Gut Check | What feeds you as an artist?

Gutcheck Image by Michael LagockiSo much of our lives are spent on auto-pilot that we can get pretty far down the road and without realizing we are out of gas. We often don’t know we are in trouble until our gauges are below empty and that fateful spluttering of the motor takes us to a point we can’t ignore.

In your “gut check” you may find that as a “starving artist” you are truly starving. How long has it been since you fueled up? Chances are whatever fuels you is unique, but there are clues within your soul by looking for the things that give you joy.

Do you need a more steady diet of the small stuff like getting a new set of paints, the company of friends, time in nature, time spent alone in your home, browsing titles at the comic books store, soaking up pop culture on a couch in front of your TV?

Or is your gauge so low that you need a major infusion? Do you need to take some time off from your day-to-day to reconnect with the things you love so you can be energized again?

Feeding yourself as an artist isn’t something that you can relegate to the margins. Like food, you have to make it part of your daily life.

–Cathy Hutchison


One Response to “Gut Check | What feeds you as an artist?”

  1. I love this! There are so many different approaches we take to getting the creative juices flowing. When I lived in California it seemed art, nature, pain and muse’ came abundantly. Since moving to TX I find myself searching for artistic inspiration in people, in communities. This entry has really got me thinking….. I’ll find my equation, if there is one.

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