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July Art & Coffee Preview Video

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Hey ArtLoveMagic Fans,

We’ve got a special video preview for our upcoming July Art & Coffee! ArtLoveMagic was able to sit down with singer/songwriter Micha Goolsby and asked her to share her experience our group. We’ve also helped her record and produce an EP to sell at the show. Check out the video and her music!

You can learn more about July’s Art & Coffee by visiting our event page, and we hope to see you there!

Ufilmhouse rocks another vid of Underground!

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Amazing video from Underground 4

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Those folks at Loyal KNG really knocked this video out of the park. It was filmed at UNDERGROUND 4 (2012) and includes narration by producers Cody Phillips and David Rodriguez. What an amazing capture of what we do. Great job, guys!

Moses Uvere – “Problems”

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File this under good things accomplished in 2011.

Musician Moses Uvere and director Teddy Cool did a good thing when they decided to turn Moses’ latest music video into an event that could ease some pain as well. The two collected donations and supplies and hit the road to film the video for the song “Problems” in Joplin, Missouri where tornadoes had just torn through and devastated many homes and lives.

ArtLoveMagic had a small hand in donating art supplies and cash to an art therapy program that Moses and Teddy were talking to. We were proud to be a part of it, and both the song and video are wonderful. This was a very cool way of taking the art you’re already creating and blessing someone else as it’s realized. Enjoy.

Sneak Peek to Underground 2012!

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Story by David Rodriguez

At Underground you will find:

Jen Shu capturing your moment within an amazing interactive photobooth area.

Photo by Jen Shu

Jen’s photography is amazing. She has been jammin’ with us for a few years but this will be her first Underground as a participating artist.

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Artist Spotlight: Kevin Obregon

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Tell me a little bit about yourself..

My name is Kevin Obregón and I am a painter, sculptor, writer, photographer, musician, artist advocate, performance artist (live paintings), muralist and organizer. I am a fifth-generation Texan from San Antonio. Out of High School, I was studying to be a doctor, as a Biology major with an art & jazz minor, with the idea that I was going to be a medical illustrator, since I was drawing photo-realistically since I was in Jr. High. It didn’t take too long to figure out I was not only barking up the wrong tree, but that once I embraced the idea of working large, I was doing something more physically and psychically rewarding. But still, one New Years day 1988, I chose to move to Dallas to study visual communications where I received a scholarship to the Art Institute of Dallas and began honing my talents and began working on my skills as a designer. After working in positions ranging from Creative Director for a video game company to set designing to writing copy for advertising, I decided to launch myself into the realm of being a professional full-time fine artist.

As you have grown within your talent, what inspires you to create?

I am inspired by everything, really. Overheard conversations (even those lip-read), the way shadows play upon textures, the synchronous and serendipitous placement of everyday objects seen only if your eyes are trained to recognize their rarefied state. Of course, I am also inspired by the female form, totemic creatures, and the spontaneity of life. I love to take pictures & carry my camera with me always in order to capture these elements as they are brought before me, so photography helps me to what can best be described as time travel – through strong sense memory.

How long have you been producing your craft and why did you begin this form of expression?

Since the age of 2 years, I was drawing more than speaking, perhaps due to the fact that since birth, I had problems with my hearing. I had my own design firm while still in high school, designing logos, T-shirts and album covers – even redesigned my drum section’s marching band uniforms to a more sleek, corp-style of apparel. I took up painting seriously in 1994, starting with photo realism again, but I eventually expanded my interests beyond painting into mixed media, assemblage, small sculptures and then began applying how music can affect its execution. After moving to Little Forest Hills – a highly creative enclave of artists and musicians in east Dallas, I was selected to be on the steering committee for the White Rock Lake Artist’s Studio Tour, which at the time, was in it’s 12th year of operation. It wasn’t until after opening my studio up to the public & started painted before a live audience (after suffering a bit of performance anxiety, I admit), that I realized that the general public is enthralled by watching art being made. I hadn’t realized at the time just how moved people were – and contrary to what many artists might think, the notion of “demystifying” the art-making process in front of someone doesn’t actually reveal many trade secrets (although it can, artist’s should be wary of doing so), but it “re-mystifies” the ideals behind being an artist and that to make something look easy can floor people. Hence, I began to paint before larger audiences and eventually figured out that the relationship people have with art is enhanced when they invest in the moment of its creation. Once people invest in the moment, they are more likely to develop a relationship with not only the artist, but the artist’s work. There’s now a story behind the art and not merely a “product”, devoid of real-world narrative.

What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your talent?

I want to simply make art in whatever form I feel expresses it best.

Outside of your artistry, what other interests do you have?

I am interested in cultural anthropology through murals & graffiti, social injustices, quantum jumping & theories revolving around the theory of holographic frequencies & interference as it pertains to alternate realities. I love the idea of love, as well.

What was your first experience with ArtLoveMagic?

I had seen a group of artists making art as part of the “I Am Here” show at the Southside on Lamar near downtown Dallas. It reaffirmed how people respond to artists making art in contrast to artists showing finished art. Both of which are just as valid, but have very difference visceral residues from the art viewer. Since then, I have observed ALM and participated in a few other events, the most recent of which was their second annual “Underground” show – also at Southside on Lamar in February of 2011.

What web address can one go to to view more of what you do?

How can someone contact you?

Since I;m hearing impaired, e-mail or facebook are the easiest.

My e-mail address is:

and my facebook page is:

DFW Reporting article on ArtLoveMagic

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Deep Ellum has people with hearts for the arts [HD] from DFW Reporting on Vimeo.

A year in the life of Dustin Cavazos (in 7 minutes)

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We’re just really proud to see someone in our community that has this kind of support- and is using it to produce good work. If you don’t know Dustin Cavazos, or his music, you really should check him out. This short video will let you walk with Dustin for about a year, bridging the release between releasing his two most recent works.

More about Dustin can be found at his website:

here’s another one – just for fun
this was done to promote Dustin’s new album Be.Leave.Me.

Local artists making waves – Teddy Cool

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Don’t sleep. Director Teddy Cool and his crew at Blue Pill Entertainment are doing some amazing work lately – a LOT of it. In a recent conversation, Teddy let me know that he had a goal of directing 10 music videos this year alone (currently, he’s completed and released 5).

photo by Gordon Black

Teddy’s work is a cut above. From the shot selection, to the lighting, to the editing, these videos are sharp, clear, and professional. Teddy’s impacting the local art scene by giving musicians quality videos that showcase their talents… and he’s really good at making his subjects look like rock stars.

Below are four videos, all directed by Teddy in recent months. Each features a local hip hopper (or crew) performing original work. It’s worth noting that pretty much all of these were shot on shoe string budgets.  I find it inspiring that Blue Pill can do this much with a few cameras and a few dedicated people.

JackRabbit James’ Me and My Music video uses several different locations and tons of local faces. The “extra” song at the end of the video was a last minute choice to add, but ends up being one of the most expressive and fun parts of the whole thing. Make sure you watch all the way through.

Playdough’s Ya Heard was a single day shoot in Denton in only two locations. I was lucky enough to be there and get to see the crew work. We shot a LOT more than you see here. Teddy shoots enough so that he has plenty of good moments to pic from. One thing that impressed me the most, was that by doing most of the work in-camera (ie without post effects) we were able to look at shots within minutes of filming them.  This is a great example of doing a lot with a little and using lighting correctly to make everyone look good.

* — * — * — * — *

Language warning: the next two videos are not for kiddos

Teddy directed the first two videos of the DFW cypher project. That project involves small teams of local rappers coming together to perform on a single track and display their lyrical talents. Great editing here is what enables a very simple shoot to produce a great video.

This one really takes it all the way. Hardcore hiphop crew, the Aux Heard, put together this fast and powerful track. Together with Teddy, they created a video with feature film quality shots and effects… and ZOMBIES! This one really blew me away when I saw it.

It’s great to see someone local really going for it, and expressing this much talent. Keep your eyes peeled for a soon-to-be released experiment that artlovemagic and Teddy teamed up for. Check out a sneak of that here.

Keep pushing, Dallas.


local music – Playdough’s Ya Heard video

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Dallas music videos are looking GOOD lately. That’s thanks in part to Teddy Cool and the folks at Blue Pill entertainment. They’ve been shooting some rrreally impressive stuff lately- comparable with big budget shoots- smart editing, clean lighting, good work. Of course for it to mean anything, you need a great performer with a great song. Fortunately Playdough’s latest album Hotdoggin‘ is up to the task.

Blue Pill Entertainment shot the video for the song “Ya Heard” a few weeks back in Denton. ArtLoveMagic’s Michael Lagocki was on hand for the shoot (you can see ML hoping around the video at the end in the party and couch shots).

ArtLoveMagic, Blue Pill and Playdough also shot another video the following week in Deep Ellum. That one is part of a very cool experiment that you’ll get to see the results of soon. But this week is all about Ya Heard. Enjoy the video. And if you know folks that’s enjoy conscience hip hop, or Texas music, pass it along. Support the good stuff.