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Underground 2012 Press Release

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Contact: David Rodriguez
Tel. 972-743-3105

“Underground 2011”
“Dallas’ Largest Live Art Event”
February 11, 2012
Janette Kennedy Gallery within
South Side On Lamar
1409 S. Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215
8pm – 12am (7pm open to VIP’s)
$15 door
Organization Website:
Event Website:
facebook page:
facebook event page:, a Texas NFP organization proudly announces Underground.
Underground has a tradition of being the biggest, loudest, freshest show ArtLoveMagic does every year at South Side On Lamar (1409 S. Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215). In 2012 you can expect no less than 50 live artists, dozens of art forms, and absolutely incredible live performance acts. The show will be for one night only, Saturday, February 11, from 8pm to 12am. A two week long exhibit containing works from artists performing in Underground will be on display prior to the event within the Janette Kennedy Gallery (1/27 – 2/11). Like all ArtLoveMagic events, this experience will be live and interactive. Each artist whose work is in the two week long exhibit will be creating live on February 11th, 2012. Audience members will watch artwork come to life, while musicians, dancers and poets entertain on the stage. Live performances by Spoonded Tribe, Katsük, Keisha Hunter, Ashley Falgout and more. In addition, Underground will also feature the Blue Room once again, a 21+ room where you can see bodies painted, various sensual art, and unique presentations.Entry is $15 at the door.  But you can buy discounted tickets right now at or at (discounted tickets available only through midnight 2/9/12).
   ArtLoveMagic was founded in January of 2007 with the belief that a staggering amount of artistic talent in Dallas was going unrecognized and/or underdeveloped.  We have created more than 100 live experiences, involving over 1000 artists and performers. What generally is missing from gallery shows is so obvious that we usually take that lacking for granted – the creators responsible for the artwork. Thankfully, our artists are always present and creating live, which offers a unique opportunity for audiences to learn, co-create, and for perspective clients to inquire about the creative process.For more information on Underground and the artists/musicians involved, please visit or http://undergrounddallas.comWe hope to receive your support at this, our most anticipated event of the 2012.Visit our amazing sponsors:

Astounding Sounds & Lighting –

Big D Party Rentals –


Rock and Roll Tacos –

Eventbrite –

Titan Comics –

Southside on Lamar –

Poor Vida –

Rec Shop –

Ufilmhouse –

2826 Arnetic –

Deep Eddy Vodka –

Absinthe –

Deep Ellum Brewing Company –

Red Bull –

Just what is SYNCHRONICTY?

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(ˌsinkrəˈnisiti) – Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner.

SYNCHRONICITY is also the name of the next ArtLoveMagic event on September 10th, 2011.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe it for this blog and the best answer I can come up with is the following photo collage:

Simply put, Synchronicity is a mash-up of over 24 local artists and performers, jamming together for one night, to create something unexpected. If it was a math equation, it’d look something like this:


This lineup of creative energy is just ridiculous. Even for ArtLoveMagic, SYNCHRONICITY will be a senses blurring stir fry of diversity and creativity on overload.

It also signals a return to the kind of show ArtLoveMagic was built on. Not a mammoth “UNDERGROUND” or “girlShow” type mega-event, and not a controlled model show like Art & Coffee. SYNCHRONICITY is an experiment. What does the Dallas art scene look like if splattered across a canvas like a Jackson Pollock painting?

Get ready to be amazed. There’s no better way to spend your Saturday night.


Synchronicity is Saturday Night 9/10/11
at 2826 Arnetic from 8pm-2am
21 and up   door = $5

for more detailed info on the performers, visit SYNCHRONICITY’s facebook event page here.


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ArtLoveMagic and Heroes4Heroes(H4H) are working together to produce an event in Deep Ellum that will have comic book artists creating live pieces that will be auctioned off to benefit H4H and ArtLoveMagic.

H4H works directly with members of the United States Military, corporations, and the general public to provide portable media to active troops in order to boost morale and keep our men and women in uniform culturally tuned-in…. H4H is a 501c3 that gathers, organizes, and sends entertainment material such as comic books, DVDs, CDs, books, magazines, MP3 players, and game systems to our Heroes.

ArtLoveMagic creates live interactive experiences that bring artists and performers together with their communities in brilliant ways. ArtLoveMagic not only produces amazing, interactive and entertaining experiences that include multiple talents such as painters, musicians, poets, performers, photographers and more, but they also share these capabilities with the community through kids workshops and artist workshops. ArtLoveMagic is a Texas Not For Profit currently working on it’s 501c3.

We invite you to hang with us and see art being created by artist Mitch Breitweiser, artist of CAPTAIN AMERICA: PATRIOT, CAPTAIN AMERICA: ZERO POINT, and more. Check out Jerod Alexander as he body paints on a model and turns her into one of your favorite female superheroes. David Rodriguez of ArtLoveMagic will also be creating live. Come out and see additional talents such as Ixchel Aguilar, Martin Campos and Lorenzo Lopez. More artists will be announced soon.

National touring band, Spoonfed Tribe, will be providing some live music. On Saturday, May 21st you see an amazing array of talent creating pieces you will want to walk home with.

$5 at the door.

More info to come
facebook invite here

Heroic & Villainous Art

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words by Michael Lagocki
color photos by Kelsey Paine
black and whites by William Neal

The Comicpalooza event was really something else. We gathered more than a dozen artists to create live art to benefit the hero initiative, a very worthy charity. We also filled the room (Arnetic in Deep Ellum) with killer local DJs, comic and art books for sale, and rare collectibles- all to benefit the charity.

The art was amazing. Packed house, good people, great time.

Here’s some pics of the night and a few quick facts:

1- every piece created Saturday night sold.

2- most buyers walked away with real bargains. A James O’Barr original for $300, that gorgeous painting by David for $200, and many beautiful pieces between $50-$100? Steals. The artists were happy to sell their work at these prices as it allowed fans to walk home with work and the charity to walk home with $$$.

3- Great sounds from the DJs. Each DJ donated their time for the night to inspire the crowd and artists. DJ Dean Dillinger, Viz, Hologram Dagger: Thank you!

4- This was a COMMUNITY EFFORT., Titan Comics, our buddy Tom Martin, The Comicpalooza Convention, and all kinds of other people contributed.

5- One artist, Samax Amen wrote up his own experience of the event at his blog. You can check that out here.

6- The buy-it-now table of rare collectibles was a definite experiment that worked out great. Artists and contributors donated their old toys, comics, and drawings and the crowd snatched ’em up. That money went to the Hero Initiative too.

7- Many requests for more events like this. People dig the comic artists. Nothing’s on the calendar yet, but you can be sure this isn’t the last time we’ll do something this heroic!

ArtLoveMagic, where you been? (part 1)

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post & photos by Michael Lagocki

If you’re a reader of this blog and haven’t been attending many shows, it may appear as if we’ve been less active for the last month or two. Not true (believe me). But I haven’t had the time to update the blog anywhere near as regular as I’d like to. Need to get serious about having some other bloggers ’round these parts.

I have however been taking my camera to everything. So over the next few days I’m gonna try to upload a WHOLE MESS of photos to this blog. I won’t likely have the time to all the tagging and storytelling that I normally try to include, but hey- we can let the images speak for themselves.

So Part 1 is dedicated to CLEAR THE AIR. The show we did with Hip Hop Helps Heal to raise funds for the American Lung Association. Now THAT was a night.

Just see for yourself…