The Work of Minus Won to be shown at UNDERGROUND

Last October, Dallas lost one of it’s brightest artists. Alvaro (Minus Won) Angeles was a talented grafitti artist who was known as much for his love and spirit as he was for his dynamic art. He passed unexpectedly at only 33 years old.

Minus participated in each previous Underground show alongside his friends in the Rec Shop crew (one of the only artists to be in each show). He was one of the first artists scheduled this year as well. Shortly before his passing, he and lead producer David Rodriguez spoke at the Vinyl Thoughts toy show in Deep Ellum and planned his participation in 2012’s Underground.

ArtLoveMagic is proud to show 3 pieces of Minus’ artwork in this year’s Underground. He was supposed to be there.  We hope to allow new viewers to experience his creativity.

To learn more about Minus, check out this video.

There is also a page dedicated to his memory on facebook.

Underground will be this Saturday February 11th from 8 to midnight at SouthSide on Lamar.
More info on the show at


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