local music – Playdough’s Ya Heard video

Dallas music videos are looking GOOD lately. That’s thanks in part to Teddy Cool and the folks at Blue Pill entertainment. They’ve been shooting some rrreally impressive stuff lately- comparable with big budget shoots- smart editing, clean lighting, good work. Of course for it to mean anything, you need a great performer with a great song. Fortunately Playdough’s latest album Hotdoggin‘ is up to the task.

Blue Pill Entertainment shot the video for the song “Ya Heard” a few weeks back in Denton. ArtLoveMagic’s Michael Lagocki was on hand for the shoot (you can see ML hoping around the video at the end in the party and couch shots).

ArtLoveMagic, Blue Pill and Playdough also shot another video the following week in Deep Ellum. That one is part of a very cool experiment that you’ll get to see the results of soon. But this week is all about Ya Heard. Enjoy the video. And if you know folks that’s enjoy conscience hip hop, or Texas music, pass it along. Support the good stuff.


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