Turning Trash into Treasure

Recently we were approached about a project to transform the trash that has collected in the Trinity River into art. Local artists would collect the litter from the river, sculpt pieces out of it, and show the pieces at a gallery this April in Deep Ellum. The entire process would be documented by local photographers or film-makers. With our interest in local art to positively affecting communities, this project seemed like a good fit.

We asked Patrick Sanders, who first reached out to us, to write a bit here for our blog to start defining the story of this initiative.

Food. Music. Art.
These 3 nouns describe the 3 International languages that all people no matter their nation, race, or language can appreciate, enjoy, and agree on…imagine that…people from divided, opinionated, walled off backgrounds coming together in agreement over seeing, hearing, or tasting something beautiful. Beauty, be it, something tasted, heard, or seen, naturally and automatically draws every individual out of their own close quartered click into a greater collective experience which, in and of itself is…beautiful. I believe this is one of the subconscious pleasures of why we like going to art exhibits – diverse strangers are all liking the same thing at the same time in an electrically charged group experience.

No matter the diverse background of Metroplex residents, I think it’s safe to say that we want to live in a clean environment free of trash and pollution. The Trinity River was the reason early settlers first camped here and began building up this region, it’s a part of the history of our city and needs to be treasured, not trashed. I see artists taking trash out of the Trinity and turning it into treasured art in an effort to raise environmental awareness and community connection over a commonly cared for cause – saving the natural beauty of the environment we live in through using an International language that we can all understand and appreciate – Art.

What do you think about having an exhibit event like this?

– Patrick Sanders


4 Responses to “Turning Trash into Treasure”

  1. i would love to be a part of such a great cause

  2. That sounds like just what we have been looking for here in Fort Worth. Can we make it an across the 360 line joint effort?

  3. Sounds GREAT, I would love to participate, wonderful idea to turn crud into creativity !

  4. Awesome so many people are interested. Michael – mike@artlovemagic.com is scheduling artists for this. We’re a bit early and don’t have a day on the calendar yet, but will soon. Thanks for your enthusiasm.

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