Parallel Play: The Floor’s Made of Lava!

local music review by Justin Nygren

Take a walk with me down the old dirt path in your grandpa’s backyard where the willow trees dance in the wind and the little boats make their way to the Mississippi.  We’ll talk about the time when we were kids and nothing mattered except goofing off and making fun of adults and their ways that just didn’t make sense.  We’ll pop in the new Parallel Play CD and have ourselves a regular hootinanny.

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for music that will take you a little outside the bounds of what you’re used to listening to.  There’s always the nugget of gold to be discovered beyond what most people will put in their car CD player to help break the monotony of their Monday drive to work.  This time, I found it in a folk CD.  No, not that kind of folk.  I’m not talkin’ Bob Dylan or Joni Mitchell.  I’m not even talking Something in the Wheel (no disrespect to Mimo).  I’m talkin’ folking folk music that will folk your face right off from the first folking song.

Parallel Play’s new CD, The Floor’s Made of Lava, opens up with Fighting For and a swift folk to your ear to get you out of your seat and movin’.  Each tune carries the uncanny ability to get your head bouncing and your hand slappin’ your thigh…or, like on Racket, stomp the floor with huge thuds of anti-pop-music joy.  And, if you’re patient, you’re rewarded with a taste of some of your grandma’s cranberry jelly at the end.  You know, the beautiful canned amazingness she pulls out at Thanksgiving.  Well, maybe that’s a bad analogy, but you get where I’m going with it.

Oh, but don’t let the tunage fool you.  Their jovial sounds that bring smiles to your faces hold something a little deeper.  If you listen closely, you’ll be taken on a lyrical journey that spans the spectrum of your whole folkin’ life.  From the realization that you’ve spent too much time on that one relationship that just keeps going South no matter how many times you think they’re worth fighting for, to that dress that she wore to the dance back in High School that called out for a good twirlin’…From that time you passed out from too many folkin’ drinks after the annulment finally went through, to that time the undead made their way through a black and white field when you and that blonde girl from down the street…wait.  Nevermind, that was a movie…

Jeremy, Jason and Tomy (and now Erin Gayden!) are to be commended for taking this journey back to their grandpa’s farm for us.  Not all of us have the ability to head to Indiana and see where our grandparents married when they were 16.  We can’t all just pack up in a time machine and see the days when the newest cars were the kind that were just losing their reins from the horses.  But the good news is that these four have done it for us.  Then they came back to tell you that there was still heartbreak back then and that the world hasn’t really changed much since your great-grandparents were your age…including the folkin’ zombies.

Buy it on the iTunes.
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See their faces on the Facebooks.

Prepare your face to be folked off at their National CD Release Party at the Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum, TX, June 3rd at 10pm.  You can get more info on their MySpace and Facebook pages.

– Justin Nygren


One Response to “Parallel Play: The Floor’s Made of Lava!”

  1. That’s a great review, Justin. This band kicks ass. They are unbelievable live. Sooo energetic.

    I’m glad you made that point about the writing too. I enjoyed their sound from the jump, but it wasn’t until I really heard the lyrics of songs like “statue” and others that I really fell in love with this band.


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