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ArtLoveMagic Kid’s Workshop – November 2011

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story by Michael Lagocki
photos by Nicole Rodriguez and Michael Leyzer

On November 19th, 2011 we produced another one of our series of Kid’s Workshops. The intent with these is to get kids bumping elbows with real local artists and getting the chance to create alongside of them.

I’m thrilled to say, the event was a huge success. We were nervous, to be honest. On previous workshops we bussed kids in from local schools, but this time the event was completely open. We had no many idea how many kids were going to show up. Fortunately, we had a packed house. Kids and parents from many surrounding area came by the dozens.

We had 8 visual artists and two performing artists work with the children. Everyone understood that what were we trying to do was nothing like a classroom. We wanted to get away from formalized teaching and rely on a more “studio” approach. What the kids would experience was very much like what the artists experience in their daily lives as professionals.

Including a DJ this time around was a real plus. DJ Sean P let the kids scratch records on his turntables, while local MC IZK taught them how to use a microphone and create simple freestyle rhymes.

Outside, painter Jerod Alexander Davies taught his “Just.Us.League.” style of collaborative painting, including using spray paint for graffiti effects. The same week Jerod shared these skills with us and the kids, he had a new mural open at the Dallas Museum of Art. This is exactly the kind of experience we wanted to achieve with the idea of kids collaborating with real local artists.

Every station had a different artform, led by a different local artist. The kids were welcome to roam free and stay wherever they wanted for as long as they wanted. Surprisingly, the crowds were pretty evenly spread about. It seemed most kids experienced the majority of the stations, but each had a different favorite.

This workshop was possible because of generosity. Donor Jeanne Blanton funded the workshop (in memory of Don). ArtLoveMagic and the Deep Ellum Foundation produced the day. We had a volunteer crew that was beyond amazing, with multiple volunteers actually setting up impromptu art stations themselves and teaching once we realized we had more kids than we expected.

TREES very generously donated their building and several staff members to host us. I kept thinking, how amazing is it that these kids are getting to perform on a stage, with the real equipment, in one of the most well known music venues in Deep Ellum. If these kids do go on to be in a band in ten or fifteen years, they may very well come back and play this stage again.

I know in my life, it was often a short encounter with someone who was willing to share their knowledge that led to me learning faster and gaining confidence in my art. I believe we created many of those moments for the kids at the workshop. Each artist involved was a stand out, not just for their talent, but for their giving personalities.

You know you’re doing something right when someone in the crowd brings you a cake to say thanks. (((thank you, Iris!))).

This was a great workshop, and we feel great about all those who taught, helped, and attended. Keep watching or our facebook page to learn about other upcoming workshops and live art events from our crew.

Live from the Deep Ellum Arts Festival: Day 2

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He gasps for breath and starts to type.

I’m not sure I have this in me. It’s near midnight and we’ve been killing it at the festival since early this morning. Pure love. And I mean Pure Love. Dozens of artists and performers, poets mixing in up, live painting, live carving, collaborations, freestyles.

Dallas painter Joe Skilz is rightfully proud of this meditative painting he created live today.

This is what we were asked to do: create an area of the Deep Ellum Arts Festival where LIVE, LOCAL artists could build an environment where art and creativity are being celebrated for 360 degrees.

We did it. It’s a wonderland in there (we’ve taken over a large alley just off Main and turned it into an art and performance amusement park). Everyone’s loving it. So many people are coming up and talking to us, excited, enjoying the show, wanting to get involved.

The artists and performers’ job was to create something magical. Inspiring. Our job behind the scenes was to care for them, and to connect the people who attended the festival to the concept of artlovemagic. Share our story a bit. That was a huge effort. We had a crew of about a dozen volunteers and producers who put the experience together. We all worked hard and had a thousand conversations.

artist Jason Kinney shows his AMAZING photo realistic drawings to the crowd

Kaitlin Epperson leads at our interactive art chalkboard. Audience members were encouraged to draw with her.

I had a lot of favorite moments tonight, many from the performance stage. I’m hiphop head, especially interested in a select group of local performers. Poindexter killed it today. His raw, crazy, political raps are hilarious and insightful and fun. Goat, JackRabbit, and Elle blended together in a performance centered on storytelling. And Playdough, collaborating with his DJ Sean P, and artlovemagic co-founder David Rodriguez finished the night with a beats/words/and paint jam that dropped the audiences’ jaw.

Jerod Davies takes the microphone to share an inspirational original poem.

David Rodriguez slings paint while Playdough slings lyrics. This was a really cool performance. David's tools included water pistols loaded with paint that he shot at the piece.

One more day. The festival runs from 11am – 7pm tomorrow.

After two days I’m about to fall over.

And tomorrow morning I go from behind the scenes to in front. I’m scheduled to do live art on the first shift of the day. Yeeeeeaaaaaah, I know what you’re thinking…

It’s insanity fueled by love.



post and photos by Michael Lagocki

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