ArtLoveMagic nominated for MasterMind award

ArtLoveMagic was proud to be named one of the finalists in the 2011 Dallas MasterMinds Award from the Dallas Observer. While we didn’t win, it was an honor to be nominated for a prestigious award like this, and we’re glad the folks on the committee recognized the work we’ve done in this city.Here’s the photo and copy from the original article (which appears here)
photo by Sara Kerens
ArtLoveMagic founder Michael Lagocki at Trees during a recent children’s workshop

Arts community organizer

The brainchild of Michael Lagocki, Justin Nygren, and David Rodriguez, ArtLoveMagicwas founded in 2007 with a mind toward creative development. Focusing on emerging artists, ArtLoveMagic’s mission is to foster an artistic community and increase opportunities for young and unknown artists to show their works and perform. With innovators from virtually every field — from ceramics to poetry, filmmaking and DJing — ArtLoveMagic’s “catalog” of performers is stacked deep, and ArtLoveMagic events are interactive whirlwinds of creativity, an amalgamation of creative people making art happen in the moment. In addition to live art events, ArtLoveMagic moves its magicians up and out of the studio and into the greater community, teaching workshops at schools, libraries and hospitals such as Texas Scottish Rite Hospital and Children’s Medical Center.


For the article on those who did win this years award, follow this link.


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