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More from the Deep Ellum Arts Festival

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This 2011 Deep Ellum Arts Festival was SUCH a big event that we need another post just to adequately cover it. This time the words are by lead producer Deborah Driscoll and the photos come from the lens of Heather Alley.

I really enjoyed seeing Daniel Perez (above) at the festival creating live.  He was added to the fest by David Rodriguez when we decided that 5 artist platforms was just not enough to showcase all the local badassery.  Looking very much forward to seeing Daniel in way more shows very soon!

What more can be said about Jerod Alexander (above)?  How about – He and his two brothers, Isaac and Jashua, were the featured artists of the entire festival who managed somehow to keep live art rolling in TWO separate parking lots, ran their own music stage, and hung two galleries full of amazing original art.  “Kudos” just isn’t enough.  Mad respect boys.

Conor Muldoon (above) is always a crowd favorite with his live pottery wheel awesomeness.  I loved swapping stories with him while he created, and of course seeing the newly expecting Mrs. Muldoon’s belly bump.  Crazy Happiness!

Ok…for real, Tonite Tonite is maybe my favorite local band here in Dallas.  Andres, the lead singer (above) and his brother Alex are truly confident with their style, which is a unique blend of indie-amazingness with deep, distinct vocals/lyrics, and really fresh over-all sound.  I was impressed the first time I saw them perform at one of our Art & Coffee open mic’s and I continue to be impressed by the super radical pre-release CD they gave me this weekend.  It’s THE BOMB!  Just sayin!

Chris and Hallie Garcia (above) are two of my favorite humans.  Colorful, kind, and really great friends to me.  This was their first time painting live as a husband/wife team and I think we all dug what they did.  Still can’t wait to see the finished product, guys!  Stupid Puzzle!  (inside joke)

Riki Johnson and Myriah Garcia can be seen above getting into a liquid latex experience together.  The first of its kind at one of our events!  Riki painted up two models with latex, then painted a canvas with acrylics.  Jenice Johnson took professional photo’s of both models in front of the painted canvas to add the finishing touch to this surreal live creation.  Good times, ladies!  It was my favorite to watch happen over the course of the weekend.

The trombone player from Reinventing Jude joined Matt Barron on stage to do some impromptu jamming!  Matt rocked the crowd as our headliner on Saturday  night, and MAN does he know how to end a show.  I think the only complaint was that he didn’t have any of his music for sale at the end of his set.  Matt, get to recording!!

Like Matt Barron, Eric Tipton (above) was a headliner for our stage as well, but on Friday night.  He is such a strong, passionate addition to our ArtLoveMagic family that now I can’t imagine not having him as a friend or on our stages.  Eric, thanks for sharing yourself and your amazing music with all of us.  Sincerely.

Not one but TWO of our beloved founders were featured as live artists in ArtLoveMagic Alley this year.  Michael Lagocki was hanging with his Comic brothers, Ghostwerks, while David Rodriguez (above) painted solo.  This piece said a lot to me, personally.  Fighting the clock.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts on canvas, and everything else you do!

It had been about 18 months since Arturo Torres took part in an ArtLoveMagic show until this past weekend at the fest.  The ridiculously beautiful painting you see above is now proudly hanging in my home.  He donated it to me as a thank you.  How cool is that???  Ice cold, baby.  Arturo was the only artist to sell ALL of his artwork and to completely finish his live painting before the day was done.  I think that speaks for itself.  Come back soon, Arturo.

For more from the festival keep reading! The previous post by Michael Lagocki and Kelsey Paine also covers this three day event.

Thank you.  Really.  Every one of you.

– Deb

Arts Goggle – Review!

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On Saturday, October 3rd ArtLoveMagic’s first infiltration of Fort Worth was unmistakably ArtLoveMagicy.  A photo collection of some of the night’s badasses:


Trayce Cochran


Elizabeth Trosper


Eddie Walker


Zach Scott Pohl


and of course, Riki Johnson

Riki Johnson, David & Nicole Rodriguez, and Keanna Pohl were the producers on this event, and they really kicked butt.  All the artists and musicians were happily creating and performing inside of a chill vibe and colorful atmosphere.  One of our newest volunteers, Sara Brown took the time to relate her experience to Keanna & me.  As one that has been involved with ArtLoveMagic for a couple of years now, I always find it refreshing when new folks come in and share their love with us.  Here were some of the cool things Sara experienced:

“The Goggle Event was my first real exposure to this type of creative outlet.  I love the honesty, caring and spontaneity of the artists.  Josh Dryk (right) was the highlight for me, as he showed us how painting with fire could be done.  I love the smell and feel of fire, as well as the visual effect!joshdryk

I found this a healing experience for me, moving into this large city. It is so nice to know there is such angelic folks like you to make life feel so alive! It would benefit so many people that need to know they matter….”

Welcome, Sara.

I really dug the fire art, too.  Conor Muldoon (below) throwing pottery live is always one of my favorite’s, and there were plenty of people who agreed with me.  I had the honor of performing the classic “Four Women” by Nina Simone with Kelly Nygren at my side, and the entire main stage was hosted by Fort Worth’s own Mike Guinn.  National Spoken Word champion Nnambdi Orakpo (below) was the feature poet of the evening and when he spit his piece, “Play Pretend” my eyes couldn’t help but leak and my soul couldn’t stop it’s speak…as Malcolm Jamal-Warner of the Cosby Show said, “Nnambdi is pure fire.”  I was the greatful recipient of his new book, Avant-God, Vintage Poetry Collection, which he was kind enough to sign for me. The Texas Red Legs rocked me to the last drop at the end of the night with their smash hit, “Black Sky Growl”, and so much more lie in between, you had to have been there.  I do hope that we continue to do shows with our friends at Arts 5th Avenue.  What nice people!  Art on, Fort Worth.  We’ll be seeing you.


photo of Josh Dryk fire painting by Jenice Johnson, photo of Nnambdi Orakpo by Sondra Beamon, all other photo’s by Amber Nix Matthew’s.

photo by Sondra Beaman

photo by Sondra Beamon

Press Release for Arts Goggle on 10/3/09, ArtLoveMagic’s first Ft. Worth show

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September 9, 2009


Mario Cauley


Arts Fifth Avenue presents Arts Goggle featuring ArtLoveMagic


Fort Worth, TX – (October 3, 2009) Dallas art collective ArtLoveMagic will partner with Arts Fifth Avenue to present Arts Goggle from 3:00 – 10:30 pm at Arts Fifth Avenue located at 1628 5th Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76104.  Arts Fifth Avenue kicks off the event with a free gallery exhibit preview from 3:00-6:00 pm, followed by ArtLoveMagic’s live entertainment beginning at 7:00 pm. Admission is $10.00 at the door, or $5.00 with a student ID.  $5.00 presale tickets are available now at  The Arts Goggle event accompanies a gallery exhibit which runs from September 27 – October 3 at Arts Fifth Avenue.


ArtLoveMagic creates unique art, music, and poetry fusion experiences that gather together local artists and performers from multiple disciplines to create live for the audience. The Arts Goggle marks ArtLoveMagic’s Forth Worth premiere and will spotlight the collaborative talent and skill of Fort Worth, Arlington and Dallas. Featured artists include spoken word artists Michael Guinn, Will Richey and Nnamdi Orakpo; painter Riki Johnson; and the music of GaydenLee, Rin Tin Tin and The Texas Red Legs. Come and experience live music, live artwork, spoken word and more.


“When people attend our events they are enveloped in the arts and are always encouraged to create with us,” says co-founder David Rodriguez.  “We are intentionally positive, seriously creative, and seek to produce events that inspire us as well as our audiences.”


ArtLoveMagic was co-founded in January of 2007 by Michael Lagocki, Justin Nygren, and David Rodriguez.  Since then, ArtLoveMagic has created more than 30 unique live experiences in Dallas, involving over 100 artists and performers. No two shows are the same, and each adds new ideas and creativity.  The collective’s mission is to tear down the walls that divide the artist from the audience and create a meaningful connection through the phenomenon of artistic interaction.


For more information on the Arts Goggle event, please visit 



Jaden with our ArtPark statues

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Photographs by Michael Lagocki
(thanks Nikki)

This one is a lot of fun. As most of you know, the famous Deep Ellum Art Park statues were recently re-painted, 8 of them by ArtLoveMagic family artists. As we finished, I photographed Jaden, daughter of co-founder David Rodriguez, with each of our statues. You can see the full art at the corner of Good Latimer and Commerce. Map linked here. Enjoy.


Jaden with Eddie’s Walker’s art


Jaden with Melody Hay’s art


Jaden with Joshua Boulet’s art

Jaden with Michael Lagocki’s art

Jaden with Lee Ann Stone’s art

Jaden with Samax Amen’s art

Jaden with Riki Johnson’s art

Jaden with her Father, David Rodriguez’s, art

More on Hip Hop Helps Heal

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The Mend the Home show was awesome. This is the second year we’ve done the H4 show at the Bone and both times it was just out of this world. Eddie Walker took these shots.


Trayce paints the night away. He’s been doing a lot of shows with us lately and has been a great addition to the crew.


The Sunshine Kids on the first ever live art jaunt. They make killer beauty mirrors out of paint, and mirrors, and broken glass, and toys, and light bulbs, and….


Riki Johnson has been doing some gorgeous set ups at our shows lately. It’s good to be surrounded by her colorful art.

We demanded that if Serena Wills was going to move back East, she had to bring us another beauty, soulful female poet as a replacement. Fortunately, she was like, “no problem- meet Alexndra Marie”.


David Rodriguez’s performance with Playdough was the highlight of the night. When David dipped both hands into the bucket and starting throwing paint to the beat, we all lost it.


Detail of David Working.


The man with the plan. GOAT organized the night, a benefit for Genesis Women’s shelter.


Where does the night end? Ihop 5AM, kids.

Each of these artists’ links can be found on the artist and performer page at

post by Michael Lagocki, pics by Eddie Walker