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Artist Spotlight: Jamie Reeves

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Tell me a little bit about yourself..

Hey there. My name is Jamie Reeves and I am a singer/songwriter from a little city called  Wylie, TX. Both of my parents grew up in musical families, so growing up my parents were always supportive of my love for playing music. With both of my older brothers being guitar players,  it wasn’t long after getting my first guitar that I began to strum the strings and write lyrics.  Before learning guitar I developed a passion for writing poetry. Lyrics and messages to the soul are very important in my music.  These days I reside in Carrollton where I play solo acoustic shows and high powered rock electric shows with  The Demigods.

As you have grown within your talent, what inspires you to create?

WOW! What an amazing question! One big thing that  inspires me to express is the world around me, and the world within me; even more so, the bridge that connects both of those worlds. Then there is the emotional world; it can take us to the highest highs and the lowest lows, it lets us express ourselves in the most unique fashion.  Then there is the “State of the World.”  It lets us create the beauty that we wish to see when we look from behind our eyes. Even though the world is filled with so much suffering, we can still make things brighter by following our dreams.

How long have you been producing your craft and why did you begin this form of expression?

I began writing songs with my brother Jake Reeves at the age of 11. With the help of my dad who was a harmonica player in the Dallas blues and Texas country scene, we played picking parties for the  now well known radio station 95.3 The Range. At the age of fifteen my Dad bought me my first acoustic guitar.  It wasn’t long  before I was singing and strumming, writing and molding, finding my self through poetry and sound. At heart, I am a healer. I can remember the first time I sang a note in front of my first grade music class and a shock of electricity ran up my spine. I felt I could heal with my voice, and this is why I continue to sing.

What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your talent?

I like this because this is a larger than life question. I want to share my music with the people on this planet who want to make this world a brighter place to live.  To one day be a part of something so big, it changes these false systems that we are all trapped in. I want to remind people of the old ways of the tribe and Shaman; to heal themselves with herbs, organic foods, and ancient healing methods. To plant trees, to respect nature and every form of life.”We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of the dream.”

Outside of your artistry, what other interests do you have?

These days I enjoy riding my bike, playing with my animals,  hanging with my family, practicing healing and magical arts, reading, camping, spending time with my niece, and crystal collecting.

What was your first experience with ArtLoveMagic?

My first ArtLoveMagic show was girlShow 2008. A couple of months previously I had met Deborah Driscoll and Cheryl Anderson at a local art collective called The Shanty. At the time I had taken somewhat of a hiatus from music and was focusing on research and activism. I started actively playing at the shanty, and once again began to write songs. Deb and Cheryl instantly told me about girlShow and ArtLove Magic. I started writing a song of inspiration called “Frozen memories” before the show. It was as if all of my emotions and built up energy from that year was packed into the song, and I was so ready to finally play a show again.  The night was filled with magical paint brushes and flashes of photography, beautiful faces, and voices. When I took the stage the magic took over, as I sang frozen memories I looked up to see everyone at the show watching me very intensely.  I had not yet finished the song, but on that magical night I wrote the rest of the song on stage, and I shined bright. ArtLoveMagic is an incredible organization for artistic people to gain inspiration, I am so happy that I found these fantastic beings during that difficult period in my life.

What web address can one go to to view more of what you do?


How can someone contact you?

You can email me at


Rest in Peace – Musician Bart D. Reeves

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ArtLoveMagic was blessed to know and work with Bart Reeves, musician and father of three local musicians – Josh, Jamie, and Jake Reeves. The above photo is from when Bart played with us at our Father’s Day show (accompanying his children).

Bart passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. He leaves behind an incredible family filled with musical talent and a desire to better the world.

Rest in peace, sir.

(photo by Josh Dryk)

March Art & Coffee… Handcrafted

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The March Art & Coffee is looking excellent with a handcrafted lineup that features facepainting, henna, woodworking, knitting, and jewelry.

Our feature acts are a pair of beautiful ladies: songwriter Jamie Reeves as our lead music act and love poet Alexandra Marie as our spoken word feature.

March also signals the return of our Open Mic (hosted by Konichiwa Zack), so bring your poetry and guitars. The list usually fills up rather quickly, so I’d show up by 8 if you’d like to perform.

The entire experience is FREE (but you’ll want to bring some cash so you can take home an original piece of art or get a henna tattoo or facepainting).

We wont have an Art Coffee in April (it falls on the same date as the Deep Ellum Arts Festival) so don’t miss this one.

Full Lineup
Music- Jamie Reeves
Poetry- Alexandra Marie
Woodworking- Tim Dugger
Facepainting/Henna- Sondra Beamon
Jewelry – Deborah Burley
Macrame Jewelry- Desiree Mazzola
Knitting/Crochet- Barbara Lagocki

Host- Kenichiwa Zach
Producer- Michael Lagocki

girlShow rocked.

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6052_135141280959_504365959_3219684_3818640_nWow. I mean wow.

Photographers are editing, writers are writing. I know there will be a ton of articles and images coming your way from girlShow across the next few days, but here’s the skinny:

ArtLoveMagic’s first two night event, girlShow2009, was an unqualified success. Friday night was crowded, Saturday night was packed. Around 700 attendees between the two nights. New experiments like the spa and the fashion show went off without a hitch.

The girls were brilliant.

More pics and stories coming your way fast, but I wanted to share a few images right away (shouldn’t I be asleep?).




photos by Jenice Johnson
post by Michael Lagocki