Gut Check | Did You Divorce Your Muse?

Gutcheck Image by Michael LagockiEver wonder why some amazing singer-songwriters stop producing once they make it to the top?

I’m curious if sometimes it is because they divorced their muse.  Or maybe success simply pulls them away from those who once inspired and encouraged them.  Creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum and as much individualism as there is to our art, none of us become great on our own.

What if in our quest for reinvention we sometimes divorce ourselves from the very people, background, or circumstance that drives the creator in us?  What if the loss of that connection costs us?  This isn’t about embracing unhealthy things that tear us down; it is about being conscious that we are not a solo act.  There are people around us who make us better. Who focus us, inspire us….make us who we are.

So gut check…Have you created distance between yourself and your muse?

Maybe it is time for a reconciliation.


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