Mimo & Gina – FUELing the world

photo by Beto Moreno

Supporting local arts is not just a DFW dream. All over the world people are gathering, creating venues, producing shows that celebrate local art & music and it’s impact on the surrounding community. Our dear friends (and feature performers at artlovemagic events) Gina and Mimo Morreale are part of a team that is going to the Philippines later this year to open just such a venue. Yes, the Philippines. We’re losing our friends for a two year commitment to what they believe in.

The venue will be called FUEL, and here is it’s purpose in their words…

“FUEL is a socioeconomic missions venture encouraging unity within a community and promoting positive social and economic change. We will be supporting the youth culture in Iloilo, Philippines by holding creative arts events in our coffee shop. Fuel will have a stage for performance art, a small gallery showcasing local artists, and will be hosting workshops and co-ops to get youth connected with people in the city for work opportunities. Above all we will be aiming to change the landscape of the city through investing in the youth.

From the raw, reusable materials we use to our concentration on trade training, we desire to better the community in which we serve. We are not only focusing on the outward advancement but also the inner person, by building relationships and helping guide them on their way to finding their identity and using their given talents “

above photo by Jenice Johnson

Mimo and Gina need our help. As of this posting, they are about 40% toward their fundraising goal. ArtLoveMagic chipped in with a $150 donation. We’re asking our friends out there who believe in local arts to chip in whatever you can. Even $10 will make a world of difference to them.

This one’s worth it. These are good folk who’ve done great work here and now are spreading it around the world to those less fortunate. Support the dream by checking out their website here:





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