like, “no problem- meet Alexndra Marie”.


David Rodriguez’s performance with Playdough was the highlight of the night. When David dipped both hands into the bucket and starting throwing paint to the beat, we all lost it.


Detail of David Working.


The man with the plan. GOAT organized the night, a benefit for Genesis Women’s shelter.


Where does the night end? Ihop 5AM, kids.

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post by Michael Lagocki, pics by Eddie Walker

ArtLoveMagic kids workshop

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Samax Amen wrote this article for his ziontiffic blog.
Copy and paste. Thanks, Samax!

you know I love kids… it has only gotten worse (or is that better?) since i had one of my own. so when my boy Mike asked me to participate in the Arts Workshop he had set up for this past Saturday, i was ALL over it!

the event was at the Deep Ellum Community Center in downtown Dallas, so i saddled-up rolled out. even though i had to be there at the ghastly hour of 8:30 am (yes, freelancing from home has spoiled me) i was actually on-time and ready to rock! and rock it did! Mike and I did a drawing demonstation, but there were painters, a potter and graf artists in the house sharing the love of the art with these kids, who were mad eager to learn and show what they could do as well!

it’s very rewarding to get a chance to touch somebody’s life, especially kids. Artists are so seldom seen as valuable for teaching kids not only about art but also about life in general, but that’s what makes artLoveMagic cool, ’cause that’s what we do. i encourage artists to look for opportunities large or small to teach what they do.
words by samax Amen
photos by Carolyn Collins