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Rest in Peace – Musician Bart D. Reeves

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ArtLoveMagic was blessed to know and work with Bart Reeves, musician and father of three local musicians – Josh, Jamie, and Jake Reeves. The above photo is from when Bart played with us at our Father’s Day show (accompanying his children).

Bart passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. He leaves behind an incredible family filled with musical talent and a desire to better the world.

Rest in peace, sir.

(photo by Josh Dryk)

ArtLoveMagic Entry Image: Loungin’ Around

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The top photo is the original image used in creating the new entry for I totally dig this new entry image, and not because I worked on it. The original photo was taken by Jenice Johnson at our Father’s Day event which was located at located at the Egg & I in Addison. To end the night right Justin found me within the collection and told me to follow him. He does this often at our events and this usually leads to an interview or a photo op or something amazing is going on at our event and he wants to make sure that I get a chance to see it. I’m concerned about the day that will come when I blindly follow him, as I do, and he leads me to my doom. That will be a sad day. Anyway, this was a photo op. Michael and Serena were already comfortable on the ground. Justin joined in and I quickly got what we were trying to accomplish. Sherry decided to join us and Jenice began to shoot.

About a day after the event a collection of photos began appear on Jenice’s facebook account and this image was among them. This is ArtLoveMagic. We are gathering up amazing talent, we are rockin’ out shows, we are making an impact in our communities, we are sharing the love, and we’re doing it our way and enjoying every minute of it. That’s what this pic represents to me. As well, it is a great reminder of our amazing poet and dear friend, Serena Wills, who will be incredibly missed when she moves to DC (but she’ll be back for girlShow!)

When I told Jenice I wanted to use the image for an entry image, she expressed how she liked the image as well but was not happy that the linen we were resting on did not travel to the edges of the frame and mentioned her dislike of viewing the electrical plug within the shot. Hearing stuff like that makes me smile because I know I can fix those things with ease, and completely enjoy doing so. I will Photoshop that image up and down until it begs for mercy!

After that conversation I knew what she wanted me to fix but I knew I still needed to add some element within it in order for it to be ready for the site but I didn’t know what it might need. Then it hit me. I always try and add the text “artlovemagic” into the image somehow. In this one I could make the letters appear as though they were physically in the shot . And presto. Now I’m smilin’. Thanks Jenice for taking a beautiful shot of us (btw, I’m the one in the white button down). I think it’s another awesome piece, really… I’m trying not to be egotistical about this. If you have a concept that you think might be cool, let me know at

post by David Rodriguez

More images from Father’s Day

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These Father’s Day pics were taken by audience member Josh Dyrk from our Father’s Day event (6/20/09) at the Egg  I Restaurant.



The evening was well attended and enjoyed by many families. This had a very different feel from most artlovemagic events. It was more chill, with the environment providing a laid back atmosphere. The Egg & I put out a beautiful buffet spread and we left open space for people to sit down and just enjoy dinner. The rest of the room was taken up by art displays and live artists working.

We set potter Conor Muldoon dead center in the middle of the room so that attendees could walk 360 degrees around him as he worked. Meanwhile, airbrush artist Eddie Walker worked live on a special Father’s Day inspired piece.


Architectural designer Jim Thompson brought a truly cool setup. He transported an entire office to the show, setting up an environment just like he works in professionally.


fathersday09-02We also set up one room as a performance area where musicians and poets entertained the crowd. Jacob Reeves, a new Father himself, brought his Dad, Bart with him to back him up on Harmonica.

Local writer Jay Bookworm was the first one who suggested we do a Father’s Day event. Poets Michael Lagocki, Kylun Rodriguez, and Serena Wills also performed, along with musicians Parallel Play, Something In The Wheel, and Jaimie Reeves.


Joe Townson, who usually does abstract paintings at our events, tried his hand at a figure portrait, even bringing a live model with him to work from. Joe and painter David Rodriguez set up outside on the Egg & I’s porch. Parallel Play went outside late in the night to entertain them since they missed most of the inside performances.


It really was a wonderful night.  This one really didn’t feel like any other I can recall. Different locations, different themes, and different selections of artists create utterly unique experiences each time we go out the door. I think it’s important as an organization that we keep getting new people involved, keep doing new things.

Revolutions take creativity.

photos by Josh Dyrk
post by Michael Lagocki

for more on this event, see our previous post

Love and Family on Father’s Day

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This post comes from Erica Davis, a painter who showed at our recent Father’s Day event at the Egg & I.


Last Saturday night Art Love Magic hosted a show at the Egg and I restaurant in Addison. The atmosphere was full of art…love…and magic (what a fitting name for the nonprofit). True to the spirit of the organization, all of the artists (visual, poetic, graphic, music, culinary, etc.) joined together to share their talents with the DFW community honoring fathers for the holiday.



Matt Barron set the tone with passionate pieces on guitar. Serena Wills (poet and soror) stirred audience members to tears with her spoken word piece, “His Voice”. Jay Bookworm pulled back the petals of the heart and soul to reveal the depths to which fatherly love can go. Miss Deb stood atop a chair and stunned the room silent in awe as she belted a powerful a capella selection to close the night.



As music played, paint/air brushes danced across canvas, balls of clay were transformed into original artistic pottery and the guests dined on some of the MOST amazing cuisine to hit the North Dallas area…people were changed. Life and art intersected in a way that the founders of this organization dreamed and saw manifested. One night. Many ARTists. Lots of LOVE and lots of MAGIC.

I feel blessed to have been a part of it.

-text by Erica Davis
photography by Jenice Johsnon
all of Jenice’s shots can be seen here