Gut Check | What if this is all there ever is?

Gutcheck Image by Michael LagockiWhat if this is all there ever is? If this is as much “success” as you’ll ever see, is your art still important?

You see, there is a gap between the market and the things that really matter. And while a few people are “discovered” (that is the market comes to their door and finds them), it is a bit like winning the artistic lottery. No matter how much you dream it, it might not happen.

So, check your gut. If this is all there ever is, will you stay in? Is your art important enough to keep producing it?

Margaret Wheatly, has a chapter called Fruition in her book Perseverance. It begins with: “Where does all our hard work get us? What’s left when our work hasn’t shown any tangible results, when we’ve failed to achieve anything noteworthy, when we’ve been disappointed by people, leaders, friends, ideals? A life of discipline and awareness, where we’ve exercised choice, served others as best we could, learned as much as we could bear–such a life yields a very rich harvest. The fruits of our labors are not to be found in the world, however. They’re inside us,in how we feel about self, the world, life and others…We’ve lived fully, we’ve experienced joy, we’ve had some fun, and we’d do it all over again.”

Is your art important enough to you that you would do it even if no one was watching? Would you still create?

We can become so focused on the end result that we forget that the art is part of who we are. Success never seems to look exactly as we thought it might. Every once in a while, we have to change our perspective, and figure out if we can release what we thought this would look like and embrace what is as enough.

One Response to “Gut Check | What if this is all there ever is?”

  1. My gut drives my determination to pursue my passion. My art (photography) is the clearest voice I have to connect… to build bridges between people. Our passion is the roadmap we were given to make the biggest difference we can in this world. Though we may struggle in our endeavors or finances, we must pursue our art, our music, our word… when this is the gift we have been given. Music is my drug. Photography is my passion. Building bridges between people is my mission. Follow your gut, always. For it knows something your mind cannot perceive.

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