We love drawing.

It’s not all paintings and sculptures, you know. The foundation of art is really drawing. Here are a few hand drawn images from local illustrators that have caught our eye recently.

Kevin Steele’s linework is just beautiful. And those smart choices of where to lay the color in, leaving the rest to line and paper, really make her face and tattooes pop. A beautiful drawing.

You can see Kevin do some of this live live at February 11th’s UNDERGROUND show.

This pencil drawing by artist Will Klein was a commissioned Christmas present for ArtLoveMagic’s Michael Lagocki. Click on it to zoom in, and really catch the details and the softness of the drawing. Also, check out someone’s best friend hanging out in the clouds.

This image currently welcomes visitors at the frontpage of www.artlovemagic.com.

Cartoonist Khalid Robertson recently posted the above sketches for an upcoming project that he’s still working out the ideas on. When Khalid does get everything figured out in sketches, he’ll usually complete the drawings in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

You can see more of Khalid’s work, and meet him, and watch him create art live at February 11th’s UNDERGROUND show.

Jason Kinney’s pencil drawings fool the eye into thinking another medium is being used. But his tools are simple (probably in your desk drawer now). He manages to get all those soft gradations simply through careful drawing and erasing. Smart use of dark and light is very important here. Look at the difference between the lightest white on the drawing and the darkest black.

This above drawing, a re-creation of William Bouguereau’s painting ‘Innocence’, was recently featured in our 2011 artist blog as Jason’s selection for one of his favorite works of the year.

Cal Slayton has done a variety of freelance art in his career including plenty of published comic book work. One project Cal has recently been active in is the creation of original hand drawn comic book covers. Marvel has taken to publishing comics with pure white covers for artists to draw on. The inside is a normal comic, but the cover is blank bristol. Cal’s done dozens of these using lots of different themes and characters.

Cal Slayton was a featured artist in the very first ArtLoveMagic show. To commission a comic with a hand drawn cover from him, hit him up at www.calslayton.com

2 Responses to “We love drawing.”

  1. I love it! Thank you for bringing illustrators into the spotlight. 🙂

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