Come out and join us this Thursday evening, August 9th, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at F.O.E.,  8500 Arturo Dr. for a sneak peek of girlShow 2012:Rewind, happening October 20, 2012 at South Side on Lamar. This is a first ever for ArtLoveMagic as this will be a fundraiser for girlShow. This is a free event, however there is a suggested donation at the door of $10.00 to enter the event. This donation will provide you with 3 tickets to be spent at the Deep Eddy Bar, a fabulous photo booth created by Jen Shu,  among some other little goodies. If you have come to cool off and enjoy the pool the cost will be $7.00 additional fee, which goes directly to F.O.E to continue their efforts in the Dallas area.

Some of the awesome attractions at this event will include: Tracy Popken of Salvage House Boutique

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