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Xavier’s School

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post by Michael Lagocki

ArtLoveMagic has purchased about 30 copies of this special blank artist’s cover of the XMen #1 comic. The cover is made from illustration bristol. The rest of the book is a normal comic book featuring the Xmen.

Saturday NIght (9/10/11) at Synchronicity, we’re going to pilot the idea of using these special comics to raise money for local children’s causes. Artists David Rodriguez, Will Klein, and Khalid Robertson will take the first 3 comics and draw original XMen covers on them. Will’s drawing the character Nightcrawler, Khalid will be doing Marvel Girl.

I don’t know who David’s decided to do yet.

The comics will be auctioned off during the night. Money collected will benefit local kids (I have a first target in mind, but haven’t spoken to them yet). Attendees of Synchronicity will be able to bid on the books. One of a kind. Originals.

If this all goes like I expect this will be an ongoing program, with many more artists. I want to call it Xavier’s School.

We’ll post pictures of the first 3 results here at the blog after Saturday Night’s show.


The XMen are, of course, the property of Marvel Comics.

Artist Spotlight: Khalid Robertson

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Tell me a little bit about yourself..

Well let’s see. I’ve been drawing and making stuff since about 7th grade. I think that book Dark Knight Returns got me started. After that, that was all she wrote. I set off to do this comic/art thing.
I ended up at Prarie View A&M after high school, at L.C. Anderson in Austin Texas, where I’m originally from. It was a good school. Made a lot of friends, but it wasn’t what I was about. I think this is around the time I started getting my never ending requests of : Can You Draw My Logo?
After a while, Prarie View couldn’t give me the education I needed, so I went to University of North Texas. My major was Communication Design (i.e. Graphic Design). It was cool also. I met plenty of people and learned a lot. HOWEVER, none had as much of a profound effect on me as the mighty Ghostwerks crew; Mario Cauley, Samax Randolph, Corance Davis and Michael Lagocki!
I learned a lot about comics, art and focus. I saw my faults and my strengths, and in the process, I developed strong life long relationships. I graduated in 1997 from UNT, andstarted in the web design business. I kept drawing and still do, and I hope to keep growing as an artist as much as possible.

As you have grown within your talent, what inspires you to create?

Animation does a lot. I need a better computer so I can get more of what I want. 3D, 2D, After Effects, Game design, and movies. All are inspirations, from Turbo Teen to FLCL.

How long have you been producing your craft and why did you begin this form of expression?

I started in about ’84. I remember I got back from a Boy Scout camp out and went to the mall after washing off  Boy Scout funk. I’d gone to the book store and found a book called “Drawing Comics the Marvel Way”. I’ve never been so hyped. I think I was on that thing from 4 to 11pm. From there I got into a lot of the Image Comics’ guys and grafitti.
I never really picked up a krylon can, but enjoyed the aesthetic all the same. After that I try to apply as much as I know can fit into whatever project I can do.

What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your talent?

I would love to make an animated movie for myself, direct a big budget animated movie, have my own product and company and keep working to make comics.
The ultimate goal of all of this though, is to realize who I am and learn to trust it.

Outside of your artistry, what other interests do you have?

I have typical interests: basketball, women, religion and learning how to cook.  A big one is music, and how beats are made and the applications people use these days. People use iPhones to make beats now. Crazy.

What was your first experience with ArtLoveMagic?

Wow. I suppose a big one was Samax and I teaching kids about art from ages 5 – 15. I had a drawing of spider man and one kid was so hyped to be there, that he asked me how to do it.  That and the third until I finally just gave him the picture. I thought to myself,” he’ll figure it out.”

What web address can one go to to view more of what you do?

or my Facebook: Khalid Robertson (that has a lot)

How can someone contact you?

Comics Will Save the World

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That’s what we think, anyways.  Love could do it, too.

One of ArtLoveMagic’s favorite local artists, Joshua Boulet has entered this design to for a possible t-shirt design.  If you like the design, take a moment to click this link and vote for him.  We sure did.

Way to go, Boulet!

Space-Gun rocks comics

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ArtLoveMagic congratulates the DFW based SPACE-GUN STUDIOS who released two new locally produced comics yesterday. SENRYU by Matthew Warlick and SOLOMON AZUA by Jake Ekiss (interview below). Both these cats have done mulitple artlovemagic shows. These two books were no small amount of effort and love, and we’re proud of you guys. You can get the comics at local comic book shops or check the crew’s website here –

interview with Jake at

Who is Samax Amen?

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amenafro-11Samax Amen is a live, electric, energetic cartoonist. His firecracker fierce love of loud lines paints emotional grafitti on your spleen. When taken in high doses, this typically causes trip-like hallucinegenic effects that brighten your eyes, give rise to truth over illusion, and enable 1 out of 5 people to fly.

amen-ghettomangaOwnership of his comic book work will mean your home will never get struck by lighting. If you happen to own an original painting, all your decendents and their pets will be blessed for 7 generations.

While exploration of his many art galleries and excellent blog on popculture are highly recommended, novices are urged to be cautious and injest the work at a slower pace than its own momentum might compel you. Vertigo was most common in those test subjects who possesed a strong fear of hiphop.amenoldschool1

Sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, often benevolent and always soulful, the work of Samax Amen will enrichen your life and eventually develop your ab muscles. He is frequently visible throughout town at comic book shows, artlovemagic events, and reading graphic novels various local Barnes & Nobels.

I’ve worked with Samax for years. Although we draw in completely different styles, our work tends to blend together seamlessly. It’s because the driving force behind his work is his personality, and it reflects his open, enthusiastic nature.

Blessed are you who are new to his vibration. Proceed with joy and welcome the love.


for everything Samax, I’d start here:

posted by Michael Lagocki