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Playdough’s HOTDOGGIN’ on some Dallas Hip Hop

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Friday night is going to be a pretty spectacular night of music and painting for the Dallas Hip Hop & Street Art scene. This is the official release party for HOTDOGGIN’ the third full studio album by local MC Playdough. The cd actually dropped online Tuesday and can be streamed live or downloaded here at Playdough’s bandcamp site.

In preparation for the release, we also had Playdough on our live radio show this Friday. DJ Sean P was there backing him up, and we had guest Daniel Katsuk in the studio as well. All three were interviewed and performed live (including a wicked little freestyle challenge that Playdough ripped into). Watch/Listen to the whole episode here.

Friday Night’s event will be no joke. In addition to Playdough and Sean P on stage, there will be sets from Dustin Cavazos, Sivion, and Jaybee, plus over a dozen live artists will be slinging paint. The amazing Just.Us.League will be joining the show as well – they’re a crazy wild art experiment that you’ll definitely want to see. Think 11 artists hitting a giant surface at once in a mad dash to create a 10 ft wide jam piece in under two hours.

Here’s the official facebook page for the event on Friday night at THE GREEN ELEPHANT.

ArtLoveMagic, where you been? (part 1)

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post & photos by Michael Lagocki

If you’re a reader of this blog and haven’t been attending many shows, it may appear as if we’ve been less active for the last month or two. Not true (believe me). But I haven’t had the time to update the blog anywhere near as regular as I’d like to. Need to get serious about having some other bloggers ’round these parts.

I have however been taking my camera to everything. So over the next few days I’m gonna try to upload a WHOLE MESS of photos to this blog. I won’t likely have the time to all the tagging and storytelling that I normally try to include, but hey- we can let the images speak for themselves.

So Part 1 is dedicated to CLEAR THE AIR. The show we did with Hip Hop Helps Heal to raise funds for the American Lung Association. Now THAT was a night.

Just see for yourself…

Clear the Air: Hip Hop Helps Heal Lung Cancer

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H4 founder Justin Griffith

ArtLoveMagic is once again partnering with H4- a local collective of hip hop musicians who donate their time and energies to put on shows that raise money for local charities. In the past H4 and ArtLoveMagic have partnered on shows to help those dealing with breast cancer and domestic violence issues. Now we are tackling Lung Cancer.

Justin Griffith (known on stage as G.O.A.T.) is the founder of Hip Hop Helps Heal. In only the last few weeks, his grandfather passed from Lung Cancer related issues. This show is being thrown in his memory.

H4 will supply the rappers and the DJs. ArtLoveMagic will supply the live artists and the spoken word poets. The show will be Saturday Night August 28th at a rrrreally cool new club in Deep Ellum called ARNETIC (Elm & Malcom X). Today was just the first meeting of the production crew and already the lineup has some of the best street artists and hip hop acts in town involved. A full list will be announced soon. We’re going to move fast on this one and put together an incredible show in just under a month.

the production team for CLEAR THE AIR: Hip Hop Helps Heal Lung Cancer (photo Vincent Tucker)

Mark your calendar for the 28th.

Live art, hip hop, a worthy cause.

Breathe Deep.

The air will be fresh.

ArtLoveMagic supports…

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Thankfully, artlovemagic’s not the only group out here doing excellent community art and performance shows. Here are two shows we’ll be throwing a bit of love and support to that are thrown by our allies in the fight for good art:

The Southwest Regional Shootout Poetry Slam
This major slam poetry competition features some of the best poets from this area of the county, including several seen on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. We were brought into this event by our good friend Kenichiwa Zach (host of our Art & Coffee shows). We’ll be there Saturday night with a handful of live artists creating, showing, and selling on site.
Friday June 10th & Saturday June 11th

for more info
check the facebook page here

The Elements of Dallas HipHop
Dallas is rightfully being recognized as a source of incredible underground hiphop. This thrilling showcase features many of the very best DJs, MCs, breakdancers, and graff painters from DFW. The incredible lineup of talent was put together by the super team of REC SHOP / POOR VIDA PRODUCTIONS / VIGILANTE MUSIC GROUP. If you want to really know what local hiphop is all about, this show is definitely for you.
Sunday July 4th

for more info, check the facebook page here

ArtLoveMagic joins Poor Vida hip hop show

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Join Michael Lagocki, Josh Boulet, Riki Johnson, Samax Amen, IZK, Trayce and other artlovemagic artists at The Green Elephant show this Friday Night. Lots of good hip hoppers. Lots of good vibes. Only $7 for a night of live art and music. When we joined Poor Vida’s show last year, a blast was had by all. If you want to feel the vibe from last time, click here for stories and pics.

See you Friday!