La Reunion: Art Chic@s

Story by David Rodriguez
Photos by Allison V. Smith

On Saturday, October 22, ArtLoveMagic assisted a kids workshop called Art Chic@s which was produced by La Reunion. Art Chicos was a workshop that gave Dallas-area high school students the opportunity to create and showcase their work at the La Reunion TX site. Students learn from this experience about the creative process, about logistics, and about art as a profession. ArtLoveMagic’s involvement was to provide four volunteers to make the event run a bit smoother.

Two of our volunteers worked the morning shift. Brenian Swift and Luis Torres answered the call and they were perfect for the tasks. I came out to see their progress around 11am and found Brenian holding onto a log while Luis was swinging around a chainsaw, sharpening one end of the log. Later I found out that they were creating giant color pencils (cool!).

The afternoon shift was filled by Lawrence Alexander and Trayce Cochran. Each volunteer hung out with a group of boys handling separate tasks. Trayce hung out with the crew that “planted” the over-sized color pencils that Luis and Brenian help construct during the first shift. Lawrence assisted the other group of kids that worked on adding art and reinforcement to a natural archway/tunnel made from the surrounding foliage. I even got into the mix and added some details to their work.

I brought Kylun, my son, with me to the workshop and he quickly found a spot where he could lend a hand. We were only going to stay a short while to make sure things were going well but he found a rhythm and was enjoying the company of his peers, so we stayed until the workshop was over.

It was wonderful to see these kids take this opportunity to be in nature and create artwork along side veteran artist. I know this will make an imprint in their lives to some measure. Some might take away new skills and approach. Others might gleam new understand and see opportunity. In all, growth occurred in multiple ways and ArtLoveMagic was happy to be there to help nurture it in any way.


It is important to take the time to teach and encourage the next generation. I am proud of our crew and am thankful that we take opportunities like these to invest in the future of our young artists.

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4 Responses to “La Reunion: Art Chic@s”

  1. Nice Warpaint Professor.

  2. So glad you were there…thanks for your help!

  3. Thanks so much for your help! Hope to see you at the Open House on Saturday.

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