Underground 2012 – every photographer has a different eye

Underground 4 was a crazy massive success. Our biggest annual show got bigger, bolder, and had more people both creating and attending than ever before. As usual, the photographers were out in force, and each who shot saw the show in their own unique way.

Here’s just a glimpse of what their lenses caught.

Photogapher: Robert Hold

Robert’s entire set can be seen here
Low res are free to download, and prints are 30% of when you use codeword “Underground”

Photographer: Heather Alley

Heather’s entire set can be viewed at www.enjoyphotos.com
Username Underground2012    Password 30218
Low res are free for download

Photographer: Jen Shu

All of Jen Shu’s cosmic photos can be seen here
Are you in there?

Photographer: Tyson Sommer

Tyson can be contacted on facebook here

We’re thankful for everyone who helped capture Underground. Check out more great work of these photographers by following their links.

We’ll see you next year.


5 Responses to “Underground 2012 – every photographer has a different eye”

  1. so great………….without the lovely photogs…we couldn’t relive so many moments….

  2. I am so sad that I missed this event! I am enjoying living vicariously through the many beautiful photos that people have shared!

  3. Sherry Muldoon Says:

    Love seeing all the shots from underground…. Love, love, love, Jen’s booth! ! Sorry that the Muldoon’s couldn’t make it but, we can see it went well from all the great photos.

  4. such great photographers capturing the night! can anyone tell me the name of the artist who is painting sitting on a pillow?

  5. Erin Dillon Says:

    I love and MISS u, my seester!

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