The Key of Me

ArtLoveMagic’s Music Director Deb Driscoll and one of our favorite local musicians Matt Barron are proud to announce the release of their new song “The Key of Me”, a collaboration between the two with drums by Chris Ahmed.  The song is well written, well played and well produced.  Dallas, you should be proud.

Matt Barron, photo by Breonny Lee

You can listen to and purchase the track for only $0.99 as of today on Matt Barron’s Reverb Nation site, and very soon on iTunes, Amazon and other online markets.

Deb Driscoll, photo by Dee Hill

The duo will be performing this song and more at the Chevy Sonic Sounds show at The Loft in Dallas on December 13.  Deb is one of the 5 finalists of the Chevy Sonic Sounds contest and after Tuesday’s show they will announce the winner!  (We hope it’s Deb!)

The show kicks off at 7pm with the first performer taking stage at 8:30pm and is free to the public.  You can listen to Deb’s song, “Freedom” on the Chevy Sonic Sounds website as well as songs by the other 4 finalists.

We Love when good things are going on for our locals.  Congrats Deb & Matt!


2 Responses to “The Key of Me”

  1. powerfully moving … this will be on my playlist for life … thank you, Matt and Deb (and Chris!).

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