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Yelp’s Passport to Deep Ellum!

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Today, May 7th, Marks the first day of Yelp’s Passport to Deep Ellum! ArtLoveMagic has been supporting this campaign by having a mural created on Quixotic World’s wall advertising this focus, illustrated by Harmony Witte & Taylor Cleveland.

From special events to special deals, help us celebrate Deep Ellum!

La Reunion: Art Chic@s

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Story by David Rodriguez
Photos by Allison V. Smith

On Saturday, October 22, ArtLoveMagic assisted a kids workshop called Art Chic@s which was produced by La Reunion. Art Chicos was a workshop that gave Dallas-area high school students the opportunity to create and showcase their work at the La Reunion TX site. Students learn from this experience about the creative process, about logistics, and about art as a profession. ArtLoveMagic’s involvement was to provide four volunteers to make the event run a bit smoother.

Two of our volunteers worked the morning shift. Brenian Swift and Luis Torres answered the call and they were perfect for the tasks. I came out to see their progress around 11am and found Brenian holding onto a log while Luis was swinging around a chainsaw, sharpening one end of the log. Later I found out that they were creating giant color pencils (cool!).

The afternoon shift was filled by Lawrence Alexander and Trayce Cochran. Each volunteer hung out with a group of boys handling separate tasks. Trayce hung out with the crew that “planted” the over-sized color pencils that Luis and Brenian help construct during the first shift. Lawrence assisted the other group of kids that worked on adding art and reinforcement to a natural archway/tunnel made from the surrounding foliage. I even got into the mix and added some details to their work.

I brought Kylun, my son, with me to the workshop and he quickly found a spot where he could lend a hand. We were only going to stay a short while to make sure things were going well but he found a rhythm and was enjoying the company of his peers, so we stayed until the workshop was over.

It was wonderful to see these kids take this opportunity to be in nature and create artwork along side veteran artist. I know this will make an imprint in their lives to some measure. Some might take away new skills and approach. Others might gleam new understand and see opportunity. In all, growth occurred in multiple ways and ArtLoveMagic was happy to be there to help nurture it in any way.


It is important to take the time to teach and encourage the next generation. I am proud of our crew and am thankful that we take opportunities like these to invest in the future of our young artists.

To see more images by Allison V. Smith go to


Artists with a Vision

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Our friends at DFW Reporting asked us to let you know about this very cool benefit exhibit featuring three blind Texas artists.
WHAT:   Artists with a Vision Art Exhibit

Living Successfully with Vision Loss – American Foundation for the Blind

Artists interviews available on Tuesday, Sept. 20 in addition to the evening of the exhibit.

WHEN:    Wed., Sept. 21, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.
WHERE:    Samuel Lynne Galleries, Dallas Design District
1105 Dragon St. Dallas 75207

WHY:     Benefiting the Center on Vision Loss, Dallas Texas
Contact:    Abi Erickson for tickets, starting at $75 each


Exhibit and Cocktail Reception
Featuring works by award winning artists are living successfully despite their loss of sight. 

John Bramblitt, Painter

John is an artist living in Denton Texas. His art has been sold in over twenty countries and he has appeared internationally in print, TV and radio. He has received much recognition including the ‘Most Inspirational Video of 2008′ from YouTube and three Presidential Service Awards for his innovative art workshops. While art was always a major part of John’s life it was not until he lost his sight in 2001 that he began to paint. It was then that he says, “Art reshaped my life.” John’s paintings are intensely personal, and are mostly taken from real people and events in his life. John’s workshops are unique in the art world in that they not only span the gap between beginning and professional artists, but also include adaptive techniques for people with disabilities. According to John, “Everyone has an artist somewhere in them; sometimes they just need a little help letting it out.”

Pete Eckert, Photographer

“Women talk about a glass ceiling. Blind folks face a glass front door. We can look into the workplace but aren’t allowed to enter. I do something else. I slip photos under the door from the world of the blind to be viewed in the light of the sighted. I view my work during the event of taking the shot in my minds eye. I “see“ each shot very clearly, only I use sound, touch, and memory. I am more of a conceptual artist than a photographer. My influences come from my past memory of art and what I now find in the world at large”.

Michael Naranjo, Sculptor  

Michael Naranjo is an artist who has defied all adversity through his art. Born in New Mexico to famous ceramic artist, Rose Naranjo, Naranjo has now travelled the world showing off his talent and getting his hands on works of art touched by few.

While serving his country during the war in Vietnam, a grenade accident left him blind and his right hand disabled. This did not stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming an artist. With undeniable determination, Naranjo now creates pieces that visibly have movement, balance and flow.

Xavier’s School

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post by Michael Lagocki

ArtLoveMagic has purchased about 30 copies of this special blank artist’s cover of the XMen #1 comic. The cover is made from illustration bristol. The rest of the book is a normal comic book featuring the Xmen.

Saturday NIght (9/10/11) at Synchronicity, we’re going to pilot the idea of using these special comics to raise money for local children’s causes. Artists David Rodriguez, Will Klein, and Khalid Robertson will take the first 3 comics and draw original XMen covers on them. Will’s drawing the character Nightcrawler, Khalid will be doing Marvel Girl.

I don’t know who David’s decided to do yet.

The comics will be auctioned off during the night. Money collected will benefit local kids (I have a first target in mind, but haven’t spoken to them yet). Attendees of Synchronicity will be able to bid on the books. One of a kind. Originals.

If this all goes like I expect this will be an ongoing program, with many more artists. I want to call it Xavier’s School.

We’ll post pictures of the first 3 results here at the blog after Saturday Night’s show.


The XMen are, of course, the property of Marvel Comics.

Michael Lagocki interview at CBS’s local site

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This is some great exposure for us. Recently, artlovemagic co-founder Michael Lagocki was interviewed at

It’s a short (but pretty dang good if we say so ourselves) interview. Read the article by clicking this photo:

photo by Jenice Johnson

Free LOOT from ArtLove

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Okay… As promised we are giving away some cool free stuff to end the year. First up, a beautiful sterling silver artlovemagic pendant crafted by local jewelers LOVE/WAR designs.

This gorgeous pendant was made by hand, with love, and features our lovemark symbol. It would retail for around $30, but WE ARE GIVING IT AWAY in the next 48hrs.
How do I get one? All you have to do is share a link on facebook/blog/or post about our GUERILLA EVENT Wednesday Night in Deep Ellum.

I know many of you have already posted something (thank you!), but go ahead and do it again as I will draw a name from all those who posted something on TUESDAY DECEMBER 21 or WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 22.

Here is the event posting on facebook

Here is the event post on our blog

I need to know you did it to enter your name in the drawing. So tag artlovemagic or send mike@artlovemagic a copy of the post. The winner will be announced Thursday after the event.

ArtLoveMagic founders, and their families are not eligible, BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS. Yes, even the artists and performers in the event. So go to it!

The pendant is really nice. David and Naomi over at LOVE/WAR DESIGNS do fantastic work

Enter as many times as you like, and come join us Wednesday night for an incredible event supporting an incredible cause.

ArtLoveMagic, where you been? (part 2)

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post and photos by Michael Lagocki

Where we been???
We’ve been hanging out at other folks’ art events. There’s too much cool stuff going on in this city to just stick with the events we throw. Recently we’ve made a concerted effort to attend, participate in, or assist other cool art events in Dallas.

Since I’m at this “unloading” pictures thing (see where you been part 1), I thought I’d include images from these trips outside our own events as well. Here are FOUR great events (not ours) that we attended or somehow supported in recent months.

Enjoy! -ML

Cool Waters 2

a beautiful mermaid/shoreline themed show put together by Julia Schloss that included tons of local artists we love, including Carolyn Collins, Ashley Jones, Sarah Zamora and many others.

Open Mic at Mokah

One of our favorite venues, Mokah began holding weekly open mics. To my delight, they asked me to come in and host one. I invited some artlovemagic friends and a few local hip hoppers to give the night a distinctly different flavor. Great fun!

The Davies’ Brothers : the 9/11 show

One thing I’ve learned in these years of putting together art shows in Dallas is that the three Davies’ bros (Jashua, Isaac, and Jerod) are amongst the most talented individuals this city has to offer. When they announced a special show dealing with this feelings and events of the 9/11 anniversary, I was crazy excited. The show did not disappoint. I wish I had taken more pics, but I grabbed these during setup.

El Loteria: The Art of Chance

Also on 9/11, local painter Travis Rex put together a wonderful themed show at Pearl. He invited local artists to represent cards from El Loteria, a Mexican bingo-like game. The ArtLove crew who attended was so impressed by the show, we even bought a piece of art (by Cody Phillips) to adorn our office.

This is just a taste of some of the cool things going on in our local scene. Make sure to take advantage of living in a city with such incredible art and music. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there if you dig a little.

ArtLoveMagic, where you been? (part 1)

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post & photos by Michael Lagocki

If you’re a reader of this blog and haven’t been attending many shows, it may appear as if we’ve been less active for the last month or two. Not true (believe me). But I haven’t had the time to update the blog anywhere near as regular as I’d like to. Need to get serious about having some other bloggers ’round these parts.

I have however been taking my camera to everything. So over the next few days I’m gonna try to upload a WHOLE MESS of photos to this blog. I won’t likely have the time to all the tagging and storytelling that I normally try to include, but hey- we can let the images speak for themselves.

So Part 1 is dedicated to CLEAR THE AIR. The show we did with Hip Hop Helps Heal to raise funds for the American Lung Association. Now THAT was a night.

Just see for yourself…

a moment at city hall

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post by Michael Lagocki
photos by Sherry Smith

On Wednesday August 8th, ArtLoveMagic was recognized and honored at City Hall for our work pairing artists with local children in our Kid’s Workshops. It was a great experience.

Thankfully, Photographer Sherry Smith was among those there to be honored, and she took these photos. Also present to be recognized were Kelly Nygren, Deborah Driscoll, Michael Lagocki, Conor Muldoon, and David Rodriguez.

We didn’t really know what to expect going in. We were invited and accepted. It was a really nice gesture. The Mayor and the City Council were in attendance, and in front of everyone a slide show played of photos from the worksops. Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway spoke about artlovemagic and what we do, and the importance of recognizing it.

The workshops are the result of a ton of people’s efforts, many more than were able to be at the ceremony. Most certainly the Deep Ellum Foundation, who found space and funding for the program, Jeanne Blanton generously provided that funding, and over a dozen more artists and musicians associated with the artlovemagic family brought their time and talents.

I wasn’t expecting to speak. But Barrry Annino of the DEF asked me to. I thought it was a cool gesture. I told the Mayor and those present that they really needed to create space and funding to kid’s art and music programs. That when children learn to think creatively, they learn to think metaphorically. And if you can do that, you can be intelligent in any situation.

Ashleigh Vroom (pictured far left) coordinated the latest round of workshops. She helped us find the kids, find the environments to work, feed everybody, etc. Aidan Reese (9 yrs old) attended the experience as a student.

The whole experience was kind of surreal. Even seeing the inner workings of city government… watching the procedures that took place before we were called up, citizens addressing the mayor with grievances about budget cuts and local libraries, it was wild, something I’m sure we’ll all remember.

A certificate of recognition was presented to us..

Afterwards, we got to hang out a little outside of City Hall and enjoy time together. The artists involved in this day know each other pretty well. We’re close friends but don’t always get time together outside of shows. It was good to fool around a bit.

We work pretty hard. So something like this is meaningful. We’re proud and thankful. And we hope to do more with kids, especially in Deep Ellum which has been so welcoming to us. Want to learn more about our experiences at the Kid’s workshops?

Click here to read a blog post about our most recent ART workshop.

Click here to read a blog post about our most recent MUSIC workshop.

Kids Music Workshop

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This morning, ArtLoveMagic hosted its first ever kids music workshop.  While we’ve done this with visual art before, this was the first time we were able to do it for music.

The workshops are in partnership with the Deep Ellum Foundation and special thanks goes to Jeanne Blanton who made a donation to specifically underwrite them.

Deborah Driscoll–ArtLoveMagic’s music director–arranged the day.  The kids were in groups of 5 and they rotated through 20 minute classes. The directive was simple.  Do something that inspires and make sure it is hands on.

Kelly Nygren taught percussion.  Not only did she have multiple instruments for each of the students to try, but she also taught us that we all have rhythm in our pulse, heartbeat and breathing.  She showed us that anything could be an instrument, and she made waterbottles filled with rice that the kids could take with them as shakers.

As it was, the shakers turned out handy in Tony Cherry’s songwriting class.  Not only did the groups learn to write songs through word associations, descriptions, and daily life stories, but in a couple of classes they pulled out the shakers and sang along.

In guitar class, we learned about the difference in electric and acoustic, the different parts of the guitar and about chords.  We also learned to “play loud and play proud.”

Melody Cherry taught us how to breathe in order to use our bodies as instruments.  After some warm up and practice at holding notes, the kids were able to get onstage with the microphone and perform.

In Ms. Delphi’s piano class, there were three keyboards and we learned that “Jack and Jill” (the two black keys close together) were near C, D, E and the “Three Little Pigs” (three black keys together) were next to F, G, A, B.

Isaac Davies taught about how Hip Hop started from sampling records and how those samples are linked together to make new music.  The kids were albe to play with the sampler and Isaac even taught a bit about freestyling and showed off his skills.

After the classes, the students had pizza, then when that group left, the others arrived and teachers and volunteers set up to do it all again.

Many thanks to Life in Deep Ellum for providing the venue, all the teachers and volunteers who walked kids from class to class, set up chairs and made sure even the most timid weren’t left out.

For ArtLoveMagic, days like this are about passion.  As public schools are cutting art and music programs, we are becoming stronger and stronger advocates for the power of the arts.  We all remember our own introduction to paints, instruments, color and song.  We are brighter more beautiful people because of it and it was very, very fun to share that.

–Cathy Hutchison

note- we’d also like to extend thanks to Jeanne Blanton, The DEF, and Mayor Pro Tem Caraway’s staff for supporting this event.