Sneak Peek to Underground 2012!

Story by David Rodriguez

At Underground you will find:

Jen Shu capturing your moment within an amazing interactive photobooth area.

Photo by Jen Shu

Jen’s photography is amazing. She has been jammin’ with us for a few years but this will be her first Underground as a participating artist.

Kevin Obregon returns to Underground!

Kevin is a Dallas-based studio and action painter, muralist, site-specific sculptor, writer, percussionist, illustrator and all-around bad @$$. His accomplishments are too numerous for me to type here. Come check him out!

Spoonfed Tribe will be RAWKIN’ the house again!

I have never heard a crowd roar so loudly with excitement at an ArtLoveMagic event then when these guys finished their set at Underground 2011. You can check out their sound at

And, announcing today…. Natalie Irish will be joining Underground 2012!

I saw this video months ago and flipped out to find that Natalie is a Texas native and that she was willing to come to Dallas (from Houston) to jam with us at Underground! AMAZING!

This will be an phenomenal show and I hope you’ll be able to attend. You can stay updated on Underground info by clicking the “like” button on our facebook page here:

Join our event page and share the word here:

And, we do have a FREE preview night of the show. Check it:

We’ll see you there!!!


2 Responses to “Sneak Peek to Underground 2012!”

  1. Lipstick painting! Fun! It’s going to be another great event.

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